Thursday, January 31, 2008

Friday Flash 55.......

1)..Visit Bonnie Old Scotland.
2)..Take a 3 month bike trip to California and back..
3)..Write a best selling novel..
4)..Hit the Lottery..
5).. Run with the bulls at Pamplona!
Hi everybody..did you write a 55 this Friday?
If you did please go tell the Beautiful Susie..
Her link is on my blogroll.
Have a GREAT week-end all..
(thanks Jildo)


Strumpet said...

I haven't posted mine yet.

But, I will!

Strumpet said...


I'm up now.



Such a rarity in these parts for me....


I've always wanted to ride a MECHANICAL bull before I die.

You know...Debra Winger style...


lime said...

oh dear lord that picture of the guy getting gored gave me the jibblies! all those sound like fun except that. as for weird spanish festivals i'd sooner do the thing where the whole town has a foodfight with tomatoes.

Serena Joy said...

I think something's missing from your list. I think I'd substitute it for #5. I don't know what it is, but pretty much anything has to beat bulls. Ouch!:)

Breazy said...

I hope you get to do all of those things before you die but I just hope that when you run with the bulls in Pamplona your luck will be better than the dudes in the picture...OUCH!!!

You and I have something in common, we both want to see Scotland before we leave this world.

I use to work in the One Hour Photo booth in a pharmacy store and I developed all kinds of pictures from Bike Week in Daytona and other places..let me tell you I have have saw some nasty stuff. I do hope you have a good time though.

Have a wonderful weekend!

jillie said...

I don't think I'd wanna run with the bulls. I'd rather be safe inside enjoying the vino.

You're welcome ;o)


Little Wing said...

Ahhh, very good, G-daddy, your very own bucket list!
(before you kick the bucket)


Queenie said...

Keep away from the bulls!!!!!
great 55 Mr G, I love it when I learn more about you. Mines up.

barman said...

I run with a lot of bull shit at work, does that count for item number 5. Other than that item ... great list. I suppose I would have to learn how to ride before I could do the California trip however.

I think it would be wonderful to see Scotland. It is certainly up there with a small list of places I would like to visit.

Snow White said...

My 55 is up, but Susie isn't open for 55 business yet.

Great list, G-Baby... but be careful! xoxoxoxo

SignGurl said...

Strumpet, a few months ago I got to check the mechanical bull off my list. It was everything I expected. It helped that I was tanked on vodka cranberries. :)

Great list G! I don't see sky diving on it though ;)

Strumpet said...


Vodka cranberries are now duly noted as being the drink to imbibe for liquid courage when ensconced in my Debra Winger moment.

Did I mention how jealous I am?



Keep on hosin'


Rebicmel said...

Have a great weekend and enjoy Borders tonight Galen

Akelamalu said...

Ooooh that last picture............ :(

Mine's up.

Jared said...

Our good friend strumpet convinced me to play along:

Strumpet said...

How could I forget that Friday is Borders' Nite?

Have so much fun.

I think I need to incorporate a Borders Night into my life.

It sounds so calming...

...and serene-like... entirely soothing....

javajazz said...

not that i want to publicize this
but now that i got the visual here,
i'd just love to see Gaylan
strapped to one of them horsie things,
just kind of flapping about...
i dont usually speak out loud
of these (is this a fantasy?)
i just think it'd be kinda cool
with or without those cranberries.
ps strumpie, mazel tov on being first.
and i dig the idea of a Borders night too...
its so consistent, so reliable...G's like that
aint he...xo
ps i think michigan, chi and toronto
all got our tushies whooped with snow.

javajazz said...

oops, i mean Galen.
( i was thinking Gayland and
i wrote Gaylan) and i still
dont know how to spell consumate
and it still sounds like soup....

Strumpet said...

Oh, you make me smile, Jazzy! Ha!

Galen strapped to a mechanical's really too bad he ain't here to visualize all this with us ladies.

Yes, we three cities are full of big thick inches of creamy goodness!


javajazz said...

oh strumpie, how i miss you.
big thick inches of creamy
i see its come to that
glorious part of friday...
tho i daresay, in spite of
your wonderful imagination,
we have never had
a creamy snowfall
in my entire life...
big thick inches, maybe
but no creamy...
at least not yet...

yes, Galen is busy now
visualizing freedom
at Borders
while we visualize him
flapping upon
the big bull...
its all good.

Rebicmel said...


Charles said...

When that bull says, "fork you" he means it. Dizam, that looks like its gonna leave a mark.

I didn't notice yesterday, but you have definitely got kids, don't you, G? I can tell, they used markers to draw all over your arms. :D

G-Man said...

Hi everybody!!!
Thank You all for commenting..
Yes Border's was relaxing last night, but afterwards under very adverse weather conditions, I somehow managed to twist and wrench my right knee!!
I can hardly walk on it, and I am in much pain!!
I visited all of you that wrote a 55, and I enjoyed them all...
I have to work today from 10-4 so I'll try and answer all comments later...Have a great Saturday...and Lisa, burn some sage for me!!

Serena Joy said...

I was worried about you last night. It may "seem" better today, but you still need to go find yourself one of those thingies. And be careful today!:)

J Morgetron said...

Five Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

5. Travel outside the United States (anywhere).

4. Write a book.

3. Pet a real live donkey!

2. Eat a live snake.

1. Shave my head.

Charles said...

J Morgetron,
I've got your 1 and 5 behind me, I'm working on 4, have no desire for your 2 and I'm not sure I've ever even seen a donkey...

Akelamalu said...

I winced when I read about your knee! Having had years of pain from my knee I can empathise with you honey. I hope it's something that will heal and not like mine needing a knee replacement! :(

Grab some Reiki I'm sending it now. x

G-Man said...

OK...Those of you that know me well...
know that I'm prone to Hosin...and I do NOT wish to disappoint so...

Little Vol
Your Royale Highness
Thank You all for visiting and commenting..
I was supposed to get out at 4, but ended up working till 6...
Here's a brief overview..
Woke up in extreme pain from a twisted knee..
Took My 3rd 800 Mg Motrin in a 12 hour span
Was held up almost an hour on the E-Way because of 5 idiots in the ditch..
Hobbled around on a single crutch and looked like a moron because I couldn't figure out how to Highten the highdth of the crutch, and I was bent over like Tiny Tim from a Christmas Carole..
BUT....I did sell and deliver 2 new Impala's today!!!
And the second one was to a very hard working 35 year old single woman, that had NEVER bought a new car in her life. She was very tickled and proud...I was glad to have been a part of her elation..
Thats Great job satisfaction!!!
Have a great week-end and ...
GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!

G-Man said...

...smoked a joint
...lost my train of thought
Oh Yeah..By 1:00 the Motrin had started to kick in, and the Tiny Tim look was out, and the 'Chester Look' from early Gunsmoke had taken it's place.(Chester, was Marshall Matt Dillon's Deputy, and he had a wooden leg and walked with a very pronounced limp)
By the end of the day I was ambulating near normal, and I feel little pain now...sooooo
Thanks for all of your well wishes...Galen

javajazz said...

Geez, G, what a mess!
i'da heightened your crutch baby!
that must have looked hee-sterical!
pardon me for guffawing
at your embarrassing misfortune...
anyway, i'm sorry you were in pain
but it might have helped with your car sales
and i'm sorry i was oot and aboot today...
i'll light some sage for you sweetie...
why, you got some creepers around
who are tainting your space?
or is it for your knee...
anyway, i'm on it...
(your knee...)
sending hugs and healing...
the pot should help enormously.

snowelf said...

That picture looks photoshopped.


Happy Saturday, Galen!! :)


ann said...

playing my weekly catchup...

maybe if you do No.4 then the others will surely happen, but please scrub No.5 off the list. I've never been to Scotland either
and it's only up the road... a long
long road

loved the cartoons... some were very very naughty ;>)

sorry you're poorly and limping; hope you get better real quick

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

Mona said...

Uh! Changed your mind I see :D

& why would you not want to run with the bulls???

We have a control the mad bull counterpart in India too :D

SeaRabbit said...

Ishhh... that bull pic is just so scary!!!

G-Man said...

Hi SnowElf..

Always lovely to see you!

Hi Stranger...

The beautiful Searabbit!!
Howdy Jo...xoxoxox

Rebicmel said...

Galen if one joint frees your mind kiddo I wonder what two does lol...Don't forget to alternate hot and cold packs.

Have fun with the Super Bowl. I live for the commercials personally :)

S E E Quine said...

` I don't think they're doing the running of the bulls anymore. Pick something else....
` Like maybe running of the ferocious turtles?

S said...

'Bout time I got here, huh?

I was taking out the trash.