Monday, November 5, 2007

We Interupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

This is SignGurl signed on here. Galen doesn't know that I still have the keys to his blog. I wanted to alert you of G-Man's one year blog anniversary on November 8th. Can you believe he's graced us with his presence and knowledge for so long? He's becoming a real whiz at posting.

I can honestly say that Galen is the most sincere and kind person in blog land. He always has the nicest comments to everyone. He really knows how to work the women, doesn't he girls?

Anywho, I've created an homage for our dear friend.

Happy Blog Anniversary!


SignGurl said...

Galen, You rock!! I'm a better person for having met you!

SignGurl ♥'s G-Man

Manny said...

I remember when you first started hitting my blog. I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time.

I value our friendship.


Manny said...

Sign you did an awesome job! Way to go my friend.

I could just jam here all night.

SignGurl said...

I had to change the music last minute after G made a comment last week about The Doors. It took all I had not to use People Are Strange.

My original choice was Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride.

lime said...

jenn, that is an absolutaely AWESOME montage! completely fabulous! steppenwolf would have been great but the doors soundtrack was perfect for galen....and it would have been hysterical if you'd had gone with 'people are strange.' that montage really showed the man of 1000 faces, didn't it?

galen, you are indeed do know how to work the ladies, look at the fan club or loyal friends you've built up in just one year. it's been a great year of getting to know you, and even meet you. here's to many more years of blogging from the blogosphere's mr. knowitall and schmoozer extraordinaire and my friend, g-man.

love you bunches.

jillie said...

Jenn you did a terrific job on the tribute. G-man loves you so much and I can see why!

LOL...that would have been a good song on there but yes, The Doors,are the g-man's MOST fav group ever.

Galen...we love you!!!!


Manny said...

I can't wait for G to see this.

Little Wing said...

What? Are you saying G-man schmoozes ALL THE GIRLS and not just me?????????

Nice tribute signgirl!

Galen you truly are someone very special.
You have always been here for me, and I have it all here in my heart.

The Doors and Galen.
It doesn't get any better than that!

Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!

javajazz said...

happy 1st Blogaversary, Uncle Putz...!
Sign, what an amazing tribute,
and it was because of all your
kind and generous help that
G-man got delivered to his people!
yes, he has a way with the ladies,
and all humans, too,
because he cares about people
and is a very genuine
and compassionate person....
he is a natural host and
i think he should open up
his own saloon...
or cool bbq restaurant!
anyway, mazel tov, putz...
may your shmeckle get a work out
in 2008, you sweetie pie
of a nice man!
hey, i'm only looking out for you
Blintz Breath!

G-Man said...

I'm actually speachless!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
Jenn...You are the BOMB!!

I started reading you because I thought you were the nicest person on the Web...
And If Candy is the nicest, Michelle you are the most careing, And Jillie, you are the craziest, and Jadey, you are the most enigmatic, and Lisa...Lisa, Lisa Lisa..One of my greatest supporters, followers, and most Jewish...
Thank You all..xoxoxox
Galen...(Jenn, That was very special..Thanks xoxox)

MONA said...

what a wonderful Tribute!

Jenn Rocks for making Galen Rock! the rock & roll...( I hope I am right about that music though, it sounds like country music to me, I love country music though)

Happy first blogiversary Galen!

MONA said...

Magic carpet ride would have been soooo delicious Jenn!

gab said...

Sign thanks for letting us know as I'm sure G-man wouldn't blow his own horn.
G-man you are truely a great and gifted man, and I'm glad I got to jump into your circle of blogger friends. Hugs

javajazz said...

actually, i think
YOU might be
the most jewish,
mr G-tuchus...

J Morgetron said...

I wouldn't be the blogger I am today without my G!

We met by chance ... but you know how I feel about chance.

Love yah Galen!!!!!!

PS: Signgurl -- You rock the casbah too. This was a totally rad present for the big GGGGGGG!

snowelf said...

Galen, if you ever have a day where for some reason you don't feel loved, I want you to come back and visit this post. We adore you so, so much, and I hope we are able to share many, many more years of heartfelt friendship.

much love,


Jenn, you absolutely rock and this tribute to Galen is one of the sweetest gestures of friendship ever!! Love you too girl!! :)


Queenie said...

Awesome, what a fantastic tribute to wonderful caring thoughtful loving man, who never lets us down. He's always there to pull you through when your feeling blue.

Signgurl, take a bow, you did good girl really, really good, thanks for letting us know....

Scary Monster said...

That there were a lot of fun to watch. Good job on the slideshow. Peace Frog would have made a pretty good background tune fer that too.


Scary Monster said...

Me again. Ya know, with all the wimmin that be hangin around this place me be thinkin that there be another reason, besides yer name that you call yerself the G-Man.


Serena Joy said...

Happy Blogiversary, Galen! And what a terrific Blogiversary present SignGurl made for you. That's just awesome. I hope the next year is even better for you than the first one has been. Love 'ya, G.

Manny said...

Roxi is the cutest little thing. You guys are a great group.

barman said...

Wonderful tribute Sign very nicely done. Who would have thought that just a year ago the G-Man took blogland by storm. Congrtulations Galen.

Rebicmel said...

Jenn first what an awesome tribute girl!!!!!!! You do Rock

Galen, well what can I say, the moment I saw you popping up on Morgy's blog and leaving such outlandish comments I thought to myself....self go see what this dude is all about and since that day I think about all the wonderful things I have seen and read by you, not just on my blog but on others as well. You're a loyal top notch friend that whoever you choose to bless with your friendship are greatly benefited by knowing you!!!

You are a ladies man of this there is no question, each of us know you really are the one that brought SEXY BACK!!! :o)

What a wonderful friend you are Galen-baby, I am thankful I was curious enough to come here and thankful for the day you returned the visit by coming over to my blog and saying hello.

Happy happy Blog Anniversary to you
I would rather close this comment with George Thorogoods (sp) Bad To The ba ba bad.....bad to the bone. hmmmm

TK Kerouac said...

Happy Anniversary

vote for

SeaRabbit said...

This is a very beautiful tribute, Signgurl! And to a very appreciated man who deserve so much!
Happy Bloganniversary, galen!

ell said...

you're lucky to have a friend like signgurl - great video!

Crabby said...

Jen, nice job! Good music choice too.

G.....speachless? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha! nuh ugh!
And it only took a little less than a year to stop him from talkin' for a half second.

Manny, you gave G a hard time??? LMAO! ME TOO! Poor G. Worst part of it all, is...we'll probably keep givin ya a hard time cuz we love ya so much.

Charles said...

Nice soundtrack, Signgurl.

SoCal Sal said...

Work-it … Geeeeeeee-Man!

Happy Blogversary!! Woo Hoo

Great Job Jenn!

Charles said...

Hey G,
I made a small online application to aid while writing 55 Flash Fiction, you can read about it on my blog & I have a link to it there. Its nice to be able to write and watch your word count as you write and delete.

MONA said...

We interrupt your " interrupt your regularly scheduled programming " to announce that Charles Programmer had devised a program to WRITE 55VES WITHOUT HAVING TO COUNT THE WORDS OURSELVES!


Manny said...

I'm not sleepy yet.

G-Man said...

Thank You sweetie, you are one of my very true friends..xox

Gabby Gale..
Are are certainly in MY circle of friends!!
Thanks for one year of careing and a lot of laughs..xox


hahaha..You actually took some of my advice, and just look at the blogging icon that you have become..
Hey...You know what? You always have your integrity!!
You Da Bomb Too!!!

It's not nice to make big bad burly biker dudes cry...
You are such a priceless and precious gift to my humble blog. Thanks xox

I just love it when you say something..
It's always meaningful
It's always classy
It's always careing
It's always from the heart..

Scarey Monster..
You My Friend, are a real hoot!! I bet few people know that behind that green gruff exterior, lies a very smart, very careing, very gracious human being. On second thought, I think everyone knows it...Thanks Brother....G

Serena Joy..
You are such a loyal friend..
I love your blog..
I love your mind
I love your writing style
I Love your wit
I love your Blogging dedication...
I love .....well, you know, Hot Beautiful Red-Heads!!
Thanks for always being so comforting..xoxbgxoxox


OK Everybody, G-Man trivia time, Who was my very first commenter on my very first post???
You guessed it...Barman Bryan!
Now you all may think, that bryan got the name Barman, because he has closed down every bar in a quad-state area. But the truth is...He is such a careing, sweet, helpful, and loyal friend...That he "Raises the Bar" for what it means to be a Human Being!...Thanks for one year of fun.....G

Very few people are as careing and maternal as you..Mixed with a wonderful writing style, and a heart of gold, you are a welcome friend to anybody's blog.
Thanks for always giving me words of support and encouragement...You Rock!

Thanks Tracy..
You are one hot Canadian Lady..(is CILF an expression?)

Hi Searabbit..
Another loyal, beautiful, sexy Canadian.
That makes 3 alone on this page..
Merci Ma Chere..xoxox

Thank you very much...G

Crabby...You my dear, absolutely showed how much fun blogging can be.
Not only your fictional escapades, but your real-life adventures, have more than once, made me howl with laughter!!
And one more thing...
About this football obsession of your's? When you next time ask my advice on a team? Bet EXACTLY the opposite! I don't think I've given you a winner yet!
Thanks for everything Pam...xoxoxox

Whats's happenin?
I heard you invented something?
A 55 meter?
And WHY do we need to be policed on this?
And just think..You could have had a V-8!!!

Long time no see brother!
I haven't put the Hog up yet.....G

OK Charles!!!!!!
OK, lets get this straight, it's a 55 aid?
If thats the case, then I say Right On!!
Good Job Son!!!

You are right...
Charles did good!

javajazz said...

CILF? charming G-stud.
now you want to do
all of Oh Canada?
but you havent even
updated your passport!

Snow White said...

Wow! What an awesome and fitting tribute to such a wonderful gentleman! G-Baby, and SignGirl... you both ROCK big time!


S said...

Hey Sign what a cool moobie of a cool guy! Congrats on one year of being Mr Know It All!!!!

S said...

Oh yes and we LOVE Charles 55 counter!!!

Mike M said...

Very cool G!! Nice gesture signgurl!

Top cat said...

aw what a sweet and thoughtful thing to do jenn.:)

Happy 1 Year Anniversary dude!!

SoCal Sal said...

Just trying to get it all in one sock. Had to come and say hey and many more to come.

I’ll bet it’s starting to get a real nippley there. Now that’s a look you don’t want a picture of. LOL

Only bikers know why a dog sticks his head out of a car window ~ Author Unknown

evalinn said...

Wow that´s great! And what a funny thing to do Signgurl :-D


G-Man said...

Evalinn...Thanks again!