Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thank You For Asking...........

Uh Oh!!...If it's Wednesday, it must be time for....."Ask Mr. Knowitall".....

A Mr. Muckluk Sealbop, from Frozen Bag Alaska asks.......
Dear Mr. Knowitall, Did an Eskimo invent the Eskimo Pie?

..."Dear Muckluk, you got home-schooled didn't you boy?
In 1920, a guy named Christian Nelson owned a Candy and Ice-Cream store in Onawa Iowa, A kid came in and ordered a candy bar...Then changed his mind! He then ordered an ice-cream sandwich, then changed his mind again, this went on and on until it made Nelson wonder why you couldn't have a candy bar and Ice-cream together....He then decided to make one for himself, a vanilla bar coated with a chocolate shell. Once he figured out how to make the chocolate stick to the ice-cream, he had to figure out a name for this treat. At a dinner party, some one suggested "Eskimo", cause it sounded cold. But other people said that it sounded too exotic, so Nelson included the name pie"!!!

A Mr. Peter Parker from Cleveland Ohio asks.....
Dear Mr. Knowitall, how do flies walk upside down?

..."Dear Peter, you slept during Science Class didn't you Rip?
A fly has 6 legs, on each leg there are 2 little claws, like a lobster. Under each claw, are a pair of web-like fuzzy pads called 'pulvilli'. These are functional suction pads which the fly presses to any surface it wants to walk on, he can squeeze out enough air to hold itself up. Thus with the claws and the suction pads, it can walk upside down"...

A Mr. Bobbie Zimmerman from Hibbing Minnesota asks....
Dear Mr. Knowitall, can you really tell a tree's age by counting the rings on a stump?

...Dear Bobbie, the answer is "blowin in the wind"...
Not necessarily, In temperate climates, a single ring of light and dark wood are added each year, but sometimes, more than one ring is produced in a growing season, and in severe drought sometimes no ring at all is produced. So it is just merely an approximation at best!!

Mr. Knowitall grows weary.....Thats enough questions for this week, and don't forget the Two Funnest days in Blogdom....HNT, and Friday Flash 55....Get Moving!!!


Serena Joy said...

Well, I've certainly wondered about Eskimo Pies, flies, and stumps. I prefer it if there are no flies on my Eskimo Pies, and I'd rather have a soft chair than a stump to sit on, but the truth is I'll take Eskimo Pies any way I can get them. Thank God for Mr. Knowitall.:)

lime said...

here i thoguth i had a shot at first....oh well.

tell us about gecko feet now. i find them vastly more fascinating than fly feet....not to mention cuter and cleaner.

J Morgetron said...

Morgy loves trees no matter the ring number or girth.

snowelf said...

My 55 is already ready already and it SO TOTALLY ROCKS!!

But not as much as you, Mr. Knowitall.

I can NEVER read that without thinking of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

I agree with SJ--I'm up for almost any ice cream treat--except dreamsicles. I just don't like those. :P

love ya,

@Lime--I have an Australian blogger friend and she said she hates them because they get in the house and drop on them from the ceiling when they fall down! And too funny--she just commented on my blog and hasn't been over in forever since she had a new baby! Ironic coincidences... I tell ya! ;)

Little Wing said...

I will sleep better tonight now that these questions have been answered for me, G-man!!!!!

Rebicmel said...

Stumbles in with a frown on her face.

I love Eskimo Pies I like to nibble the choco first then eat the rest

MONA said...

MR Knowitall, ca you tell me what is Mushugena?

I like strawberry duet for an icecream...& we also have a coconut flavoured icecream in India that i LOOOVEE!

@Lime...The gecko in my home dropped its tail as I tried to chase it out!& Sebastien & me had a pet gekho called Chammakchallo...But Sebastien is no more around...I miss him...

Top cat said...

mr knowitall, I would like to know how a company came to be known as Good Humor.:)

G-Man said...

Good Morning Serena!!
No flies on your Eskimo Pies baby!!
You finally Made #1...
Thanks ....Galen xoxbgxox

You just like the way they skim across the water, and don't land on steaming piles of fresh excrement....Understandable!
Thanks xoxoxox

A tree hugger eh?

There is no doubt in my mind that it totally rocks...
I'll be reading it on Friday!!
Thanks Sweetie,Dangerously Prepared..xoxox

Glad to be contributing to to your relaxing evenings...
I can sleep better as well...Thanks xoxoxox

Hi Missy,
Why are you frowning?
I'm glad you made it...
Galen xox

Mushugena is Yiddish for Crazy!!!
We are all a bit mushugena at times...

Well Well Well....
Our Favorite Top Cat Emerges!!!
Hows it going Mr. Rick?
Actually, A Guy Named Harry Burt of Youngstown Ohio, claimed to have developed the process of the frozen Ice Cream Bar before the Eskimo Pie, But me didn't get around to Patent his process right away, but he did start The Good Humor Co. because thats what kind of a mood you were put in when you ate one..
Welcome Back Son!!!

MONA said...

Yiddish is called Yehudi in our language.Its funny how some languages translate names too. For example The Arabic language translates some names quite differently, like Eesah for Jesus, Moosah for Moses, Mariyam for Mary and the name Jose or Joshua translates as Yusuf [ incidentally, a name linked with me since my childhood which keeps reiterating cyclically]
Do you know India [ a name given by the Europeans] is called Bharat in Hindi & Hindustan in Urdu. So we have three names by which our country can be addressed.
Today is our 60th Independence Day!

barman said...

You know, I worked with someone that you could determin her age by the number of married names she had. Kind of like the ring thing!

Now I feel like a klondike bar! Grrr.

Breazy said...

Does your head hurt from all the knowledge there? LOL! You remember more stuff than I will ever learn.

Have a Happy Hump Day!


S said...

Hey how come you arent coming to my blog? Is it cuz I teased you on Monday? How many times have you called me a hoser, now quit your whining and get your ass over there and comment!


Serena Joy said...

Is my prize
Eskimo Pies?

Crabby said...

Why oh why, did you have to start with the Eskimo Pies?
Damn! I need sugar!

javajazz said...

blowin' in the wind...
ha ha, Mr. Blowitall,
Bobby Zimmerman, cute.
yes, i actually know who that is....
see, you're not the only
King Of Trivia in town, baby....

Manny said...

You're my hero.


MONA said...

what? no HNT yet?

G-Man said...

Happy Independance Day!!!

What would YOU do for a Klondike Bar???

My head is usually empty,
And thanks sweetie for comming to visit, when I've been so terrible...
You are a great friend xox

Yes Mistress Susie!!!
I defiled all that I missed...Now get off my back!!! xoxox

Yes Serena...
5 Eskimo Pies!!!
Uh Oh, theres that number again...Ouch..

Sorry, you can always go get an Ice-Cap from Tim Horton's..hehehe xox

You are the only one that mentioned this...
Good Job!!!!
"You don't need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows"

Please come back!!!
G-Man misses you terribly!!! xoxox

Soon enough my Dear!!

J Morgetron said...

Some time we hug. Some times we make out. The rest is really between me and the trees,


G-Man said...

Did you write that?

javajazz said...

yes, i try to impress you
with my limited knowledge
of trivia...
so far,
its working...

Top cat said...

Thank you for answering my inquiring mind.lol
Thank you sir.:)back on a limited schedule tho.