Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.....

Hydee-Ho all!!! If it's Wednesday, it must be time for Ask Mr. Knowitall...

A Mr. William Gates of Seattle Washington asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall...How many different denominations of paper money are currently in circulation in the U.S.?

"Dear Willy, there are currently 12 different denominations of U.S. paper money, ranging from $1...to $100,000....The $100,000. bill has never been available to the public. It's only for transactions between the Treasury Dept. and The Federal Reserve....here's the lowdown on who is one each one..
10,000..Salmon P. Chase
100,000..Woodrow Wilson.

A Mr. Richard Clark of St. Augustine Florida asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Did Mama Cass really choke to death on a Ham Sandwich?

Dear Dick...When the 220# Mama died in 1974, her Dr. issued a quick statement speculating that "She probably choked on a sandwich"..That bizarre statement was picked up by The NY TIMES, and THE ROLLING STONE and was presented as fact. Actually, when the coroners report was issued a week later, it listed the cause of death was" a heart attack brought on by extreme obesity"...Too late the rumor was already circulating..

A Mr. G.W. Bush of Washington D.C. asks....
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Is the 'secret ingredient' in Dr. Pepper really prune juice?

Dear G.W., This rumor has been speculated about for over 40 years. The company surmises that the combo of it's unidentifiable 'fruity taste' and their penchant for secrecy about the formula, fueled the fire! It got so bad at one time, that the company prepared a pamphlet which they send to those who ask about the contents. It Says: " There are 23 flavors and other ingredients(none of which are prune juice), that produce the inimitable taste of Dr. Pepper..

A Mr. Eddie Van Halen of Teaneck New Jersey asks...
Dear Mr. Knowitall...Do Green M&M's produce an Aphrodisiac effect?

Dear Eddie....No!...But the Brown ones do....

Mr. Knowitall grows weary..... Peace!


javajazz said...

JJ loves Mr. Knowitall...

Serena Joy said...

Thank God I don't have to stop drinking Dr Pepper. Prune juice? Yuck! Mr. Knowitall, why do brown M&Ms have an aphrodisiac effect? Shouldn't it be the red ones?:)

Chad said...

Prune juice?? You gotta be freakin' kidding me!

Cazzie!!! said...

Green M and M's, I must get some :)

Snow White said...

Liberace? LOLOL You crack me up! Great post! xox

G-Man said...

#1...Thanks, Although there is no indication that you read anything here....xoxo

It is a well known fact that the G-Man has a penchant for red.
I have no idea why the brown ones work so marvelously...
Have a Great day Sherry, you seem to have this 6th sense..xoxox

Hey, I don't start these rumors..

Sweetie, you have 9 kids.. Do you really think you need them?
Thanks ...xoxoxox

I sure have missed you..
Been staying after school?..xoxox

barman said...

Sending lots of brown M & Ms your way for reserve or for after the next UM win. Arrr, it's for your first mate you see ... sorry, it is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!

Very clever indeed Mr G.

SignGurl said...

Poor Mama Cass! She's still picked on for her weight. That's just sad. The poor woman couldn't even die in peace.

Do you have any $3 bills you can lend me?

lime said...

speaking of m&ms and other pellet like candy coated confection(such as skittles and reeses pieces) my youngest limelet wanted to know yesterday why you never find blue ones in any of those types of candies. any help, mr knowitall?

javajazz said...

okay, putz, be careful what you wish for...
oh, and at least i visit here hourly...when the heck was the last time you squeaked out a visit to lisa's blog...you're the only one of my regular 4 visitors who hasnt seen my new post, shmohawk...
so, about mama cass, if you want me to comment on your post...she died from choking on her vomit,
poor sweetie...but man, could she sing!

Little Wing said...

Could ya send me a few of those Woodrow Wilsons????
I dream big.

MyUtopia said...

Poor Woodrow Wilson!

Lady Roxanne said...

Why do I always show up here on wed?


MONA said...

a hundred thousand note! a one lakh note you mean? unbelievable!

poor Mama Cass... they said it was a sandwich,I'm sure it must have been a stuffed chicken ...

I looove gossip!

I am moral... er... normal...

Rebicmel said...

Interesting stuff. My son drinks so much Dr.Pepper he is going to turn into a prune lol... Y'all have a great week and weekend.

Charles said...

"3..Liberace" that seems a bit queer, are you sure it isn't Richard Simmons?

Prune juice is a warrior's drink!

G-Man said...


Yes Jenn,
I have lots of 3 Dollor bills..
you may have them all!!

I'll look into it!
I know there must be a reason...That darn Issac!

You have a new post?
How Novel!!!
Of course I'll be there soon!..xoxox

Hi Jadey!!!
Hows my little Cali Rose?

Can I call you Hot Mama yet?..Take care now..xox

Hi Baby...
Maybe you should visit everyday!!!
But I'll take every week for now..xoxoxoxoxoxox

A heart attack!!
Not food!!
A one lakh note?

Hi Missy...
Have a safe trip sweetie!

G-Man said...

I was gonna say Rock Hudson, but I really liked "Ice Station Zebra".

tsduff said...

I don't like to comment on Mama Cass because I thought they were the greatest band in the world, and when she died it was a horrible loss to the world. booo hoooo, now you've made me cry.

Okay, not really, but it DOES make me sad. I loved when she sang Each night before you GO TO BED my Baby....Whisper a little prayer for me my Baby.... this is dedicated to her memory.

PS: I love Dr. Pepper, and I love prune juice, so it wouldn't matter if they were a lovely duet.

SeaRabbit said...

Liberace? Really?? As I never saw a 3$ note, I will have too believe you unitl it happens... I fel I will have some people lauging at me in between...
That exists, 3$ bills???

G-Man said...

Awww Terry...
I just thought that I would clear up that rumor once and for all..
I loved that group too..

No sweetie, it's an American Joke to say..
"as queer as a 3 Dollor Bill"..
There is no REAL 3..xox

Strumpet said...

I got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,

I'm hot for Galen.

I got it bad, sooooo bad,

I'm hot for Galen.