Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home For The Holiday's.........

Yes I know that I'm not following today's HNT instructions, but last year if you recall, my daughter was studying in Prague, and it was a very lonely Christmas for her Daddy...
But this year we are all together....YAY!!!!!
The big Fat Cat's name is Galen
The happy daughters name is Amanda
The small Fat Cat's name is....Careful now...Beaver!


Serena Joy said...

Yay! I know how happy it makes you to have your little girl home. Prague's way too far away for the holidays. Beaver doesn't look very happy about posing for photos. LOL.:-)

Mona said...

YYYAAAAAYYYY! For Galen & Family!

Those are one hell of sweet cats!!!

Mona said...

Cats are never happy about posing with people Serena. I have two photos with them & in both they seem struggling to get out of my hold!

J Morgetron said...

You have an Amandotron too!

I can't believe you named you cat ... that!


That's no worse than the gynecologist in Omaha named Dr. Beavers.

Double hahahaha.


lime said...

you go right ahead and break those rules, gman. i'm so happy you have your little girl home this year. i hope it's an absolutely wonderful christmas for you both.


Little Wing said...

So happy for the G-daddy family, it doesn't get any better than a family all together for Christmas.
I envy you.
Great photo, and not even going to go there on the cats name.

Little Wing said...

lol wow, lime beat me by a na-nu!!!!!

Rebicmel said...

Families are our strengths! Many empires were built upon the strength of families, it's what made them strong. Very lovely daughter Galen and a happy papa is a good thing.

Have a great day today.

S said...

I am so happy that you get to be with her this year.
I hope you all have the most wonderful holidays Gman and hold down that 55 fort for me willya?

jillie said...

You know there are exceptions to every rule and this is one of those times. Great picture of the two of you....Daddy loves his little girl!!!



barman said...

That is wonderful to have her hear this year and everyone home for the holidays. It will not always be like that so enjoy your time. Very lovely picture G. And now to beaver..., I think I better just stay away from that one. What an interesting name. Happy HNT.

Morgy, my dentist (before he retired) has an interesting name. His name, Dr. Gucky. What more appropriate name for a dentist I ask you?

Queenie said...

Rules were made for breaking and when it comes to family we are allowed to break all the rules. So glad you have your daughter home for Christmas, you look so proud Galen

SignGurl said...

What pretty kitties!!

Amanda looks like she is about 10!

This is the sweetest picture because I know how much it means to have your whole family home for Christmas.


javajazz said...

wow! big F.C.
and the Beave...!

i'm glad she's home.
i sure understand
how sweet it is!

enjoy your happy christmas together.


Strumpet said...

You know she has a whole Lisa Loeb sexy specs thing goin' on, right?

You better watch out, Galen.

Guys love a hot chick in glasses.

As much as a women enjoys a handsome bespectacled man.

I should know.

I wear them too.

I have my purple ones on right now.

They are two-toned though.

They are plum on the outside of the frame, but inside they are rimmed with periwinkle.

They're from SEE.

I love these frames.

But, I'm not very sexy right now.

I think I caught a cold again.




Love it!


SoCal Sal said...

Way cool. I’ll be missing two of my three this year. :(

Beaver? … LOL … and a sense of humor was had by all. Now I don’t feel so bad about naming our little female Rat Terrier “Spike”.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours, bro!

TK Kerouac said...

What a beautiful Xmas photo of your family, Very sweet

I bet you named the cat

Bunny said...

Glad you are together for Christmas this year!! Um, the cat's name is Beaver? Is there a story there? Of course, I'm not one to talk - my girl cat is named Bob.

G-Man said...

You are right about Beaver Serena...
Yes, I am very happy

Thanks sweetie..

That one should be on Jay Leno..hahahaha

Thanks Michelle
Now Get Baking!!!

Thanks Jadey..
It doesn't get any better!

Thanks Missy..
Your sweet!!

You be careful..
I'm at your service!
Have a safe trip.

Thanks Jildo..
Yes I do love my Baby!

Thanks Bryan..
You are a very good friend...G

Thanks Queenie..
I'm so glad we have gotten to know each other this year...G

Thanks Jenn...
Your HNT was beautiful!

It sure must!!

Even sick
Even Periwinkle glasses
You Rock The House!!!
Thanks Baby..xox

Thanks Bro..
Sorry to hear that your family is incomplete now!
Maybe you will get a suprise....G

Thanks Tracy..
You make me smile

Is that short for Roberta?

SeaRabbit said...

We all know you are a rebel who can't follow the rules... ;-))
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Galen!!
And Happy HNT!

Charles said...

Being a daddy myself, I can certainly relate to your feelings of having your daughter home.
Not to out do J Morgetron, but merely to add to her comment, there's a Urologist in Central Florida, with the name Dr. Cockburn.

Charles said...

Charles said...

My 55 is up, G.

javajazz said...


gab said...

Glad she made it home for the holidays.
Merry Christmas
Hope santa is good to you. HUGS

G-Man said...

Charles...I'll be there on Friday Brother...G

Lisa...Be Patient

Thanks sweetie

ann said...

thanks for sharing the family photo with us; you look so proud
and your daughter looks a real
credit to you

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

tsduff said...

I love the picture of you and Amanda... well done father G. :O)

Merry Christmas - having the kid home for the holidays is the best present of all.

Vickygytq said...

lol wow, lime beat me by a na-nu!!!!!