Thursday, October 11, 2007

Flash 55.....

Hello Baby-Girl!!!
Her first night home,
I slept under her crib
Just to hear her breath!

But since, it's only been Good-Bye Baby-Girl for....
...Her first day of Kindergarten.
...Her first day of College.
...One year in Europe to Study.
A Senior, She flew to Vegas today for Fall Break.
...Daddy Loves You!!!

If you have written a 55, please go tell the Beautiful Susie!
She is on my Blog-Roll....
Have a Great Week-End.... Galen


Serena Joy said...

Big Daddy's such a good daddy. There's nothing like the relationship between a dad and his baby-girl. And now she's on ... Fall Break in Vegas. Look out!

What a sweet 55!:)

Rebicmel said...

Galen, I am sure your daughter remembers each and everyone of those times her daddy was there in the wings watching as his little girl took flight.

You're a good papa.

Great 55 and Have a great weekend

MONA said...

Awwww...That is so sweet!!

Such a lucky baby girl!

& such a happy go lucky papa too! :)

Little Wing said...

Oh that is awesome!
You actually slept under her crib to hear her breathe, what a very lucky daughter you have.
That was beautiful.

I left Susie a comment that my 55 was up.

Snow White said...

It's hard watchin' 'em grow up, isn't it? Happy Friday, G-Man! xoxox

javajazz said...

well that's kinda sweet
mr daddy knowitall,
sleeping under the kid's crib
and all...that must have
been quite a sight.
crib today,
oy vegas tomorrow.
time flies
when you're old.

Mike M said...

Very cool 55!! Goodbye is always first.

Anonymous said...

awww very nice 55 galen.
Daughters are the coolest.

S said...

Oh man, makes me think of this...

Where are you going
my little one, little one?
Where are you going
my baby my own?
Turn around and youre tiny
Turn around and youre grown....

Have a great weekend, Gman. I'll come back to see what you get to eat this weekend. : P

Sophia said...

Awww this makes me sad! I don't want my kids to grow up! My daughter will be starting kindgergarten next year -- where does the time go?

Sophia said...

I didn't mean that in a bad way...I just want to slow time down sometimes. :)

Happy Friday.

Charles said...

The pulls on our heartstrings our daughters put on those of us who are Dads. Great one, G.

You can't slow it, you can't stop, all you can do is spend as much of it with them as possible.

Dang it, G, you made my eyes all misty.

Manny said...

Let's see. Your daughter, goes to Europe, Vegas, back home eating your food. Yepper's, she's a daddy's girl. I wonder if I'm too old to be adopted. LOL

J Morgetron said...

Now this is the coolest!

Toadee said...

she is one lucky girl!

gab said...

Galen that is so sweet. You are such a great dad Im sure.

G-Man said...

Hi everybody...
Tonight was parents night at the last home football game, and I got to go on the field with my son, and be introduced with him!!
he looked so handsome in his band uniform...I was very proud of him.
Also Tomorrow is Michigan's Homecoming game and it is at Noon, plus I have to get up early to take Reese to school because his band has a sectional about a 2 hour drive from here..
I promise that I will answer all comments..
G'Nite All!!!!

Lady Roxanne said...


I wish my dad cared..

javajazz said...

wow g-man
thats pretty darn cool,
out on the field together...
heck, if it werent for you parentals
there'd be no Reese,
so ya, celebrate!
where's the kid's rehearsal,
lots of excitement in Michigan.
have fun.

Lady Roxanne said...


G-Man said...

Serena Joy!!
It seems that you always come first around here Baby-Girl....
Great Job, and thank you.

Thanks Missy,
Coming from a wonderful Mom such as yourself thats very cool!

Hi Mona..
Another proud and wonderful Mom!

Thanks Jadey,
I loved your 55..
Ride safe this Week-End!

Lady Di..
Thanks sweetie,
I hope ypu schedule lightens up a bit, I sure have missed you!

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!!
Oh intuitive, absent one!
But I understand, the virtuoso was home..xoxox

Thanks brother, I'll try and get over to your place..

Son!! You are always an inspiration to me!!

I actually remember that song, It was by that TV talk show host..Mike Douglass.. You have a great week-end..xoxox

You won't believe it...
Enjoy each and every moment to the fullest!!
Thanks for stopping by.

Charles, that cause you are a daddy to your baby girl...Always..

Yes Candy Cane,
I'll adopt you!!
Now go clean your room!!

In the flesh?,,er IN PRINT?
Missed you..xoxox

Toadee, Thanks brother for stopping by..

You've never gotten rid of your kids..hahahahaha'Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Stop that shit, you know he cares..xox

That was very sweet.

Ok OK...
You were RIGHT!!!
I was WRONG!!!
The KNOWINGNESS that is Roxi is omnipresent!!
Thanks ...xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

SignGurl said...

The thought of you all curled up under her crib brings tears to my eyes and fits of giggles to my belly. You are a good daddy. Will you adopt Manny and me?

snowelf said...

Aww, I totally agree, G-man, that was SOOOO sweet!

hugs to you and your great daddy skillz!


HAR said...

Loved it. Made me think of my own Daddy.

MONA said...

where art thou?

G-Man said...

Yes Jenn...
You and Manny can be my daughters...
Nice avatar..hehehehe

Hi Snowelf!!
I'm always pleased to see you sweetie..

Thanks Har..
Nice to see you back here! Please come by more often...Galen

I am here!!

lime said...

awww, that is a sweet and touching 55, my friend. very lovely.