Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Retro Wednesday.......

Circa 1970, there used to be a wonderful "head shop" in downtown Flint called The Touch Boutique. You could buy all sorts 'paraphenalia' there. I came across this handy little
cigarette holder that had been missing for several years. This was made in India, LONG before the lovely Mona was even born!!
Peace....Brothers and Sisters!!
Stop the War...Stop the War NOW!!!!
Hell No We Won't Go!!!!
You've got to choose, whether your gonna be the PROBLEM,
Or if you are gonna be The SOLUTION!!!
*Any images of illegal substances in above photo, is strictly a prop!
No Marijuana was destroyed or harmed in the making of this post!*
"No stems No seeds that you don't need,
Acapulco Gold is ........Bad...Ass...Weed!!"
(Cheech and Chong...Big Bambu)


SignGurl said...


That Cheech and Chong album was the best ever! Of course I was about 8 years old, so everything seemed hilarious to me.

I like your "holder" and the "props" are cracking me up.

Hope you have a wonderful day today :)

Mona said...

Cigarette holder from India? Did they ever make those? I though India made what are called BEEDIS & CHILUMS ( please google that up to see, I have smoked a beedi & they are like ten strong cigarettes in one! (Yuck))

Yeah... its all a matter of CHOICE!

I wish it was destroyed & harmed ( the marijuana, ( I am such a sadist))

S said...

Yes Mona,
I too have smoked the god..hack hack!
Tell you what fun it was traipsing donw the street in Majestic (Bangalore) smoking beedis, Gary and I.
You shoulda seen the stares. It was so much fun. We got into some really fun comversations during that smoke too!

You know Gary loves it when I exercise my womanly freedoms, and smoking a beedi in public in India was definitely one of them.
BTW They really are heavy duty smokes, but I say, worth it for that Majestic experience alone!
Party on Garth.

ciara said...

ha ha g-love the 'props'. i, being of innocent nature and all that, no nothing bout smoking any of that. he he he

Mona said...

susie, Beedi does blow your mind! It is SOOOOO strong I bet it beats any other weed! ( though i do not know what weeds are about!)

Most of Rural Indian women here smoke beedis. Its a myth that smoking amongst women was first seen in the west!. I think Indian women have smoked since ancient times. They smoked beedis & the royal ladies smoked Hookhas! Now That Hookha is something my granny used to smoke! I wonder if you have seen a hookha! It is an eathen cup, attached to a crafted wodden hollow pipe. It has two chambers in one you stuff tobacco leaves & put a burning coal over it & the other is filled with water. The smokes passes through the water via the pipe & is intaken through another angled hollowpipe attached to the main hollow pipe!

Breazy said...

G-MAN!!!! How are you? Nice cig. holder!

Have a wonderful day !

barman said...

Nice props. Surely that must be stale by now. hehehehe

I do like the holder but you can keep the props. When I tried something similar a few times it really did nothing for me. Go figure.

Serena Joy said...

LOL. I know you're glad it finally turned up. That kind of makes me want to go browse my local "head shop" -- strictly for old time's sake, of course.:-)

SeaRabbit said...

That is just too cool!! But, I was still a little young at that time... I have no memory of the events at all... just the leftovers are more than enough...

G-Man said...

You are on a Blog Whore Roll!!
Great job!!!

I have smoked Beedi's as well. They are an acquired taste. I love Djarums!!!

Oh Susie Q...
It semms you are attracted by Food and........hehehehe

Your a Cali girl, I kinow better!

How was the beach?
Glad to see you back...G

You had some weak shit brother...

Head shops?
In The old commenwealth?

Bonjour Ma Chere...
The Lady with the greenest thumb in Canada...:-)

Rebicmel said...

I remember my first toke of the green, I was in high school and some of the kids I hung with thought it was cool to smoke it while walking down the street. We were fortunate we didn't get caught.

My last experience with the green left me chasing my own butt literally. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Don't mix beer, hard alcohol and weed together, you end up doing the weirdest things and wake up in the shower with water falling on you.

Have a great Thursday