Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Spring-Time Batman........

The Official State Bird of Michigan is the Robin...
There are prettier birds..But what I LOVE about the Robin is, when you see one, Spring is not far behind!!!
I have yet to hear OR see one yet....I'm waiting!!!
...waiting patiently.
...for now.


Serena Joy said...

Aw, what a pretty little robin. I've been seeing them, too -- sure sign of Spring. It can't come soon enough.

barman said...

I have seen bluejays and cardinals but no robins yet. They must be waiting for tomorrow, the first day of spring, gotta be. I hope they hurry, I am through with all this snow.

Here birdy, birdy, birdy...

SignGurl said...

Haven't seen hide nor hair or feather as the case may be of the little dickens.

If you see one, send him my way.

snowelf said...

*Chimes in with Barman*

"Here birdy, birdy, birdy..."

Yep...I'm still waiting too...

Guess it probably needs to stop snowing first... :P


lime said...

i haven't seen one yet either. and i hafta say. if i see burt ward hopping around in my yard i'm calling the cops.

gab said...

I understand that there are some Robins who never fly south for the winter and tey are here all year long. Well I for one haven't seen one of hose nor ones coming back....waiting waiting waiting

Rebicmel said...

Our state bird is the Road Work Ahead sign and our state flower is the candy corn bugle thingys that sit in the middle of the road. Albeit all is afloat right now as we were drenched in six inches of rain!!!!!

I rather fancy doing a bit of snipe hunting myself.

G-Man said...

Hi Sherry..
Your not kidding about the need for Spring..
But at least I bet that your flowers are up...
Thanks Red..xoxbgxoxox

You got that right Bryan...G

Jenn...I sure will sweetie..xox

You are WAY North of me baby..Yikes!!
Thanks Snow...G


I don't think thats true. Robins are meat eaters, they are not seed eaters..
The worm, and insect eaters usually migrate to where there is food. whereas the seed eaters like Cardinals, Blue Jays, Sparrows, and Finches, stay for the winter and either forage or get fed by humans..Thanks ..xox

Snipe Hunting??
I hope no one took you to that!!!

Rebicmel said...

G, yes someone took me, to a dark and eerie place in the middle of a corn field with this huge scarecrow in the middle of it, :) let's say I now enjoy taking others snipe hunting woot.

Serena Joy said...

Thank you, yes, my daffodils are up.:)

S E E Quine said...

` My parents used to have a pet robin. He was awesome! Then one morning he was being really noisy and my dad put him in his cage on the screen porch and a cat came and dragged him off through the bars.
` Then he found a way to blame my mom for the whole thing. Nutter!

` I luvvs robins! ;) They's my favorite thrush!
` We have 'em all winter here because the climate's so mild. Yet, we're at about the same latitude.
` Washington's bird is the goldfinch, and Ohio's is the cardinal (I know because I used to live there).