Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall........

If it's Wednesday, it must be time for "Ask Mr. Knowitall"...But be careful, he's still on a food roll!
A Mr. Billy Birdseye from Apopka Fla. asks.."Dear Mr. Knowitall, Who invented Frozen Orange Juice?"
Dear Billy...During WWII, the U.S. Govt. wanted an easy to carry powdered orange juice for soldiers in the field. They commissioned the Minute Maid Co. to develope it, the the effort only succeeded a few weeks before the war ended. The powder was never produced, but an interesting by-product of the research resulted! They discovered that the O.J. could be concentrated and frozen. When the war was finally over, they took advantage of the discovery, and marketed it.
A Mr. Burr Gerking of Cincinnati Ohio asks..."Dear Mr. Knowitall, Has religion ever played a part in what people eat at a fast food restaurant?"
Dear Burr...In the early 60's, the McDonalds in your home town lost sales every Friday because of the large population of Catholics that refused to eat meat on that day. The local franchise owner appealed to Chairman Ray Kroc to expand his menu. Krok eventually gave in and started research into a suitable non-meat addition to it's menu. Krok researchers decided to use Cod, but did not call it that for 2 reasons. 1) They COULD legally call it North Atlantic Whitefish, and 2) Krok's childhood memories of cod-liver oil were too unpleasant. After test marketing the fish sandwich, the first successful Non-Burger entree, was put on the menu permanately in 1963..
A Hooker by the name of "Action Jackson" from Columbus Ohio asks..."Hi Baby, (licks lips) are you MY lifesaver"?
Ms. Jackson...No I'm NOT!!! But in 1912, a Cleveland candymaker named Clarence Crane decided to make a mint to sell in the Summer. Until then, most mints were imported from Europe. Crane figured he could cut the price by making them in the U.S. He had the candy manufactured by a pill-maker. But the machinery would only work if it punched a hole in the middle of each candy. So Crane cleverly called the mints...LifeSavers!!
Mr. Knowitall grows hungry...er weary!!!


S said...


S said...

You so smart Mr Know it all!

javajazz said...

i love you.

jillie said...

Yer a smart feller! LOL...or should I say "lifesaver!!"


Rebicmel said...

mmmmmm Butter Rum lifesavers my favorite!!!!! Delicious

Mona said...

Religion has played a very important part in what people eat at a fast food restaurant. Ask Indians. McDonalds was threatened with a closure due to the beef fat they used for frying french fries. There were protest rallies by the hindus and some places were also vandalised by the mob. This is because Cow is supposed to be the sacred animal of Hindus and its slaughter is banned in India & its a legal offence. Anyone caught slaughtering a cow is liable to face imprisonment for up to seven years.
So all the McDonald's outlets have a caption now, saying, no beef or beef products sold here.
There were also some rumors about the McD's ppl using gas to kill the chicken, which the ppl here thought might effect health.& it also went against the religious sentiments of the Muslims who eat only kosher.On the other hand, the Sikh or the Sardar community { turbaned ones that you might have seen around in the US} do not touch kosher.

Then KFC too saw protests because of the kosher factor & also as they were said to be using genetically modified chicken which made Muslims protest saying that if they ate that they would 'cease to be Muslims' [ there are so many other things which lead to excommunication amongst the Muslims; for example a vasectomy and using contraception too :D]

Little Wing said...

Well I have to say our beautiful Mona is quite well informed herself!
Now I am wondering what they DO serve at Mc'd in India!
I love to open a pack of life savers and just inhale all of the different flavors!
Good info, Mr. Knowitall!

Queenie said...

I wonder if your lifesavers are what we call Polo mints here in the UK? They also have a hole in the middle, the less fattening mint!!!
Galen, thank you for your words of support on my blog,I really appreciated them, you are indeed Mr Knowitall.

Mona said...

Queenie.. yes they are called polo mints here too & the advertisement goes "Polo mint!!! A mint with a hole!!" & the rival mint which does not have a hole took out a counter ad saying " Our Mint is Whole,and not with a hole!!"

Little wing, Thy sell some very lousy tasting non crisp french fries here fried in some local cooking medium, only one kind of chicken burgers , fish o fillet and the rest are all vegetarian burgers & some Indianized burgers, called McAllo Tikki and Samosas . They also sell iced tea, Georgia coffee, some milk shakes & icecreams.

Serena Joy said...

Life Savers, OJ, and ... cod for breakfast? Ugh! Could we go back to turkey and KFC? Maybe some Life Savers after.:)

G-Man said...

YAY!!!!..And you so HOT!!

I'm sorry that your job sucks...xoxyentaxox

Thank You Baby!!
Stay off your foot!!

Oooooh Missy,
Those are mighty tasty!
I hope you have a great day sweetie..xox

What a wonderful and informative addendum to my post for today!!
Like I have always said, you are the smartest beautiful woman that I know!!..Thanks..xomrxoxo

Missin my J.D!!
Big Time!!

Awww..You deserve every kind word in the world!!
You are just the sweetest person on the planet..You are always supportive, and kind, and careing, and very loyal. Thanks for feeling so comfortable at this place..Galen

Mrs. Knowitall???

Crimson Haired Beauty
Very Smart, and smokin' HOT..
You drive me crazy!!!

lime said...

you ever drink OJ right after having a mint (or brushing yoru teeth)? eeeewww, not nice. not nice at all.

Top cat said...

I'm starting to see a trend here mrKIA. All posts relating to food.lol
I think all that cooking for the holiday is still on your mind.

jillie said...

I tagged you I tagged you....neeener neeener neeeeener!

you can thank me later