Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday 55......

It grips you like a vise.
It zaps your energy.
It squeezes your soul....
It engulfs your existence
You try and mask it....
It's a bottomless hole!
Is it money?
Is it work?
Is it lack of love?
Is it health?
Is it danger?
...Or all of the above!
It's ugly.
It's torture.
It's depression!!!!!

I'm OK everybody, we all feel this way from time to time.
Thank God for the wonderful friends that we have on the WEB!!
You bring me great comfort and JOY!!!
Please do a 55, I't's easy, It's fun, It's Friday, so please play!!
...Then go tell Susie, her link is on my Blog-Roll.

Another 55, Back to Back....AGAIN!!!
I Rock!!!!


Serena Joy said...

Another daily double -- bravo! I'm delighted to hear you aren't really depressed. I know what you mean, though. Even in the best of times, a little dark cloud can manage to sneak its way in. Thankfully, they don't last long. Wishing you great comfort and joy.

Snow White said...

Nicely done, G-Baby! We all get down once in a while... it makes it all the better to get back up.


J Morgetron said...

Awww G.

Glad that you're okay. But if you're ever not, let me know!

javajazz said...

whaddup, putz?

snowelf said...

You are so right, Galen! We do all go through this. I just whine to my friends and then I end up feeling 100% better. Friends are cool like dat. ;)


Little Wing said...

Jeez, G-daddy, I thought you were going to say you had diahrea!

Everyones light goes dim at times and needs to be rekindled by the fire in another soul.
I think with deep gratitude how you did that for me when I was down.
"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with gratitude how another has warmed our soul when we were down. You did that for me. Thank you G-daddy.

S said...

I am so not ready for me Gman!
You hear that everyone, stay here, talk to Gman, tell him to come see your 55, I havent written mine yet....

jillie said...

You know why I am so fuckin depressed? I never get to be first on your blog!

Honey...with all of us here...we'll cheer you up!


MONA said...


(((((((((HUGE HUGS FROM MONA)))))))))

I hope you are really ok!!!



DarkAngel said...

It's in the water, kiddo. A lot of people I know, including myself, are feeling some sort of funk right now ...

hang in there ... I insist.

Snow White said...

Susie said for me to tell you to come visit my 55... and I always follow instructions! Hope you have a fabulous Friday! xox

G-Man said...

You absolutely are one of my very special beacons of love..
Every single day you are there for me, and say the sweetest words a man can ever hope to hear..
Thanks Sherry..xoxbgxox

You are so careing and loving..You have such a big heart and someday some lucky Man will realize it..Thanks baby!

Who the fuck can be depressed around you?
You are one funny bitch!

Nothing Yenta!!!
I've missed you..

Yes Snowelf...
Friends ARE cool like that!!!

Stop that shit, ya wanna make a big bad burly biker dude cry?
You are a shining Star in a hazy sky..Thanks LW, you make me smile!!

You do that every day!!
You are a true friend, and I love you..xoxox

Ahh My Sweet Dark Angel!
Two days in a row?
That in itself is enough to make a dead man smile!
Thanks Erin..You Rock!!

OK Suzay-Cue!!
I'll do what I can!!
But people have to tell me...!!!
I've already seen Signgurls, now I'm going to Missy's place..
So if anyone out there see's a 55..Tell Me Please!!..xoxox

SignGurl said...

I think this is cheating with 110 words! Just kidding!

We can all relate to feeling a little depressed. I get depressed when I'm away from you.

Strumpet said...

You lose.

Ricardo Montalbán is not dead.

You scared me!


S said...

Ok Gman I made it. You can all come over now..or, I will come there this weekend, I promise!

Happty Friday!

Rebicmel said...

Galen it's those moments in life that remind us we are alive even though they hurt....I loved your flash and are you becoming the master of the double as well hmmmmmm. Have a great weekend!!

Charles said...

Hey G,
I hope you're not fighting depression.
Do blogrolls taste anything like cinnamon rolls?

Rebicmel said...

Okay I lied about not being here today, things worked out differently........sue me lol

lime said...

big hugs, big guy. hang in there. love ya, buddy.

MONA said...

Hey Galen. I wrote a 55 to make you laugh!

I wish I could offer you a huge slice of fruitcake and vanilla ice cream with it!

Strumpet said...


Almost forgot...

Your 55?

It rocks.


G-Man said...

Hi everybody!!
If it's friday, it must be time for Border's!!
I'll answer all comments when I return..
Bon Soir...
(lots of French floating around Blog-Land tonight!)

gab said...

I was getting depressed myself. But now I'm doing better. Love the 55 but I cant rhyme or think of words to put together that would make since so I leave the smart stuff to you. HUGS missed ya.(oh you werent gone I was)

Little Wing said...

Have fun at Borders G-daddy!

Rebicmel said...

Galen drink a strong black one for me with creamer and two sugars... HUGS to you and have a great weekend....

Strumpet said...

See if they have the Heavy Metal Activity Book!


And it's cheapie-ish.

The Borders by school had it under staff picks and it was so great I bought two of them.

Now I just have to go and buy crayons.

When I was there I had some maple white mocha thing. There were signs for it everywhere. And a turkey and havarti sandwich. And I bought a granola bar thing for later. And I bought a keychain with a green skull and crossbones on it. And I bought a card with a sock monkey on it. ^_~

G-Man said...

have fun at Cedar Point!!

Well, I thought he was dead...xox

Thanks sweetie..xox

I am glad you are back sweetie..xoxo

You are soo sweet to me!
Thanks for your concern,
I'm really OK..xoxo

Thanks Strumpet..
I usually just drink the house brew, and look at the tatt rags..xox

Mona that sounds terrific!!..Sugar Free of course..xox

I'm sorry about your tummy...Follow the diet!!

Thanks...I'm caffeine buzzin!!!

Thanks sweetie-pie!!
I did!!..xoxox

Chandra Annie..
I bet he was soooo cute!!

Strumpet said...

I think it was a she.

And she was hot.

That sock monkey was dressed like a nurse.

Kinkiest sock monkey I've ever seen.

MIke Kilgore said...

Good stuff as always, Galen and I double! I barely got one...

G-Man said...

Of course you are right, my bad!
Nurse's outfits are hot!
Have you ever seen Jillie in one?
Thanks for being around so much...really..xoxox

Mike my friend, I'll be right over...

Anonymous said...

Amen brother!

Strumpet said...


barman said...

I hear you on the depression ... I was worried about the boys today but in the end ... Woo Hoo!!!

Ambre said...

Hello Galen,

Thanks for this one, you are right and I think that the whole world can relate...Slowly climbing out of it and coming up over the mountain...

smiles, thanks for missing me...

S said...

I was coming over in hopes that you had a post about food...Im starved.

I have a video sure to make you laugh. No Rufus in site!

Thanks for helping out with 55, Gman!

Flash said...

Whoa, that was my day today!

Excellent description...your 55's never seem to cese to amaze me.

G-Man said...

TC..Thanks brother

Me too!!

Yeah they pulled it out!

Susie...The next one is about food..xoxox

Flash Man...

SeaRabbit said...

I so empathize with you... I know that horror and it is one of my regular visitor... I hate it... but have to learn how to live with it...
and you are right, keeping in mind that it is not forever is helping somehow... when we can keep this in mind... ;-)
Get well soon... ;-)

evalinn said...

Hope the depressions´s gone by now!