Thursday, November 15, 2007

Flash 55.........

Have you ever seen such a phenomena as texting?
Eight years ago it barely exhisted.
Today..? If you want one of of your kids to respond to you,
you had better learn how to text!
They will rarely answer your calls....
Because a parent is waaaaay boring.
But they will text you back...

No double 55 this week...
You know where I'll be tomorrow?
Ann Arbor Michigan
"The Big House"
Section 41
Row 26
Seat 13
Go Blue!!!


Serena Joy said...

Texting rocks. It's a lifesaver for those inopportune times when you can't sneak in a call. Which, I guess, is why kids love it. That made a great 55, G. Go Blue!

javajazz said...

it says Tim Hortons
on the wall, Hoser...
nice photo.
you look hot.

true about the texting, hoser.
even my daughter has
texted me back
but phone call?
i dont think so!

have fun in sportsland
hosebag...see, you have
too many admirers
to keep up with them all.

jillie said...

Oh man....I wonder whaty Crabby is thinking this very moment about this game.

Txtg? I just BARELY tought the mother load how to even use her cell phone...good luck with the game and GO PACK AND GO!!!!!!


S said...

See I have a problem with this texting stuff, it takes MUCH longer than calling evn f u ryte lyk this, no wut m sayn gman?

Im up!!!!!

MONA said...

what is a hoser?

I hate texting! >:(

Smarmy said...

Oh, this is what I get for not following directions. *frump* I'm sixth, not first. *hides her post over at Susies' blog* I'm so embarrassed. Great 55s Susie and G-Man. Susie reminds me... I need to make an appointment. I wonder if my dentist's receptionist accepts texts... *ponder*

My 55 is posted at my blog.

barman said...

Mona, found this article on wikapedia that should explain it. It is a Canadian term more or less meaning loser. Boy I learned something by finding that article, thank you Mona.

Seeing as Michigan is next door neighbors to Canada and our Upper Peninsula is very much influenced by Canada, you hear that term here in Michigan a lot too.

G, mine is up too and I just had to wrap Saturday into my 55. Go Blue.

You know you have one over on me G. I have never in my life texted or been texted, ever. Who is the techno person now???

Mike M said...

Dang text messages! Dang cell phone!! Dang KIDS!!!

Cool 55, G!

Queenie said...

I so know what you mean, but I'm ruddish ta it!!!
Great 55, have a wonderful day at the Big House, I'll be rooting for you in thought.

Cazzie!!! said...


lime said...

boy oh boy, ya got that right! have fun watching football.

MONA said...

Barman, Thank YOU for explaining it to me :)

SignGurl said...

Drunk texting has replaced drunk dialing. Expect a few this weekend ;)

Go Blue!!

Top cat said...

Cool 55, I'll be looking for you on the telly!
Have a great time, sounds like this could be Lloyd's last game, other than a bowl game.

snowelf said...

Look at you being all technological and stuff!!

I use to avoid texting, but now that it's free on my phone I am getting SO much better at texting.

Have fun this weekend, Galen!!


Ameratis said...

I am such a nerd when it comes to texting because I cannot stand to abbreviate. It takes me forever to text because I spell everything out correctly LOL.

Akelamalu said...

I love texting and I love your 55! I posted my first one today.

So you're going to the football too? You know 'The Big House' over here refers to Prison don't you? :)

ann said...

so topical and typical

my daughter has been known
to text me from her bed when
she's heard my car in the
drive; usually to ask me to
put the kettle on and make
her a cuppa...

hope your weekend turns out
the way you want...

Charles said...

I hate texting, I don't even read them. I did two 55s today.

Charles said...

Oh, and Mona needs to get to sleep.

Sophia said...

Ha ha! That is so true....I'm a text-addict myself...I find myself texting someone to see if I can call them! Yes, I'm a dork, I know!

Manny said...

Awww G Man I think it's nice of you to go see my Buckeyes win tomorrow. you are the sweetest man I know.

Take lots of pictures.



Snow White said...

Sometimes a text message can MAKE your day! I love texting! And you, too! xox

Charles said...

Your facial folicles are returning. As is it would seem the color of your hair. Another observation: your name isn't 'Vic' :D (jus' kiddin')

Oh, BTW, when you were saying that about your PC card at Lime's did you try clicking the pic to see it bigger?

G-Man said...

Awwwww...That was so very sweet of you to wish the ole G-Man good luck on the morrow..
A little "Sherry Mo-Jo" goes an awful long way!
Powerful Stuff!!!!!

I try my best,
But I also worked 3 twelve hr days this week!
Thanks Yenta..xox

Crabby is beside herself with excitement!
In fact, she may even have a couple of Toddy's to calm herself down..
Now you on the other hand, I'm sure has had a hand in some 'drunk texting'..hehehe What Badger hasn't?

BTW, xoxox

Barman to the rescue once again!!

Welcome to the Jungle..
I checked out your 55 this morning...very nice!
You are always welcome at G-Man's Place...

Thanks Brother..
Great tribute to "The Game"!!!

Always a loyal Friday 55 reader...Thanks...Galen

Very nice "Historical" 55 today my dear..
Very talented Lady, and gracious!!

OK, 2 can play this game...Beautiful and Talented!!!
Thanks xoxox

Text it 2 me..hehehehe

Oh you've been know to participate in that...
Many Times...
I'll be waiting for your reunion..hehehehe

I think you are right, I believe he will announce his retirement after this game, regardless of the outcome!

Thanks sweetie, I plan on it..xoxox

I will absolutely go visit you thanks..
And BTW..Welcome to the4 jungle!!
You are always welcome!!

Hey Impy, thanks for stopping by. I hope you are back a little more often now!!..xoxox

Ann My Dear...
very nice seeing you, you are much more considerate than I am about visiting. I'll try harder!!..Thanks..xox

hahahaha..Thats funny about Mona, she is always accusing me of insomnia...I'll check both you 2 out after Border's..Thanks

Of course I do the very same thing!!
You are Not a Dork, you are considerate!!...G

Candy Cane..
Buck the Fuckeyes!!!!

Awwww Di..
Miss U 2..xox

G-Man said...

Charles thanks for the tip, But this PC is shot, Old, and very tired!

J Morgetron said...

Would you believe that Hubbetron and I do not have cell phones. So you better believe our kids don't either. I realize -- we are an anomaly.

We'll see how long we can resist.


javajazz said...
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Manny said...





Manny said...

Woot! It's the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Woot! Woot! Woot!

SeaRabbit said...

Wishing you a nice week end!

Rebicmel said...

Hope you had fun at Borders Galen. I too do not have a cell phone I guess like Morgy I am an enigma of sorts.

Fingers crossed for a win for Michigan


Manny said...

Come out and play. I'll be nice

Superstar said...

IDK, I think that U are get'in the hang of all the papers I grade!!!

~rolls eyes~

Anyhooo thank you so much for your vote!!!!
~waves and blows kisses~

KB said...

My kids text me all the time, now all I need is soneone to translate the messages for me.

Manny said...

Happy Sunday!

gab said...

Yes that is why we have unlimited texting to anyone anywhere. I can text you I can text the president(if I had the numbers lol)
Thats about the only way my kids talk to me now a days and some days its the only way Mr Gab will talk to me!!@!!

MONA said...

The ball is still being kicked?

Poor ball!

I guess everyone needs to get to sleep sometime.. so what is so special about me needing to get some...

SignGurl said...

G need a new post. This one smells funny.

G-Man said...

Superstar..Thank You all.
I had a terrible week-end, and you all know why..And I agree, it's time to have a new post!!

evalinn said...

Over here we call it "to mess" :-)