Monday, November 26, 2007

TMI Tuesday.........

Every Monday at the KFC in Fenton Mi. where I work, They have those delicious Pot Pies for $2.49 apiece...On Tuesday, they have A complete 'Chicken Fried Steak' meal for $1.99. And on Wednesday, you get an 8 piece Original Deal Meal for $10 Bucks..My favorite though is 'Extra Crisp'...
When Colonel Sanders started selling chicken in the 50's he was 65 years old. He used his $105.oo SSI check to travel around the country with his recipe's of 11 herbs and spices that anyone can find on their kitchen shelf, and sold franchises around the country. His only goal, was to make $1000.00 a month. In 1964, he sold the rights to more than 600 restaurants for a cool Two Million Dollors!!! Plus he was retained as the spokesman.
He did this for several years, but after he sold the company, he was NOT particularly fond of the product that was being put out. He called the 'Extra-Crispy' chicken..."A damn fried doughball on a stick", and he said that the KFC gravy tasted like.."Pure wallpaper paste"!!
By then the Heublein Company owned the franchises, and they sued the Colonel(Unsuccsesfully) for libel!! And they were paying him $250,000. a year to make appearances!
In 1986, Heublein sold KFC to Pepsico for 840 Million Bucks!
Colonel Sanders lived to be 90 years old...This stuff must be good for you!!!

...On a side note, it was said that on his 'death-bed' Colonel Sanders whispered..." I have a confession to make..there were never 11 herbs and spices in the recipe', the secret ingredient was...was....was....chicken shit"!!!

I hope you enjoyed this foray into nonsense... Peace!


javajazz said...

chicken poop?
oh G-man,
you so funny!

Mona said...

Yikes! Chicken Shit! Was it so?

I am glad they shut down KFC here last week!

Queenie said...

Thats so put me of my next zinger, mind you I only have about one a year, whats that saying where there's muck!

Manny said...

I used to love their it just sucks.

It's original recipe for me. It has much more flavor then extra crispy.

Their cole slaw sucks now too.

The pot pies are the best tasting and value for the buck.

G-Man said...

Lisa my dear, you are a member of the work force now?
I'm so proud of you!!

A fast-food place closing in India?.. Wow!!
Don't beleive everything you read here....xox

You mean..Where there's muck, there's YUCK!
Or are we talking about another word that rhymes with muck?

Yes indeed the Pot Pies are great!
I love BOTH original and Extra Crispy..Have a great day at work!..xoxox

lime said...

lol, that is a pretty funny story. i like the feistiness of good ole harlan!

Serena Joy said...

I like KFC, so I hope the Colonel was delirious when he made his deathbed confession. Yuck! Maybe I'll stick to the pot pie from now on.:)

Rebicmel said...

There sure has been a lot of controversy it seems about KFC lately. It's scary that something as huge as this company could be doing something illegal egads!!!!! well maybe not illegal but brutal.

Charles said...

I hope that my business genius finds me some 25 years before I die. I would so love to leave a legacy like that, controversy or no, to my daughter.

On another note...
$1.99 for the complete 'Chicken Fried Steak' meal? Oh man, I had no idea. I love chicken fried steak.

Top cat said...

When I see meat available at those prices I begin to wonder......????

I always thought he and Orville Redenbacher were

Charles said...

The Col. was a stately gentleman, and was probably a strapping young man, whereas Orville was a geek, the kind that gets beat up by girls and programmers.

Charles said...

Let me qualify that, girls in frilly pink dresses...

Crabby said...

Chicken shit????? Did you say chicken shit? So! It's true then, that damnedable Sanders stole my fried chicken receipe. I always suspected it.

I've not had their pot pies. Bob Evans pot pies I've had. Their crust rocks out. Original recipe for me. I'm with Manny, cole slaw and the gravy both suck now. And what's with those chicken pieces that look like the spiney section of a humped-back alien chicken? Where do those pieces come from, huh?

jillie said...

Never had shit taste SOOOOO good! LOL

I love their pot pies (ok, CHICKEN pot pies haha) and they're extra crispy. Now what is wrong with their gravy? Nothin that I can think of.


ann said...

at times like this I am
so glad I keep kosher!

G-Man said...

Hi Limey..
I'm so glad you could visit me before your Internet blew up!

Hi Sherry..
I dunno, That extra crispy is still mighty tasty..
I love all things POT!!

Hi Missy..
Too bad the 'C' does not stand for Catfish!!

Yes Charles..
Every Tuesday!!
And its quite filling!

They DO look alike!!
Thanks Rick.


I love everything at Bob Evans!!
They are a bit pricey, but very good!!
I always ask for extra syrup!!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

They have KFC in Cali?
Probably made with Tofu!
Yeah, their gravy is not That bad!..xoxox

You are right!!!
But they have lots of schmaltz!! hahahaha
Thanks for stopping by!

Mona said...

Galen? you love everything potty?