Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ride On............

Well friends....the depression finally got to me, and I had to go visit my shrink! Perhaps you may have heard of him, his name is ..Harley Davidson!
I'm much better now after a long crisp ride...Thanks for all your kind words. That shit just has to run it's course....And the course has done run out!!
Anyway on a lighter note, tomorrow I am going to a birthday party for a lovely 82 year old Lady. She has 8 kids and I am friends with all of them. These folks are of Mexican heritage, and let me tell you they can cook!! All of us have grilled together many times, and each person has his specialty. We also exclusively grill on Weber Kettles...CHARCOAL!!..And NO ONE uses charcoal lighter fluid to start the charcoal...
There will be Baby Back Ribs
Sausage stuffed Pork Loin
Grilled stuffed Poblano Peppers
Beef Tenderloin
Galen the 'adopted' mariating as we speak Terryaki-Ginger-Garlic cubed Venison Backstraps that I'm going to put on Shish-Kabob skewers with Red Yellow and Green Bell peppers and Red Onion leaves...I think tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 78, so what could be better?.Sorry about the downer 55, but we all have our moments. See ya for Musical Monday.....Peace!


Little Wing said...

Yea baby!

Little Wing said...

g-daddys number one!!!!!!

You have the same shrink I have, isn't he the best!!!!
NOTHING like a nice crisp ride, I had one for myself today!!!!

That b-day party sounds awesome, bring me some chile rellenos!!!!!!!!!

Oh my mouth is so drooling from all that food, that was just mean!!!!

dickiebo said...

I just looked in the mirror and saw that I have gone GREEN. Envy is a terrible thing. Drinking what?

Strumpet said...

Tengo un lapiz grande, Senor Galen.

Quieres verlo?

Anyhow, maybe I just need a Harley.

But, somehow, I know it would take a lot more than that.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Serena Joy said...

The ride sounds just like what the shrink ordered. Glad you're feeling better. Those kabobs sound yummy. Add those to all the other to-die-for food and you can guarantee nobody will go home hungry. Have fun!:)

Rebicmel said...

Es muy delicioso! I grew up in a Mex-Tex setting so I know the kind of food that can be set out at these gatherings not to mention it is my forte of cooking lol.!!!!! You make me hungry Galen!!!

Many hugs sent your way. I know depression I take meds for it and there are times they don't work and we do like you mentioned have to work through things. A good ride is one way and on that beaut of a bike well how could you not be happy!!!!

You have a great time Galen enough the noise around you when you are there! Laugh, be entertained and just enjoy those around you. You make me jealous I think... *thinks to self need to have a fiesta*

Adios senor Galen. Hasta Luego.

Rebicmel said...

sheesh I think my mind runs faster than my fingers enough = enjoy lol

lime said...

even bikers feel the blues now and again. we love ya anyway.

have a GREAt time at the cookout, sounds like another fine remedy for the blues.

DarkAngel said...


You saw the downward stress spiral I was in like a whirlpooling maelstrom ... now that I've got this new job opportunity, and I know we'll be moving ... new scenery is just what I needed ... lucky for you, Harley Davidson MD is alive and well and the Doctor is In.

I miss being married into a latino family (cuban, puerto rican, colombian)a lot for that reason. Tamales, plantains, pinchos, yellow rice and black beans and homemade flan.

Just think, with this new job, I get to meet a lot of brand new "just out of college therapists" on a daily basis ... granted they're not from the Medical School of Harley but they have their Gold Wings.

Glad you're back on the upswing Galen sweetie, we're all entitled to be human ...


gab said...

Yumm! Have a good week.

S said...

Oh man can I come along? That just sounds delicious!

Now im really hungry, did you bring any back with you?

Toadee said...

me HUNGRY!!!!!!

snowelf said...

Hugsie, wugsies.


Cazzie!!! said...

Have fun at the party and be good to yourself ok :)

Strumpet said...

I hope your tummy is full of yummy stuff, Galen.

A happy tummy and a happy Harley = happy smiles.


Charles said...

I think prophylactic therapy sessions of double length may just be in order. Glad you aren't in the depths of despair. Take care.

G-Man said...

You have my same Dr....
hahahaha..It was awsome!!

..Corona's of course!

Yes sweetie, thanks to all of my great friends!!

Serena Joy...
You absolutely helped The G-Man recover from his funk!!
Thanks baby..xoxoxbgxoxox

You certainly had your fair of kind words for me...Thanks..xoxox

You are something very special indeed!!
Thanks Michelle..xoxox

My Little Angel of Darkness!!
Thanks Erin for being such a great friend!!
Amd congrats again on the new job!!!

Awww Gale..
Thanks sweetheart..xox

I knew the food would bring you out from the 'trash-cans'!!

Come on down son!!
You are always welcome!!

Thanks oh dangerously awesome one..xox

Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Thanks again..xoxox

Thanks brother.

javajazz said...

what's a backstrap?
and venison....
isnt that Bambi?

hey bubbaloo,
you dont have to apologize
for being normal for 5 minutes there.
sheesh! everyone is entitled
to feel how they feel when they feel it.
if you were upbeat 24/7, always peppy,
then i'd really worry about you.
life is like a giant wave...
sometimes it makes you nauseous.

anyway, sounds like food
is saving the day, and so it should.
you could so open a BBQ joint
you know and your multi cultural
compadres....honest, you'd be the
best host too....and you know how
to make all this gourmet stuff.

hope you had fun with your friends.

Chad said...

Ah... Mexican food and Mexican beauties! How can you go wrong, Galen??! ;) ;)

evalinn said...

When will u cook for ME?!? Hope u had a great time!

KB said...

Oh yum, this story is making me hungry

*rushes to fridge for a snack*

Breazy said...

mmmm now I am hungry, can you take a friend to the grill out? LOL!

I am glad to hear you are feeling better, depression hits us all and what I hate about it is most times we don't even know or understand why.

I will say a prayer for you!

I miss you G-man and all of my other blogging friends but right now life is crazy busy and I am still adjusting to my new job so I get on when I can.

You have a great week and enjoy tha grill out tonight!


G-Man said...

Where you been Son?

I would do anything for you!!

Welcome to the jungle!!
Please come back..Galen

I miss you sweetie..
Hope the new job is going well!!