Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tim Horton HNT.......

A little bit of Heaven on Earth!!!...HHNT Y'All........Photo By Barman


SignGurl said...

OMG! Who's that hot chick with you?

SignGurl said...

And where are her cute boots?

barman said...

Who is the hottie on your arm GMan?

Very nice. What a fun time. Maybe next I can come up and do a drink our two at one of your bars if I would fit in...

barman said...

I will take show any day!

Serena Joy said...

What a great picture! You both look terrific and yeah, like Barman said, pretty daggone hot. Looks like y'all had a really good time.:)

lime said...

is that heaven becasue it looks like yer paying singgurl back for when she and i pinched yer tushy? or because you're at tim hortons?


MONA said...

Been drinking coffee with friends I see...
& I have been drinking coffee with my sister Z....

evalinn said...

Happy HNT, G-man! What´s Tim Norton?

S said...

Oh man dude, you sure do hang out with hot women and I mean HOW!


javajazz said...

now that is one sexy photo!
with Tim's in the background
looking like some kind of
caffeinated shrine or
Sign looks awesome,
hair dancing in the breeze....
this is a great shot.
you guys look awesome!
Barman, where the heck are you??
next time get some weirdo in
the donut shop to take
the photo !!

barman said...

JavaJazz our Tim's don't have weirdos in them! Well not yet, they are to new. Actually we did get two picture of the three of us courtesy of my car.

Anonymous said...

Great picture and it's actually a warm and sunny day.:)

Zoely said...

LOL Tim Horton's? What the heck it that?
HHNT anyway!!

Crabby said...

One question. Did you guys bring me back anything? Anything?

Barman takes good pics, huh? I have some he sent me but I didn't get around to posting them yet cause...they're just me.

TK Kerouac said...

You are standing in front of my house...Happy HNT!

Charles said...

Mmmm. Coffee...
Downright dapper. Glad to hear you're all having fun and able to enjoy each other's company.

MONA said...

Where are you hero?

SignGurl said...

Mr. Haynes, I'm ready for my next cup!

Breazy said...

great pic G-Man! I was just visiting over at Limes and I told her I miss blogging with you all so much. I am looking forward to being off work for a few weeks and I pray that I have some time to get online and play with you all!


jillie said...

Oh man she IS a hottie!!!

Oh and so are you g-man ;o)


SeaRabbit said...

You know so well how to choose oyu friends, Galen!!

javajazz said...

Barman, your car
takes pictures???
wow, thats so spaceage!
(yes, i'm kidding.)
come to toronto,
our Tim's have weirdos
who can take your
(how old does a Tim's
have to be to sport weirdos?)

barman said...

Java, give them a month or two and I am sure the weirdos will move in especially at the one they are building near my house. ;)

We used my car as one of the most expensive tripod you ever did see and it really did not work all that well anyway. :( Maybe we should have used a Japanese car. :)

Queenie said...

What a great shot, Barman did you proud.

snowelf said...

Happy HNT You sexy bitches! ;) lol!!

Barman, you should have sneaked in the pic too!!


javajazz said...

B-man, does it really take
all that time for weirdos
to migrate to new coffee places?
of course we know Tim's
isnt your average donut shop!
didnt you say there was a whole
rash of new Tims coming to
Michigan? the weirdos will
have to spread out a bit...
so, your car = expensive tripod.
excellent idea!

Snow White said...

Great shot of a couple of really GREAT peeps! xoxox

Naughty K said...

Great pic... and the lady your with is a real cutie!
Happy HNT!

Manny said...

Sizzling hot HNT

Rebicmel said...

Great pic you two. Tim Horton's must be a big thing around those parts, kind of like Catfish Houses are so very common around these parts.

Great HNT my flash is up to boyo xoxoxhixoxox

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody!!!
I'm hosin again tonight.
Naughty K
All you guys Rock!!!
Now Please get on your 55!!

javajazz said...


Scary Monster said...

Cain't go to Tim Hortons. The name just gives me the heebee jeebies. A whore who weighs a ton named Tim. Geddafuckouttahere!


javajazz said...

Horton Hears a Who.


(he'll never see this...
he NEVER reads backposts...)


he never reads comments either
come to think of it!


javajazz said...

never ever reads them.

tsduff said...

But I do...

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