Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Fun Fest..........

Hi everybody!! Every year I attend a fantastic Superbowl party. I have a customer and a friend named Michael DeMoss, he owns a little sports pub called Mo-Doggies. Every year on Superbowl Sunday he hosts a party where he invites the public to feel free to bring a pass around dish, and he provides free Hot-Wings and free Coney Island Hot Dogs. Every year I am expected to bring the same thing, if I don't , I am shunned like an Amish Hooker. I always bring Vidalia Onion Dip, and Gargonzola Dip. Now, thanks to very modern High-Tech technology, I am able to bring you a candid peek into that Cavern of Culinery Creativity, known as G-Man's Kitchen!!!!!
The Vidalia Dip...
Of course its hardly possible to have a 'true' Vidalia this time of year, so any sweet onion will do! You want a large finely chopped onion, then equal parts of cream cheese and salad dressing, then about 10 oz of shredded Swiss Cheese...Mux up together, put into an oven friendly container, then bake at 350 for 35 minutes covered, then for 5 minutes un-covered...Stick a couple of spoons in it, and dab onto your cracker of choice..Mmmmmmmmmmmm
The Gargonzola Dip...
8 ounces of Gargonzola, ( of course you may use, Danish Blue, or Stilton ) 3 packs of cream cheese, 4 ounces of chopped walnuts, 1 jar of any Apricot Preserves, and the bacon bits are optional. I chose NOT to use them in this, since I did not have real bacon bits.. Mux by hand, and Voila!!..Spread on anything, or even dollop some on a steak or chop, I prefer it on a Ritz cracker!
The last pic shows the ready to take finished products!
Enjoy the Game....Peace...!


Serena Joy said...

I couldn't eat most of that stuff because of my schizophrenic belly, but it LOOKS good. And I'm sure it'll be a big hit with the guys. Enjoy the game.:)

SignGurl said...

I think I just had a food orgasm! Save some for me

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh wow, they look so awesome! I will sure use this for the next meeting or party I go to. Usually I do a dip that is served inside a hollowed out hard crusted uncut loaf or bread. It is kind of a cream cheese, with walnut and corn and sour creme based dip..very nice indeed :)

S E E Quine said...

` I am creaming my shorts at the tastiness of that all.

` Sign, save some for me!!!

Little Wing said...

New York Giants.
Who woulda thought!
Bet some big bucks were won on that game.
Congrats to the Giants fans.

lime said...

the vidalia sounds good. well 3/5 of our house is happy tonight. the boy and i are crying the blues

Mona said...

That much cheese!!

But it sure looks good...& I was thinking on doing a post on how to prepare Shami kebabs...

S said...

LOL I like the way Lime announced the sick head count without actually using the B word or anything!

Galen, what does Gupta really mean?

And on a final note, you mean you actually eat raw onions mixed with that white..what was it? Cream or yogurt? I can imagine the breath!:P
I jsut dont know if I could eat that..reminds me of a dip that Spongebob made once...

Strumpet said...

Oh, my GAWD!

I think Sign-babe and I just came together.

How fucking hot is that?!?

Oh my God, And SeeQuine too!

It's a goddamned Foodie Circle Jerk here, Galen.

Damn you!

God, I love circle jerks.

We need to make this a weekly event, ladies.

Mona said...

Susie, I just answered your question to that in my comment box . You can check what Gupta Ji really means!

Mona said...


G-Man said...

Hi Sherry...
Yeah it was a big hit..
None left as usual,and the game was great except for the outcome!

You like this stuff?
I would be glad to make you some...xo

Hey, your dip sounds very good, maybe we should exchange recipe's
Nice to see you...xox

I'm glad that I posted something that you liked!
So..Food is the ticket eh?...hehehe...G

Whoda thunk it is right!!


Yes Yes Yes...A food post from Mona!!!!!
I'm all for it!

No Hoser!!!
If you actually read the recipe', you'd have seen that you bake it..
And go read Mona's comment, it will tell you!

Cum One, Cum all...
To the Bloggerville Circle Jerk..Price of admission..A pass around dish...A novel idea!!
Only you would think that up..hehehe....G

I think he just changed pics...G

Strumpet said...

I'll bring guacamole.

And flavoured-lube.

I know that's TWO pass-around dishes.

That means I get to come twice.

Maybe I'll make some hummus too.

And salsa.