Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas 55.......

Snooping for presents,
Picking out a tree.
No School for 2 weeks..
It was great being free!!
Sitting on Santa's lap
Wrapping presents with Mom,
Sloppy kisses from 'Old Aunt's"
Card's with money were the BOMB!!
But those are distant images
How the years have travelled fast
Oh what fantastic memories
Christmas' of the past!!!
Happy Holiday's Everyone... Peace!!


Little Wing said...


Little Wing said...

Wow, Mr. G-daddy, you are the poet!
That was so excellent!
What a great ode to Christmas Past!

Little Wing said...

P.S. ....I miss Top Cat.
Real bad.

Mona said...

Galen? A Christmas Memory . That is fantastic 55! I guess children these days are different...

Queenie said...

G-Man that is so sweet, memories eh!
BTW mines up.

smarmoofus said...

I'm missing the Christmas spirit, or something. I've had multiple opportunities this week to incorporate it into the memes I participate in, but I just don't think of it 'til I've already posted and then I go to view others... What is wrong with me?!

G-man, I love your 55! It reminds me of the spirit I had when I was a kid... especially the "two weeks off!" part. *wistful* Did I suddenly grow up when I wasn't looking?

Meanwhile, I'm up here.

G-Man said...

I have a feeling that Mr. Cat will be back after the Holiday's with lots of inspiration, hang in there..xox

I don't know if they are different or not..
BTW...I REALLY like your new avatar...WOW!!!!

Thanks sweetie, I'll be right over..xox

Nothing at all is wrong with you my dear. Sometimes the 'Spirit' takes a while to envelope you..
It just means you've been busy..
I'm coming right over..
Thanks for stopping by and for participating..G

lime said...

i had to giggle because i was the ghost of christmas past in the senior class play.....many years ago of course.

have a wonderful and merry christmas my friend.

SignGurl said...

Oh wow! This one should go down in the annuls of Christmas. Excellently written.

Merry Christmas, Galen!


Serena Joy said...

Those memories of Christmases past can make you feel so warm and fuzzy. It's different now, though it still has its moments. Excellent 55, Mr. G.:)

javajazz said...

hey santa, how's it goin'?
just got a call from my kid,
waiting to board his flight
in sacramento...he left his
apartment at 3 am to drive there...
and we get to see him
this afternoon! woo hoo!
happy merry christmas
sweet G-man...

ps yes mona's avatar is beautiful!
pps YES we all miss sweet Top Cat!

merry christmas everyone!
xo lisa

Mona said...

Galen, who am I supposed to tell that my flash 55 is up.

Rebicmel said...

Excellent 55 Galen have a great weekend

Sophia said...

That's great! I miss Christmas Past too. Mine is up this week. I haven't played in a few weeks.

Akelamalu said...

What a lovely festive 55! Brings back memories. :)

Mine's up too.

Breazy said...

Beautiful 55! I am just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


ann said...

aaaaaaaaah... what a sweet
seasonal 55

I do wish you and yours a
truly wonderful Christmas
and all the very very best
for 2008

lotsa luv ann xxxxxx

Charles said...

That should be a classic, G. Run it every year, we'll enjoy it each time.
I think the reunions are what really make the holiday special, being with the people we really love.
I'm throwing my hat into the ring of those who miss TC. He's like the prodigal son, welcome upon his return.

G-Man said...

Hi everybody!!!
It's Friday...Yay!!!!
Borders Here I come...
See you all later...xoxo

Rebicmel said...

Hope you had fun Galen :o)

Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome 55 Galen :)

S said...

Oh man that was a super premiere deluxe 55! WOW!
Very nice, Gman and thank you for holding down fort!

All is well in the subcontinent....

Merry Christmas!

snowelf said...

Sweet job Galen!! :)
I sort of miss Christmas from my child's perspective sometimes, but it's pretty fun being backstage to the magic now, so it evens out. :)

love to the g-man!


G-Man said...

You had the chains and the whole shebang?
And you can bake?
The Total Package!!

Thanks sweetie, Merry Christmas to my blogging mentor..xoxox

Hi Sherry...
Have fun with your family!
Merry Christmas to you, and come back safe and sound!..xoxbgxoxox

I hope Brian made it home all safe and stuff!
I know you are ecststic to have him home..xox

You tell me silly...
And I read yours Mona dear, and it was amazingly up-beat..

You and your family have a very Merry Christmas!
Thank You for being so supportive...xoxox

You BOTH had great 55's
Thanks for playing, and have a very Merry Christmas to you both!

I hope you are feeling better sweetie, thanks for stopping by, and Happy Holiday's!!

Happy Holidays to you!
I promise to stop by this week-end..xoxoxo

I happened to really like your 55 entry this week also...Thanks..G

I Did!!!

Hi sweetie..
Merry Christmas to you!!

I'm so glad to hear from you, and that you are safe...Thanks for trusting me with this important task.
I'll try not to fail!

Hi Snowelf...
I know you are busy and all with the new job, but I sure have missed you...Have a very Merry Christmas..Galen..xoxox

Strumpet said...


I love it.

It's the next best thing to 'Twas the Night Before Xmas.

Believe it or not, I played the Virgin Mary in my senior year Xmas pageant. Back then I fit the part.

My junior year I was some other chick that plays a role in the Jesus story somehow, but I couldn't even begin to remember who. I didn't know who she was then either.

Now that I think about it, I can't believe we put on such an inherently specific Christian version of a Xmas play at a public school and it wasn't THAT long ago.

Anyhow, I am thinking that I REALLY need to get back into the 55 thing. I've missed it terribly.

Now that school is on break and I've discovered wireless at DD and my comp connects SOMETIMES at home, it should be easier to get back into the swing of it.


Your new pic is SMOKING HOT.

Love it.

gab said...

Merry Christmas

Charles said...

Merry Christmas.

S E E Quine said...

` Have a Merry One, G-Man. I got ya something. It's not much, but, in answer to your question:


Akelamalu said...

Just popped over to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may they be everything you're hoping for.

Much Love and Reiki Blessings

G-Man said...

Merry Christmas Gale.

Merry Christmas Sarah.

Merry Christmas Charles.

Merry Christmas Ake..

PinkHippo said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to your and your family!