Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.......

Hi Everybody, If it's Wednesday, it must be time for..Ask Mr. Knowitall !!
A Mr. Charles Aitch of Hermasosa Springs Florida asks,Dear Mr. Knowitall.....
"Could you please tell me a little something about 3-Dog Night"?
Dear Charles....OK. The band started with 3 original members; Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells. Their first gold record was "One" in 1969, followed by "Easy to be Hard" from the musical "Hair". They had three U.S. #1 songs.."Mama Told me Not to Come", "Joy to the World", and "Black and White".
Listen to this...Songs by Randy Newman.("Mama...), Laura Nyro("Eli's Coming"), Hoyt Axton
("Joy to the World"), Leo Sayer ("The Show Must Go On"), and Elton John and Berie Taupin
("Lady Samantha" and "Your Song")..Were those songwriters first major hits!!!
All in all, they sold over 40 million records!!!
You wanna know how the group got it's odd name? In 1968 ( Lime, there's that year again) then vocalist Danny Hutton's girl-friend, read an article about Indigenous Australians, which explained that on cold nights they would customarily sleep in a hole in the ground while embracing a Dingo. On colder nights they would sleep with 2 Dingo's. And on very cold night's, they would sleep with 3 (count-em) 3 Dingo's...Hence, it was a 3-Dog Night!!!
Susie the Barefoot Mistress asks....
G-Man, er....Mr Knowitall, please tell us about 420.
Dear Suzay-Cue, I'll do my best...Supposedly in the 1970's, a group of high-school kids called the Waldo's, would always meet after school at exactly 4:20 PM, to smoke a little weed, and to cop a buzz. Others say that April 20, is the day that your "plants" should go into the ground before summer.
Whatever the real story, the number 420 has been part of the underground pot culture since the 70's. Stoners could wear hats or T-Shirts emblazened with the number 420, and all the straights didn't know what the deal was. It symbolized pot just as much as a Marijuana leaf did!
When the 420 icon worms it's way into the mainstream, users take notice. The next time that you see the movie"Pulp Fiction", check and see what time all the clocks are always set on..hehehe. Yep, 4:20!!!
Simply put, 420 is a symbol for cannibis and it's culture. April 20th has become an international event, and 4:20 on that day is known as "Burn-Time".
I hope that answers that question....Mr. Knowitall grows weary, maybe too much "burn-time"?


Snow White said...

Great post, by a great guy!

Snow White said...

And I love what you're doing here! G-Man is getting tech on us! Woo hoo! xoxox

barman said...

I heard of the 420 before but not all the fun stuff with three dog night. I love those songs. Very nice Mr Knowitall.

Queenie said...

Thank you so much, I will appear so smart to my peers when I unload all this knowledge on them. Mmmm, I wonder if my son kows any of this 420 info, just going to give him a call!!!!!!!!!

lime said...

well if the phrase came from australia we shoudl be glad it's not 3 kangaroo night, 3 wombat night? three croc night?

1968 clearly was a momentous year ;)

Anonymous said...

Did the dingo eat your baby?lol

I never knew that about 3 Dog night, dingo's or 420. I need to get out more..nah! I'll just come here for all my info.:)

SignGurl said...

1968 was indeed a stellar year!

I think you know of my obsession with Chuck Negron. He's still hot after all these years. Momma Told Me Not To Come is one of my favorite songs, ever.

Mona said...

Mr Knowitall, where did the moose loose his pants?

Its a relief to see though the tux can cover the....uh...moose

I knew about 420, but it has a different meaning in India. :D

Serena said...

I wouldn't mind tangling with a dingo today. I'd probably come out on top, too, especially if I 420d him first.:)

Manny said...

I love Three Dog Night. Good job g.

I was only 6 in 1968, but I wasn't to young to be a rocker. Crab would lock us both in the kitchen and we would jam all night.

Charles said...

I knew the name origin part, but since I always like 3 Dog Night, I figured there'd be more you could tell about them. You came far from disappointing me, on the contrary, I'm quite pleased. Thank you, kind sir.

BTW, if you typed better, my name might not have come out "Aitch". :)
I really would like to see you doing this stuff without growing weary so quickly, as I'm sure everyone would like to hear more from that self sustaining feedback loop called your mind. Peace, dude.

jillie said...

I LOVE 3 Dog Night! Now I have Joy To The World going on in my head as well as another Just An Old Fashion Love Song.....la di da da da da da!


jillie booooooo

abcd said...

I am helping a friend to organise her wedding party. One of my suggestion is to pick about 10 oldies or 60's rock for a dance session.
What songs do you recommend?

As this is a wedding ceremony, the lyrics must be a happy and cheerful one.

Melissa Russell said...

I love Bullwinkle and his book of poems lol...looking rather dapper here.

Have a great evening.

GAB said...

I love all those songs. And now they are all running freely in my empty head. I being the straight-laced innocent know nothing about 420. As for bulbs Mr Gab planted them(he grew up on a farm and knew when best to plant) HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Charles said...

I know you can't hear it at home, but maybe when you get to work, G. Figured some might like to hear this or this (intro by Wolfman Jack(how appropriate is that?)) or this or this which is especially relevant today.

Bunny said...

420 - is that why Ann Arbor's Hash Bash is in April?

G-Man said...

SNOW..You are so nice to the G-man. But I can't take the credit for the new look..Only the daily pics..Thanks for noticing!..xoxox

How many times have you been to the new Tim Horton's?

It's international I tell ya!
Great to see you back. xox

There she is....
An Australian Land-Owner!
..3 Wombat night..LOL
Thanks Michelle..xoxox

I know, That Meryl Streep movie right?

You and Lime could be my daughters..Thats the year that I graduated from High-School!!
Thanks Jenn..xoxox

Well Mona...?
Stop keeping us in suspense...What does it mean? xomrxoxox

No cur on God's Green Earth would mess with YOU today...I read your post!!
If anyone needs some 'Burn-Time' it's you...
And....I'm just the buckaroo to provide the relief..hehehehehe

Now why would Crabby lock you in the kitchen?
The basement seems more appropriate!!..xoxox
Happy Halloween!!

Maybe I didn't want anyone to know your last name..

Happy Halloween, my little Angel of Mercy!

Pink Ginger..
How about..
"Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbara Ann"
"Ain't too Proud to Beg"
"Love Potion #9"
"Back in the USSR"
...Or How about this:
Any Motown
Any Dave Clark Five..
There is lots of GREAT 60's music..
Thanks for the tag, it was fun!..xox

Bullwinkles poems are no where near as good as yours..But thanks for the compliment sweetie..

I know that they grow certain 'things' in Minnesota..
Maybe you just didn't recognize it..
Happy Halloween..xox

Charles said...

Well, it isn't Ditch, Fritch, Hitch, Kitch, Mitch, Pitch, Stitch, Vitch, Witch, hmm anymore logical names?

Charles said...


G-Man said...

I can't blog at work!!

Perhaps it is!!
Speaking of Ann Arbor, MS. Sparty....
What about Saturday?

G-Man said...

How do you spell ..H ?"

S said...

Why thank you Gman I can now move on!
I have my HNT up already, wanna be first?
Trick or Treat?

SignGurl said...

My HNT is up too!

morgetron said...

I always think it's funny when my students talk about 4:20 and think I don't know what they're talking about ... As if THEY were the inventors of 4:20. Tuh!


Charles said...

according to dictionary.com /eɪtʃ/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[eych]