Thursday, November 1, 2007

Flash 55...Flash 55..........

All Super-heroes have a saying or oath, when they morph...Superman said "Up and Away"
The Green Lantern said, "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil
shall escape my sight,let those who worship
evils might, beware my power..Green Lanterns Light"
And Mighty Mouse said.."Here I come to save the day."

Hi everybody, as you can see I am having fun with my new found knowledge of posting a pic, but I just can't get the hang of centering..Grrrrrrrrr..
Anyway, the thought was there. Please bear with The G-Man, as he struggles with technology.
I hope someone (anyone please) comes to a techno-idiots aid....

Oops, I did it again....hahahahahaha....a double 55 !!!!!


Mrs. M. said...
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J Morgetron said...

Yeahhhh baby...

J Morgetron said...

Here I come to save the daaaaayyy!

I wanna try a double next time.

Not tonight. I just posted about The Golden Compass though. I got a little windy.


G-Man said...

Thanks Morgetron..
I'd rather hear about The forget it! But You have got me curious now...I'll have to go see..xoxox

OK Everybody, when I typed this up, there was at least 3 lines between my double 55's..
It seems that when I put up a pic, my text does NOT separate paragraphs..
Does anybody know how to help me out?

lime said...

hehehehe, i am so proud of you gman! it's like when i got a pc instead of my way old apple and i found out i could change font colors and sizes and i didn't have to type in code to do bolds,italics and links. i was all excited.

when you upload a picture in the dialogue box you can choose if youwant the picture centered, or left or right. once you upload it then you can click and drag it up or down to the top middle or bottom within the body of the post.

also, did you ever notice hwo mighty mouse used to snort some funky dust out of his hand before flying off?

Manny said...

When your blog came up, I was like wow.

Way to go G Man. You'll figure the centering out. Hit center before you browse. Once the upload is "Done" try hitting your enter key a few times then check out the scroll bar. If it let's you scoll up do it. Then it should let you center text.

BTW, the first pic uploading will end up on the bottom of the post. Put a pic, type about it, put another pic, more text, and work your way to the top.


S said...

Oh boy you are really getting fancy now, arent you! My 55 is up but you are probably in bed by now..its still Th here:D

jillie said...

What about "There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!"

LOL...great 55 g-man!


gab said...

Here I come to save the day, has always been my saying. I loved Mighty mouse. I used to run all over McDonalds saying that! People used to give me weird looks, my manager finally put me in drive thru permently so not to embarrass the other workers! lol
Thankfully I loved Drive thru and became the best of the best and actually won 400 bucks for it! Whoo hoo

Little Wing said...

Well I happen to like your double, centered or not!
Mine is up G-daddy!

Queenie said...

Yet again the master of the 55s gets it out there. Well done with the tecno, I'm like you I'm still learning. A bit rusty from my break but got one out there (I mean a 55).

evalinn said...

Cool double 55! Have a great Friday and a great weekend! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love superheroes.:)
Mighty mouse was cool but I always licked my chops when I saw
Cool 55 dude.
I like the pictures not centered.
I can see your new found posting knowledge is going to be a lot of fun for the restofus.:)

SignGurl said...

Ok, mister! You did great. I fixed it for you. We need another session in techno.

Great 55's!

barman said...

Not bad. All this center and space and everything can be a pain for everyone. When it makes up it's mind what it wants to do sometime s you can not change it's mind without going behind the scenes. You wouldn't want to do that.

Now these are not superheros but I thought it kind of fit in.

(Blues Brothers)
We're on a mission from God.

(Lone Ranger)
Hi Ho Silver... away

(Sir Alexander Dane - Galaxy Quest)
By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged.

Had to toss the last one is just for fun. Did anyone even see Galaxy Quest?

ann said...

nice one Robin... ;>)

gosh if this computer incompetent
can upload/download pics (whatever)
then you surely can

have a great weekend

lotsa luv ann xxxx

Serena Joy said...

You know what they say about a little knowledge... Soon, you'll be doing photo blogs. This made a very nice double, though.:)

MONA said...

& I would say... " off with his head"...

Superheroes are cool...I would like a ride in the sky on the back of one!

Double 55 Galen? I had another one too... which I called the lazy 55...

Rebicmel said...

Happy double 55 Galen, woo woo a double lol......I got mine post despite the fact I am sick ugh!!!! Have a great weekend boyo.

Have a great evening at Borders tonight and drink a nice strong black one for me.

Crabby said...

LOL! Lime beat me to it. You are saved.
Now I have that Mighty Mouse song stuck in my head and it won't shut off.
I think you did a nice job with the pics. Took me forever to get it right and I still don't lots of times.

Cazzie!!! said...

My son likes this post particularly, superheroes are the best he says!

Charles said...

Superheroes, double 55s, you doing your own pics, I even tried a 55. Good times. One thing I've noticed is when you use the 'style' attribute with 'float:' in it(blogger does it automatically), it pretty much ignores html paragraphs (<p>) and you have to use breaks (<br />).

G-Man said...

Please speak English OK?
And as far as the 'magic dust' goes, it wasn't from Columbia was it..

You know...
It's a sad sad day when Manny can type techno circles around me!
But I know how pathetic I am...
Thanks Candy..xoxox

I've read your 55..
Great as always..
And great pics as always!

I forgot all about Underdog Jildo!!
I could have used him!!
Have a great week-end baby..xoxox

Hey Jadey..
I already read yours too!
Good job, and ride safe..
PLEASE!!!! xoxox

Queenie, I read yours this morning and you don't seem rusty to me..
Wonderful job..xoxox

You won 400 bucks at Mickey-D's?
Dang Girl!!

Thanks My Swedish Globe-trotter!!
Have a great week-end

I obviously still need lots of help. But thanks for the encouragement..G

Thank You Miss Signgurl!
May I please be excused now?..xoxox

I did indeed see that movie..In fact I quote a line from that movie a lot..Remember when The dude from that TV series that starred George Segal, fell in love with that Alien Chick, and they started to make out?
"Oooooh That Ain't Right"!

You Brits are so kind to me..Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Serena Joy!
You mean...'Goes a long way?'
But with me it's.."It's dangerous"
Anyway, I hope you feel better Red...
How about a nice looooong foot massage?
I work cheap!!

I read your 55 as well.
Very powerful..You are so great!!
Thanks for being such a great friend..xoxmrxoxox

Hi Missy...
Oh I'll drink some coffee all right..
And I'll also read your 55..
And I love it when you call me boyo..xoxoxox

Or should I say..
Pam the Greek?
Thanks for the offer to help, and good luck with your pics..xoxox

Your son reads my posts?
Thanks for telling me that, I hope he's not sqeemish!!

You did a 55?
Uh Oh...I'll have to go see...
And about your techno advice...HUH?

Manny said...

I don't know what I was thinking when I typed that out. I was in yard work over dose. LOL


Manny said...

Have fun at Borders and stay safe!

S said...


MIke Kilgore said...

Ya gotta love that Mighty Mouse! Always loved him and old Underdog!

Serena Joy said...

You bet I'll take a loooooong foot massage -- at any price.:)

Manny said...

What's for breakfast?

Manny said...

Congrats on the win. I got to see them take it back!

gab said...

Yeah and guess who started the phrase Micky D's? Me but I didnt get paid for that infact the corporate office was behind our store and every time they came in and heard me use Micky D's to refer to McDonalds I got a lecture. Now look every one used it. and I didnt get any credit! And the 400 bucks was for being the fastest drive thru in MN with 100% correct orders and change! I was one of a team of 4 and I did second order taking(back before these fancy things they have now)and I did the drinks. We had one other person who took the first order and she did the cash register. One person who ran and got the stuff, and one who passed out the window. We also did a split shift where I did the first order and cashiering at the beginning of lunch rush and right in the middle of rush we were asked to switch to see if we could keep it all straight and going fast. We did and we won!

SeaRabbit said...

This is quite cute! and now that you post your pics yourself, I bet you will post a lot of them!!! This is so fun! and you see, you can learn!!!

jillie said...

Stop over and pick up your award!


Charles said...

I'm sure Signgurl can explain it. I mean anybody with URL in their name has to have more than a just a clue.

G-Man said...

Mike...Thank you all!!

I hope you are feeling better...A foot massage is the least that I can do!!

Jo...Thanks ladies, you both Rock!!

I have an award?

No Russian Techno-Talk please!!

G-Man said...

Mike...Thank you all!!

I hope you are feeling better...A foot massage is the least that I can do!!

Jo...Thanks ladies, you both Rock!!

I have an award?

No Russian Techno-Talk please!!