Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beware the "Tides" of March.....

Hi Everybody..If you recall, a few weeks back my dryer went on the fritz, since shortly after that I was gone for 10 days, and this week I was very busy at work, I haven't had the time to get it fixed..But with Spring just around the corner, I was able to upgrade my present situation from the basement to the back yard..
Since St. Patty's day is tomorrow, today I am preparing a Corned Beef Extravaganza, I think that will make a great Monday post...see ya soon!!


Strumpet said...

oh. my. god.


Strumpet said...

I can't. believe. i was. FIRST.


At least you DO your laundry.

I have problems in that area.

I buy WAY too many new clothes.

On sale, of course.

I bought a t-shirt with a wolf on it yesterday from Urban Outfitters.

That wasn't on sale though.


I am REALLY hoping to eat me some corned beef tomorrow at SOME POINT. Even if it's in sandwich form at the airport to help wash down my bloody mary's before the flight.

We shall see.

Have fun in the kitchen, Gayland.

Do you wear an apron when you cook?

I want to see a picture of you in an apron. I'm trying to remember if you've posted one before, or not...

Enjoy the beef that is corned!

snowelf said...

Hahahaha!! The tides!! hahaha!!

And Congrats Strumpet!!!!

My laundry is hanging out on the living room floor waiting for me to stop reading blogs and pay attention to it. :)


SeaRabbit said...

We all have some laundry troubles actually, it seems... me, it's plain laziness... I ignore it totally!

Mona said...


I like the flags in your backyard...

specially the pirate stripes one!

jillie said...

You hanging your skivies out for the world to see??? LOL...

Mmmmm...when you gonna come out here and cook for moi?

Can I bring my laundry over when I get back from Mexico?? I'll bring the tequilla...


Rebicmel said...

Aweeeeeeee it's with such affection I look upon these pictures. Makes me feel giddy all inside. Reminds me of Oklahoma and how we dry our laundry woot :p

Fair blows the March winds, some gentle, some strong, some with wicked intent.

Roast beef sounds much better! Have a great day today.

javajazz said...

i was just thinking,
crispy icy underwear,
but then,
i think of things like that.

you have GRASS?
man, we have so much snow
its barely melted....
the Great White
about to flood North...

do you do your own laundry?
cuz that kinda turns me on.

enjoy your bbq, baby.
if you lived
where i lived,
i would socialize
about 100 % more
than i do now...

have fun G-metrosexual

SignGurl said...

I can't believe I'm seeing your drawers flappin' in the wind! Does that get the "wind" out of them? You're going to need to once that cabbage hits you.


Serena Joy said...

I've done my laundry for the weekend. Thank God I had a working dryer.

lime said...

i am all about using an outdoor washline but i usually wait until it's warm enough my fingers won't freeze off. i can remember hanging wet laundry in march when i was little and coming in with fingers i couldn't feel anymore.

Charles said...

Be thankful your washer hasn't broken, that would not be fun at all.

Strumpet said...

Oh my god!

There was a pirate stripes one??

I have to go find it now.

Ms. Parsley,

I would socialize a hundred percent more as well.

Even if it meant just to go hang my freaking laundry outside.

Not that there's anywhere to hang it here.

javajazz said...

(ms parsley..hee hee!)

if i hung anything out to dry
the legs and arms
would just crack right off,
and then the clothesline
would snap in two...

ya, maybe its high time
we all moved to Michigan.
i promise i'd be
way more friendly.
and i'd meet Galen for lunch
and coffee
and sometimes i'd crash
his cooking parties,
and i would bake brownies
and yes
even rugelach.
at least for a time...

Rebicmel said...





SignGurl said...

LMAO at Rebicmel!

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody, thanks for visiting, Strumpet and Jillie, enjoy your vacation...

Beautiful Sherry
Great news about your dryer.
Can you do a load???

...Thanks again to everyone, we shall now move on the food!!

Ms Parsley..? Hahaha

G-Man said...

..I'm anal...
I love my loyal friends

S E E Quine said...

` That reminds me... today's laundry day. Thank goodness all the dryers at the laundromat can't all go out at once!