Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maniacal Musical Monday.......

Hi Everybody!!! I hope you all had a great Week-End.....For today's Musical Monday, I have an interesting little story to tell you, pull up a seat....
One night musician/songwriter Michael Sembello rented a copy of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", a particularly gruesome horror flick. After watching it he decided just for kicks, to write a song about a mass muderer. After he and his writing partner churned out a rough copy of a song, they put it on a cassette and returned to writing silly love songs.
A few weeks later record producer Phil Ramone, asked Sembello to contribute a song or two toward a new project over at Paramount films called "Flashdance". He penned a couple of tunes he thought might work, and asked his wife to put them on tape and send them off to Paramount.
She went to the studio, grabbed a tape copied the songs, and dropped it in the Mail.
The very next day she took a call from Paramount. It seems the studio listened to the songs, but there was one in particular that they were really crazy about....They tested it with a specific scene they were shooting, and it fit perfectly, and they definately wanted to use that song for the movie. "Which song?" she asked. The reply, " I don't know, all I know is that at the end it just keeps repeating something about a Maniac!"..."OMG" she thought, she had put his demo songs on the tape with the "Chainsaw" inspired tune. She called the studio and told them that it was a mistake that the song was even on there, but they insisted that they wanted that song!!
When Sembello found out, he was so shocked that he didn't believe his wife. But Ramone confirmed it, adding that Paramount wanted the lyrics changed to fit the dance scene. In the new version the Maniac was dance-crazy, NOT bloodthirsty!!!
"Maniac"---the song no one was ever supposed to hear--Became Sembello's first million selling hit--A #1 song-- and an Oscar nominee.

Hope you all enjoyed that little tale.... Peace.


Snow White said...

Am I first?

Snow White said...

Quite a nice tale there, G-Man! Who would have known it? Thanks for sharing this one. "Flashdance" is an oldie but goodie!


Serena Joy said...

Cool tale! I never would have guessed that one. I'm glad they didn't put it in "Chainsaw;" I might never have heard it.

javajazz said...

oh G-man,
wherever do you find
these juicy musical tidbits
of cool historical info from?
love stories like these...
sometimes the best tunes
are the by accident ones...
hope you had a groovy weekend...
if i were in Michigan,
i would have spent it with you...

Cazzie!!! said...

Learn something new every single day now don;t we ?:)

MONA said...

Yaayy! What a wonderful story!

This is like a fairy tale or a dream come true kind of an accident. But I guess they would call it Destiny here!

It is really like too good to be true... but then If Galen says it was, it must be :)

G-Man said...

Lady Di...
Hi sweetie, good job on being first! I'm just glad to see you at all anymore...Hang in there baby..xox

Serena Joy!!
Sometimes the best things in life sneak in unexpectedly.
You agree?
Thanks Red..xoxoxox

Yes you would have!
Of course you are only 5 hours away!..By Car even!
I hope you had fun with the Trumpet Master..xoxox

Honey, I'm sorry I didn't make it over this week. But I was equally absent from everyone..
Thanks for being so loyal ...Galen xox

I'm glad you understood this one sweetie...Yay!!

Serena Joy said...

I absolutely agree. You just never know what's around the next bend.

SignGurl said...

Thanks, G! Now I'm going to be singing that song all day. You know I need all the concentration I can get.

Rebicmel said...

Galen hahahahaha this is hilarious not the content of your post but the fact that they have been airing Flash dance all weekend long. It was one of my first love stories I fell in love with lol.... Besides Gone With The Wind. lol

Something spooky turned into something great... There is silver lining lol.

Have a great day.

Lady Roxanne said...


you really know a buncho of shit..

That makes me like that song even more now..

Cause we all know how evil I am..


javajazz said...

and you are also only 5 hours away
by car, and you can even drive, which
makes you all the more closer...
we had the nicest visit with Brian...
hes not a trumpet master nor is he
a virtuoso, he's just a sweet caring boy,
a lovely interesting thoughtful human being,
and he made sure he visited not only us,
but his aunts and uncles and grandparents
and was a beautiful sweet time.

Charles said...

Now that's a cool story.

Little Wing said...

Very very good!
You really know your stuff, g-daddy!

snowelf said...

I never would have guessed, Galen! That's downright humorous!!

Happy Monday!

barman said...

Oh man, now when ever I see her all spread out on the chair and the water drops on her I am going to be thinking about the Chainsaw movie.

I love all these musical flavor trivia things. You are the man.

lime said...

who knew>????

MONA said...

yay! Lime is back!

Galen Good morning/evening

G-Man said...

Thanks Serena..

G-Man said...

You concentrate exceedingly well!!
And you look exceedingly GREAT!!!
Love The Avatar..xoxox

You know a buncha shit for a youngun yourself!
Boy Did I have fun today!

Thanks for your kind words, you are always kind to me..Much Obliged!

Thanks sweetie for always supporting me, and your kind words...You are one awesome Babe!!

Little Wing..
My little Harley-Girl..
I love your visits..xoxox

Lisa My Love...
I'm so glad that Bri's visit was great..You deserve a great Family time.....xoyentaxoxoxox

Thanks oh Dangerously Talented one!!

Thanks brother, I knew you'd love this..

Your back with us all safe and sound!!
Missed you LOTS!!!!!

I agree!!

Breazy said...

Hey G-Man! How are you? I am alright. I can't sleep tonight so I thought I would get on and check in on everyone since I don't get to visit much anymore however, come mid December I will be able to get back on regularly!

you take care!