Monday, February 4, 2008

Throw Me Some Beads.......

Fat Tuesday!!!!!!!!! One of the many signature foods of The Big Easy, is a wonderful sandwich called the Muffuletta..It is said to have originated in a place called the Central Grocery in the French Quarter..The assembly goes as such..

On some Italian bread layer..Ham, Mozzarella, Genoa Salami, Provelone, then layer it again!

Then top it off with some olive salad, I make my own of course, but you can buy it already made up. You can then grill it like a panini, or you can eat it cold..This is what I am treating my co-workers to tomorrow...Along with some of my home-made chicken Jambolaya...Those pics will finish this week-end of food debauchery...



Breazy said...


snowelf said...

I am totally coming over for some Muff.

Okay, I totally wrote that to make you laugh. Did it work? ;)


Breazy said...

I have never before been the first in your comment box here so please step aside (or you can join me) while I do a little happy dance!

Mmmmmmm...the food looks and sounds wonderful. I have always loved to cook, the kids bought me new and much needed cookware for Christmas so I have been wearing it out. My next try will be butternut squash rosotto.

Sandwiches are always good especially when you get creative with them.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Mona said...

What is Jambolaya???

Those are some awesome looking sandwich rolls!

Galen I posted The recipe Video of Mulligatawny Soup at my blog at Susie's request. Please come & check it as I remember you having asked me about it some time back.

javajazz said...

may i please be
one of your co-workers?
i hope they know
how lucky they are
that you do all this great
cooking for them...

Little Wing said...

Oh how well I know that jambalaya, over dirty rice!
Also the gumbo and the crawfish boil!!!!!!!
My best friend in the whole world lives in Louisiana, 50 miles from Nawaleans. That's Cajun for New Orleans, lol.
I am going out there the end of April. That's after hurricane weather and before the horrible humidity!
Actually I can not stand the crawfish, here in Cali. we call them crawdads.
I also think jambalya is a total waste of good shrimp, but I just do not like those cajun spices!
Your sanwiches look yummy though!

S E E Quine said...

` I may be a vegetarian, but I must have some sammich!!!!

` PS The Space Kitties want some too. They also want you to come to their gallery... though some of my photos have disappeared!

Cazzie!!! said...

MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yumm

Serena Joy said...

Looks and sounds yummy. Your Krew will love it.:)

SignGurl said...

Where's the
Paczki? I actually tried a bite of one yesterday and it was the best thing I've eaten in almost 1.5 years. I'm paying for it today though with an upset stomach.

I'm sure if I ate your muff(thanks SnowElf), I would think that was the most heavenly thing ever.

Mardi Gras heureux, Monsieur!!

lime said...

well i have my fausnacht post up complete with picture. i'm gorging today and then i think i need to fast for 40 days or something so i can fit into my clothes again.

happy mardi gras, enjoy your muffaletta and jambalaya

and is it me or is the name of that sandwich vaguely erotic?

Rebicmel said...

cest magnifique hahaha mi French no es muy bueno haha

Buenos Dias Galen, what time is lunch I will hitch a ride with snow.

Adios Senor, buenos tardes

barman said...

The sandwich looks awsome and of course jambalaya would be wonderful too although I say that just from knowing what is in it and hearing what others have said. Everyone at work is in for a great treat indeed.

Where I work I did the Paczki route and it went well. The Roma Backery does a wonderful job for being an Italian bakery. Buy boy my mouth is watering for what you all have today.

I tried tossing you some beads a few times G but I am afraid I can not toss them there beads some 60 miles. I can't even make it a football fields length. You will just have to pretend I did.

You are the man when it comes to cooking.

Akelamalu said...

Oh please don't - I'm on a diet! :(

Charles said...

The sandwich sounds great G, but wouldn't it be better with French bread? Anything with olives has at least one good thing about it. And cheese... Oh just hand me one.

G-Man said...

Hey Breazy...
I LOVE you being back!!!
Thanks sweetie....G

hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhaha..What do you think?..xox

Yes I DID ask for that!!!
Thanks..I' will check it out!!!...xomrxo

Guess what?
Somebody actually did the dishes this year!!!
What a shock!

I'm sometimes allergic to shrimp, so I do not put them in my creation!

I saw a recipe' for a veggie Muffulette, it looked Great!...G

It WAS Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Oooh speakin of Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Hi Red!! xoxbgxoxox

No More Poonsh-Keys!!!

Mashed Potato donut please!!!!!

Senor Galen es mui loco!!

Not one person brought me one!!!
I'll have to get one at Tim Horton's....G

C'Mon, just one little sliver.....Please??

Here take this.....

Strumpet said...


Galen, if you are having a muff party, I SO better get an invite.

Also, I agree with Jazzy...your co-workers are one lucky-ass bunch of G-friends!

Hot Wing,

Crawfish boils turn me ON.

And I'm jealous of your trip to 'nawlins.