Friday, October 19, 2007

Birthday 55

He was the happiest baby.
He had the cutest giggle.
He was my fishing buddy movie buddy...
I've seen all of his concerts,
all of his parades, all of his marches.
Today, he can get tattooed....
Go to war...
Without my permission!
Happy 18th Birth-Day Reese!!!
Your Father Loves You Very Much...


Mona said...

AWWWW! Your Son?


Mona said...

18th birthday Yaayyyyy! That is like officially Adult!

He is so not spoil him with tatoos!!!

Mona said...

Congratulation G . You have done a fine job!

Little Wing said...

Ahhhhh, that brought tears to my eyes, for real.
What a lucky son you have, happy birthday Reese!
wiping eyes......

My 55 is up also, but couldn't come close to this one!

javajazz said...

awwww! thats so sweet, papa!
can he drink
without your permission
what a handsome fellow!
i totally dig that
spaceman outfit.
can i get one too?
i know you take
your marching bands
and jazz bands
very seriously
in the U.S. of A.
very lovely 55, pops.
and Happy Birthday Reese!!

Snow White said...

Another great one, G-Man! And Happy Birthday to G-Jr... the family resemblence is definitely there! Have a great weekend! xoxox

Roxi said...




as in like.. reeses peices??

like ... the chocolaty peanutbuttery goodness?

Can I eat your son?

Cazzie!!! said...

Reese is a hunk...happy birthday mate :)

G-Man said...

Thanks sweetie, I think we both did a fine job with our sons. xomrxo

Jadey, Don't be so sureabout your 55, I thought it was great, just like you..xox

Thank you Lisa!!
Spaceman outfit......

Thanks Di, My favorite Texas honey..xoxox

Man, you sure have been busy this week!!I am so thrilled..and honored. Cause I know how busy you are...Thanks Moon-Pie, you Rock the World!!

Awww, Cazzie, thanks sweetie..Every Friday like clockwork!!

Mike Minzes said...

Yet another great one for, G!

barman said...

Oh good, he must take after his mother in the looks department. :)

Seriously, happy birthday to Reese. Gotta love a man in uniform. He will still be your buddy, just not always right there. Wait till he turn 21 and you take him down to your local watering hole.

Charles said...

Happy Birthday to Reese! Good one, G.

lime said...

happy birthday, reese! you've done your daddy proud.

gman, he is a fine young man and i know you love him with all your heart. thanks for sharing him with us.

Serena said...

Awwww! That's one of the sweetest Happy Birthdays I've ever seen. I hope he has a wonderful celebration that lasts all weekend. You're a good daddy, G.

Melissa Russell said...

Heading off but tried to get as many viewings in as possible.

I think the thing about our children growing up and getting older makes us more in tune with how fast time passes us by. At least Galen you took the time to do these things with your son and for your son, so that laid a basis for a great relationship when he moves away and starts a family of his own. (Now there is a scary thought) our children growing up and having babies sigh...

Have a wonderful weekend. Your son is a looker like his papa. xoxo

morgetron said...

Happy Birthday Reese (from Nebraska with love)!


Jo said...

Oh! What a cute young man!
Happy BD!

snowelf said...

Happy b-day Reese!!
I just love the personal 55's!
(And love you too, G!! :))


Flash said...

Happiest of Birthdays from the Flash. 18 is a big more being convicted as a juvie...

but great 55 for him.

Mine is up too!

S said...

Oh Cool! Happy Birthday, Kiddo!
Tonight it's party time at my house too, because my Little Rita is turning 11 on Tuesday.

Come on by for cake, Gman!

S said...


jillie said...

What a great tribute to your son! Your baby is now an out he comes!

Happy Birthday Reese!

GAB said...

Happy Birthday Reese. You have a great dad who loves you very much.

crallspace said...

Hopefully he's not going off to war (?) !!

G-Man said...

Thanks brother..
You are very gracious..

I really liked your 55 this week..We've had some crazy weather...
Have a good one son!

Thanks for the very kind words..

Thanks Trini
Love you..xox

You are way too kind to me...WAY TOO..xoxbgxox

You do have a way with words sweetie..xox

Thanks Jodie..
I love Nebraska..xoxo

Merci Ma Chere!!

I love you too..xoxox

I'll have to try and get over for the next installment..

Little Rita is a beautiful child, just like MOM!!

Thanks Baby..
G Loves you..xoxox

Thanks Gale..You Rock!!

Welcome to the Jungle!!
I hope not too brother!!
Thanks for visiting...Galen

Mona said...

I love that uniform. it really suits him! :)

javajazz said...

no pun intended...haha!
(it really "suits" him!)
that's because
it's a space suit!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday baby G.:)

barman said...

Oh man, I have a headache. When UM went ahead 24 17 I just had to yell. Bless you boys.

abcd said...

Awk...!! He caught my eyes. Handsome baby. :)

I wish Reese a very happy birthday.

G-Man said...

2/3 rds of a pun..P U

I got it

Thanks brother..

Go Blue!!
Me and my buddy Alex watched the whole thing from a tiny Pub that had a great TV and very cold beer!

Hi sweetie, boy have I ever missed you!
Thanks for the well wishes..xoxox

Scary Monster said...

The hardest thing will be,
to see him as thou sees ye.

Talking face to face as men,
Not only popa and son again.

You've made sure that he knows,
the difference of asses and elbows.

The rest be up to him.

stay Stompy.

abcd said...

I think you must look as attractive as him, all the time. :)

Vi said...

Hi there, I see you read little wing. You may be interested on reading my latest post I've just dedicated to her.

Cha Cha said...

My vote for birthday present madness definitely goes with the tatt.

I say a hottie jumpin' out of a birthday cake on his bicep baring her nicely shaped melons and perky nipples.

It's bound to attract very interesting women his way for years to come!


SignGurl said...

G, you are the sweetest daddy!

Reese is a real looker just like you.

Strumpet!!!! I'm so excited to see you that I can't remember the rest of my comment.

xoxoxoxoxo to everyone!

G-Man said...

Scary Monster..
Thanks brother..G

Ping Ginger again!
Thanks sweetie, you've made my day again

Very Interesting story!!
Please keep me posted!!

Hi Buttercup!
He's 18 not 21...
But I'm quite sure you are right!!
Thanks for the perky nipple reference..xoxox

I sure am glad you are back safe and sound!!

tsduff said...

I just love another band geek parent... :D From one to another - happy happy birthday to the kid who made you proud. Great post Galen. Marching bands rule!

Evalinn said...

Happy belated birthday!!