Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lime Tie Dyed HNT


lime said...

FIRST baby and rightly so!

lime said...

gman, you look mahvelous!! you look groovy. you look smashing.


Ambre said...

(wordless comment)

G-Man said...

Rightly so...hehehehe

As Everyone can see, the awesomely talented, and wonderfully generous Lime, saw it in her beautiful heart to share some of the fruits of her labor with the G-Man!

You are sooooo cool!!!!

G-Man said...

You celebrate Wordless Wednesday on your blog, I don't!!
You can say something over here!!
Thanks for showing up.....You could have at least giggled!
Galen xox

Serena Joy said...

Ooooo, it's a tie-dyed Mr. Knowitall. Stylish! Michelle does beautiful work. Great HNT, G.

lime said...

gman, i enjoyed making the tie dyes for you and i am so glad you are enjoying them. puts a smile on my face. :)

Ambre said...


MONA said...

GALEN! You are such a ....

You told me you had copped off all your hair & I see it all there!

I love Lime's handiwork & I simply love the color combination. Saffron grey and yellow!

as usual, wonderful work lime.

Little Wing said...

I love tye dye.....I have several!
The colors are great on you, lime you do nice work!!!!!!

MONA said...

correction: chopped off... copped off wouldn't be wrong either by our Indian Standards...our cops go crew cut!

S said...

Right on!!
I can see it now, Lime splashes the nation with shirts.
HHNT Gman get over here!

MONA said...

now that smile reminds me of someone...I just cant place who right yet...& I bet you are calling Lime telling her that you just wore her gift!

javajazz said...

is that really a Lime Work of Art?
man, how cool is that!
Lime, you are awesome to create
a Mr. Dyeitall shirt for Prince Galen,
King of gregariousness
and all that jazz!
its very beautiful...
a homemade gift,
there's nothing quite like it!
Lime rocks...!
G-man rocks....!

Snow White said...

Awesome shirt, and great pic! Happy HNT, G-Man! xoxox

G-Man said...

Hi Serena!!
Thanks, Michelle is wonderful to me, just as you are such a great friend also!!

A BIG Smile..xox

THATS my girl!!!

That Pic was taken 2 days before my hair cut!
So Chill out!!

Hi Jadey,
I'd Looooooove to see you in TIE-DYE..Thanks

I checked it out of course...Your HNT always rocks!! xox

Funny you should ask, I'm talking to SignGurl asking her to post this Pic!!!

You are so lovely offering to help out the G-Man in his time of need. I am just surrounded by careing beautiful people..Thanks sweetie xox

Lady Di,
Thank You so much for your kind words...

jillie said...

OOOOOOhhhhhhh.....nice shirt there Galen!

Love the bitchen shirt Lime :o)

barman said...

Oh my gosh, a Lime original. You look awesome in that there shirt G-Man. I am so jealous.

You do awesome work there Lime. Somehow I will never be able to see tie-dye without thinking of you.

SeaRabbit said...

This is a real sunshine!

evalinn said...

Very hi-tec! Happy HNT! (I´ll post soon...)

G-Man said...

Is that you?
Hi Sweetie, I sure have missed you xoxoxox

I know, it's kind of cheesy showing off my Beautiful "Lime Original", so please forgive me...But I'm sooo proud and tickled!!

Awww, Thanks Jo!
I just love your visits.

Thanks for the heads up, I've already been there!
Galen xoxox

tkkerouac said...

Looks groovey on you...ok so I was late, I'm up, Happy HNT!

Rebicmel said... the shirt, what would that be in your fingers hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Also can you let Susie know my flash is up I posted it early. It's below the first two articles.

Looking good gggggggggggggggggg

Breazy said...

G-MAN!!!!!! I never knew you looked so hot in tie dyed clothing!

You always look so happy with life in your pics, it is a joy to see!



ann said...

b r i g h t and c o o l

you ain't no retiring wallflower, that's for sure

so when do we get to see the new you?

lotsa luv ann xxxx

ann said...

P.S. Lime if you come back here; I cannot comment at your blog, and whether you like it or I have to say you looked fantastic; I loved the dress and the colour and I do wish you'd treated yourself to it

G-Man said...

Hi Tracy,
You know I'll be over xox

Hi Missy,
I'll be sure to tell her!
Thanks for the heads up!
G-Man xox

I look HOT?
You are sooooo sweet xox

Pretty soon....
maybe I'll E-Mail you a preview!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Galen xoxox

Bunny said...

Great shirt!! Looks good on you!

P.S. Pentwater

G-Man said...

Thanks Bunny,
I love Pentwater!!
You Rock..HHNT....G

J Morgetron said...

Happy HNT G-Man. I'm a huge fan of the tie-dye. Mine's up now too ... finally. SHeesh.

G-Man said...

Loved the Tat Pic...
HHNT xoxox

snowelf said...

Awww, Galen, you look too, too cute!!
And a nod of awesomeness to Lime.

I just made that up--that nod of awesomeness thing--so I'm going with it.


S E E Quine said...

` How come you are never HN on T?