Sunday, October 7, 2007

Musical Monday......

Hi everybody!! As you may have surmised from my previous post, the G-Man was very thrilled this past Saturday to meet a long-time Blog Goddess...... Lady Roxanne!!! I once told her that If we were ever to meet at The Big-House, I would buy her a $4.5o Stadium Bratwurst..
So when it came time to do a little snackin, I asked Roxi if she would like one, she said " No Thanks G-Man, Bratwurst gives me the wind"! I then asked her if she would like anything else, she said that some nacho's and cheese would suffice. So I sent my friend Berky off to get the grub, and she and her friend Cathy shared the treat together. The only reason that I'm relaying this story, is that they ate the nacho's in a very strange way, they licked the hot melted cheese off of each others face...I know it sounds gross....But it was quite HOT!!
OK.....Getting back to Musical Monday. All of this strange and exciting behavior, inspired me to incorporate my favorite subject...FOOD, into a Musical Monday Food-Fest.....Enjoy!!!

The Life and works of the great Italian Composer Giocchino Rossini, were greatly inspired by food. "Di Tanti Palpiti", the most popular Aria of it's time, was familiarly known as the "Rice Aria" because he wrote it while waiting for his risotto to cook. Also, it is said that the aria.."Nacqui all A'ffanno e al Pianto" from Cinderella was penned in less than 20 minutes in a tavern in Rome while drinking with buddies. But by his mid-thirties he had written 39 Opera's and was the most acclaimed musician of his day, but he suddenly went into early retirement, and spent the rest of his life throwing dinner parties at his home in Paris..
Rossini is said to have shed tears only 3 times in his life..
1. The first time he had his 1st opera performed in public..
2. When he heard Paganini play the violin..
3. When his picnic lunch fell overboard during a boating trip..
Rossini is now well known for a steak named after him, created at the Cafe' Anglais in Paris.

Elvis (The King), liked to watch lesbian sex through a see-though mirror in his bedroom while nibbling on a bucket of giblets from a local diner....
Elvis once ate nothing but meat-loaf, mashed potatoes, and tomatoes for 2 whole years...
Elvis became addicted to Feen-A-Mint chewing gum while trying to overcome severe constipation...
To this day, his estate has a freshly made grilled peanut-butter and 'nana' sandwich sitting on the kitchen stove case he comes walking in the door...
He would fly his whole entourage to Denver, because he was a huge fan of a restaurant that specialized in a sandwich fave of his..Peanut-Butter and Jelly and Bacon!!( This one IS great)
And his last meal was 4 scoops of Ice Cream, with 6 Chocolate Chip Cookies....

Have a great day everyone, and make sure you check out Roxi's Blog this week, I heard that she will be posting pics of Saturday's Historic Event!!... Peace!!


Lady Roxanne said...

Its totally not my fault that cathy put cheese on my face..

and I taste good.

G-Man said...

Look who's 1st!!!!
The girl of the hour!!
Lady Roxanne...Funny, Dan also said that you taste good.
Thanks for visiting, and have a great day....G

MONA said...

Why would they wait for him to walk in after he is dead???

Peanut butter jelly & bacon..strange combination!

I love rissoto!

barman said...

Why does the entire cheese and nachos with Cathy and Roxie not surprise me. Never met Cathy but I get the feeling the two of them like to have a fun time. And as to tasting good... she has good taste so it only stands to reason she tastes good.

See, even the Elvis estate knows he is still alive, they make him a sandwich. Last I knew he was flipping burgers at Burger King. By now you would think he owned his own joint.

Interesting combination PB & J with bacon but I suppose it might be interesting. Any particular flavor of jelly?

G-Man said...

Because it has always been speculated that Elvis may not really be dead!
PBJ&B is an awesome combination!
I love rissoto too..
I love Mona..xoxoxox

Roxi sure does love you..
We have both been blessed to have met and partied with that girl!!
As for the sandwich?
Any flavor or combo will do.I like Smuckers Orange Marmalade..

snowelf said...

I am so going to have to get over to Michigan. You people have the best time over there!

Happy Monday Galen!!


Charles said...

Let complete that meal of the King...
and for desert he had a bowl of bite sized multicolored pills, covered in melted chocolate Ex-Lax.

Serena Joy said...

Peanut butter. Yep. Jelly. Yep. Preferably strawberry. Add a banana and you've got a little bit of heaven. But bacon? Eee-yewww! That belongs on a grilled cheese! Happy Musical Monday, G.

S said...

Im sorry but in the end, Elvis was just a slovenly pig, and a really weird one at that......

Have a great Monday Gman!

lime said...

the rossini info is very interesting. the elvis stuf....kinda gross....

jillie said...

WOW...just think to be known for your last meal as cookies and ice cream. Sounds good to me though!

I'm going to pop over to Roxanne's place to see the pics ;o)


SignGurl said...

I'd lick nacho cheese off Roxi any day! You can buy that stuff in a vat at Gordon Food Services. Got a few bucks?

G-Man said...

You would be the icing of any cake!!
Come on over!!

As awesome as The King was, what a shame it is the have your tombstone say;"Here I sit, broken-hearted......."

Serena YAY!!!
PB&J!!!...and bacon
Trust me...It's great!
Whats NOT to like?

So IS Rufus!!

Thank You for your input!
Soon Baby....Real soon!

Don't count on her posting soon I fear..
Thanks for stopping by..

Don't get me started..xoxo

gab said...

I cant imagaine eating that kind of sandwhich...well at least not until after I start feeling better lol. Thanks G-man you always put a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta love that Elvis guy.

Rebicmel said...

Galen I can hear the laughter and fun in your words. Sounds like you had tons of fun