Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Swinefest.......

Hi Everybody....I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day around your place. As promised, here are a few bedrooms around Bloggerland that could quite possibly be considered a "Pig Sty"!!!
Lime suggested to me that we should take a vote as to whose room is actually the trashiest..
I agree, that sounds like a great idea!!
So when you comment, please vote for one of these 6 images above, and we will tally the votes and see whose room is the most hazzardess to your health...ENJOY!!


buffalodickdy said...

I thought I was taking a tour of My house.... Vote? I abstain!

lime said...

i'm thinking #1 and #4 are about equal in terms of hazard.

javajazz said...

ha! this is one of the
best ideas yet for a post!
and each room is almost
equally pigstyed!
if gorgeous room # 3
thinks that's a messy room,
well, ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!
and i love the one
with the bits of paper!
that's so original!
my vote is a tie between
Room # 1 and # 4...!


javajazz said...

ha! Lime!
same vote!

javajazz said...

maybe we could enlarge the rooms
so we could see if there are
food items or live animals
or organisms
lurking about...

Mona said...

#1 #4 #6

Yikes! I guess I would let them share the first prize & The second prize goes to the rest of them!


Galen, You make me smile! :)

Strumpet said...

The owners of those rooms exhibit signs of sheer brilliance.

Cleaning is a waste of time.

javajazz said...

you may be on to something here,
dishevellment is sometimes
the mark of the genius....
(sometimes the mark
of the swine too...)
well, it just gets messy
so fast all over again,
so the cleanup high
doesnt really last
all that long until
the pressure to remain tidy
rushes in....

javajazz said...

ps., thanks for noting
the brilliance of my
clearly in the lead here.
(i'm so proud.)

SignGurl said...

I vote #1 with #4 coming in a close second. I think I know who both of those belong to ;)

S said...

Please tell me that is not your house!
Well I find #1 and #2 to be particularly disturbing because in 1, you cannot even find the floor, among other problems looks like a damp cave.

2, trash on the floor! no sheets on the bed! no bed, just a mattress!
Sleeping bag?
THis is like a hippie night mare!
YOU are such a freak come back and see my post, Mona translated it for me!

ciara said...

g-the third photo looks a lot like what my girls' room looks like when they don't EVER clean it LOL room #1 gets my vote!

gab said...

Well number 1 and number 4 are very close in the running. They really are looking quite the messiest. lol.

javajazz said...

well, i have to confess
that my sweet daughter
had a pile of gals over
to pretty themselves up
for a party,
so that was a lot of young girlies
changing in a room
the size of a walk in closet...
just not sure
why this involved
orange juice...
oh wait....

Mona said...

I think it should be a close competition between #1 & # 6

#6 is like drawers oozing out sweaty smelly unwashed clothes & undergarments! & It seems that whoever stays there kicks the clothes in one corner to make way to be able to make room to walk around!

tsduff said...

Thank goodness my kids moved out or I'd have a submission that would win number 1! As it stands, looks like a tie between #1 and #4. This is a funny post Galen.

VE said...

I'm gonna vote on the fifth one because I cannot see the floor. One and four are bad but I still see traces of the floor. I recommend VE's patented super vacuum sucker; it'll suck everything loose on the floor and then you just detach the bag and throw it to the curb at garbage day. You can then even post a bulletin around the house that Friday is clean out the floor day and everything gets sucked up by that time. It simplifies so much...

Strumpet said...

Well, they say Einstein was a completely messy person.

And on that note, I am proud to say that my apartment has all these rooms beat.

Serena Joy said...

This was hard, but I think #1 gets my vote -- though #6 comes in a close second. And you know, #3 really doesn't look all that bad to me.

Cazzie!!! said...

Disgusting! Room 1 it is.

javajazz said...

Strumpie...oh yeah?
let's see!!
(could we do bathtubs next

jillie said...

That's what my sister's bedroom use to look like. Well on her half anyway. And I HAD to share that filth with her.....ahhhhhh!!!!!!

G-Man said...

Hi everybody!!
Boy, we sure have some pig-pen children don't we?
But I have an added suprise for you all, one of these entries was from an adult!!!
Thanks Gabby for representing the grown-ups!!
And thank you Lisa and Strumpet for all of your wonderful input..=P

Lets tally up the votes shall we?
Room#1..10 votes
Room #2..1 Vote (Thats MY Boy!)
Room#3..Give me a fuckin break!!!
Room#4..5 votes..OY!
Room#5..1 vote..Yay Gabby!
Room#6..1 Vote

OK...It looks like Room #1 wins hands down!!

I'll disclose the Grand Prize and messy room identities in the morning.
The G-Man grows weary....

James Goodman, Author said...

Wow, I thought my son's room was bad, lol. My vote is for number 4.

javajazz said...

(i always thought James
was so cool.)

did we win yet?
i did send a before
and after photo, G-putz...
how 'bout them apples?

javajazz said...

hmmm, count much?
i got 9 on room 1
7 on 4...
is this thang fixed?
who do you have to
bed down with around here
to win a messy room contest
huh? eh?

G-Man said...

JJ...Mr. Clean!!!

javajazz said...

(hee hee!)
i think i'm too dirty
for him.