Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TMI Tuesday.......

Don't be so 'eristic', you 'cherubimical' scobberlotcher!
As the 'cicisbeo' daydreamed about his 'irrefragable' obsession..."She's so very 'lingible'.."

I'm sure most everyone out there loves to do crossword puzzles.
Just as most of you enjoy watching TV...
But since something called 'blogging' has entered your life, you just don't
have the time for it anymore.
So as NOT to get rusty at it, The G-Man is gonna fill you in on some very real words
that may prove useful some day.....

Franch: To eat greedily
Rhotacism: Excessive use of the letter "R"
Netop: A friend
Girn: To bare your teeth in anger.
Wamfle: To walk around in flappy clothes
Charientism: An elegantly veiled insult.
Juglandaceous: Pertaining to Walnuts.
Ergophile: A person who loves to work.
Lingible: Meant to be licked.
Cicisbeo: A married womans well known lover.
Yerd: To beat with a stick.
Mubblefubble: Mental depression.
Zuber: A European breed of buffalo.
Nazzard: A weak person
Alliaphage: A garlic eater
Nuddle: To push something with your nose.
Glossolalia: Gibberish
Ribazuba: Ivory from a Walrus.
Eristic: Argumentitive.
Roddikin: A cow or deer's 4th stomach.
Mabble: To wrap your head.
Scobberlotcher: An idle person.
Shench: To pur someone a drink.
Irrefragable: Undeniable
Palilalia: Helplessly repeating a phrase faster and faster.
Slibbersauce: A disgusting substance.
Walm: To bubble up.
Cherubimacal: Inebriated
Dendrofilous: Loving trees enough to live in them.
Kinetosis: Travel Sickness
Oligophrenia: Extreme mental retardation.
Ranarium: A frog farm.

There's a sampling of some very uncommon words that you may use in a conversation..... NOT!
Have a great day... Peace


lime said...


lime said...

my eristic progeny has been known to engage in charientism. when she deems her teachers scobberblotchers she might be inclined to diagnose them with oligophrenia.

Serena Joy said...

Oh, goody, new words to play with. After I franch, I think I'll find a slibbersauce nazzard with mubblefubble and proceed to yerd him.:-)

G-Man said...

Congratulations Michelle!
You have returned to your accustomed spot of kibbutzing..great job!!
Oh Erudite One!!

Now the parenthetical one appears!!
Hi Serena...Maybe you are the reason that the word lingible was included...eh?
Thanks for being so crimson!..xoxoxox

Serena Joy said...

Ha! You just called me a case of redheaded Oligophrenia, didn't you? I just may run off to a ranarium (are there red frogs?) and walm.xoxo

G-Man said...

Then it looks like I'm taking up Frog Giggin!!
You so cute Serena Joy!!

Strumpet said...

My dearest Netop:

Though I find myself in times of mubblefubble, you remain near to my heart (and blog) to help get me through the day.

Ah, to one day have you shench me a tall one and chit-chat with Sir Knowitall...

Please take care of your walnuts.


'I'd like to push something with MY nose....'

~ Strumpet

MONA said...

Galen! keeping with the blogging tradition: (((HUGS)))

Now don't tell me that they are real words!!!


Charles said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Little Wing said...

Galen you have really outdone yourself here!
You Rock!

Charles said...

on dictionary.com,
Netop - is only shown as a Danish adverb.
girn - intr.v. 1. To complain in a whining voice. 2. To contort one's face; grimace.
Ergophile not found but ergophobe was.
Yerd - n. See 1st & 2d Yard. [Obs.] just because you were beat with a "yerd stick" doesn't mean it yerd is to beat with a stick.

not found:
Franch, Wamfle, Charientism, Lingible, Mubblefubble

That's as many as I care to look up. Dude, you got to quit with the sampling, its affecting your ruse.

tsduff said...

Okay, now I'm truly amazed. All that other knowitall stuff you've come up with in the past was good, but man alive Galen, where did you get all of these words and their definitions? *suspiciously*... "You didn't make any of them up now did you???" I can't talk like that!

snowelf said...


this post is a mouthful.


Anonymous said...

please tell me you drafted this up at work when it was slow.lol

Charles said...

Where's Barman, when I need backup?

G-Man said...

Strumpet my Dear...
Someday you'll get a big suprise!!!
Bottoms Up!

Yes Mona,
Contrary to popular belief, these are very real words..((HUGZ))

Why thank you my dear!!
I guess then we BOTH ROCK!!..xoxox

Why do you doubt me?
Many people do, and many people get pissed off when they find that I'm right!..
Why does it bother you so much??
Lighten Up Francis..

I'm not that clever..
But thanks for thinking that I am!!

Wow sweetie...Your Poem ROCKED today!!

No TC,
I didn't think them up at work..

Strumpet said...

on top of the knee-top of my Netop

on top of the knee-top of my Netop

on top of the knee-top of my Netop

on top of the knee-top of my Netop

on top of the knee-top of my Netop

Oh my God, I'm having a bout of Palilalia!


Charles said...

I know you like to throw the occasional joke/bs entry in sometimes, big guy. I'm just looking to win the prize. :)

Anonymous said...

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