Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ask Mr. Knowitall.....

Ok folks, after working 25 hours out of the last 48, I'm only answering a few questions so make it good. Who wants to go first?...You there!! The one with the magnificent ass, go ahead.....

A Ms. Foxy Cargo from Mt. Prospect Ill. asks....
"Dear Mr. Knowitall: Why is Chicago called The Windy City"?

Dear Foxy Cargo....Chicago is pretty windy(with a 10.3 mph-wind average), but thats
not where the nickname comes from. It comes from the 1893 Chicago World's Columbia Exposition- which was supposed to commemorate the 4ooth anniversary of Columbus's
discovery of the New World, but ended up being used by local polititions to hype Chicago.
So boastful and overblown were the local politico's claims about the exposition and the city,
that a NYC newspaper editor named Charles A. Dana, nicknamed Chicago, "A windy city"..

A Mr. Ben Dover from Cornhole Nebraska asks...
"Dear Mr. Knowitall: When did the 1st motels start appearing"?

Dear Ben...The world's very 1st" motor-hotel", The Milestone Mo-Tel, opened in
San Luis Obispo, Ca. in 1925...And heres a bit of trivia for you.
The Motel 6 is called that because originally all rooms were only 6 bucks..
The Days Inn, used to be called The 8 Days Inn, because all rooms were only 8 bucks...
The Super 8 is called that because....?...You guessed it.....

Please forgive me everybody for such a short session, but I'm very pressed for time here,
I'll see you all tomorrow for HNT....Peace!


MONA said...


MONA said...

EEEKS!!! was that a command ?

For the first time I commented without reading & got caught!

Ok I guess I shall have to insure my ass now

Er.. Mr much did they say J Lo had her's insured for?

MONA said...

Got caught on the wrong foot rather...

Charles said...

Mr. Knowitall,
Do you know anyone with morphing software and Photoshop that can make our own MonaLisa? Surely, someone you know can perform said spell,uh... make such a picture.

dickiebo said...

Short spell, G-Man?
25 out of last 48 hours working?
We know, mate. You're only playing for a bit of sympathy. Well you won't get any here!

Snow White said...

Poor G-Man! Workin' so hard an all. Great post, though. I hope you're having a better, and shorter, day today. Mine has started well... now to see where the day takes me... xoxox

lime said...

and next you're going to tell me the red roof inn is so named because of the color of its shingles....come on.....where DO you get this stuff? hehehehe


Strumpet said...

That's not what I heard...

I heard it's cos there's a lot of chicks with hot asses here who really know how to blow.

Little Wing said...

Six and eight bucks for a motel room??????
Hugs, Mr. G !!!!

Serena Joy said...

As always, interesting trivia, G. I don't want to even contemplate an 8-buck motel room, especially in Chicago.:-)

snowelf said...

Hey Super G-man!

I'll bring you some oxygen and some Tim Hortons.
Congratulations on your awesome month!!


MyUtopia said...

I heard about the Windy City thing in the book, Devil in the White City.

Strumpet said...

8-buck motel rooms in Chi are much more fun than one might think!

Crabby said...

Just a damned minute.
I don't know any of these people. Where are they?
Not to fret. I'll save you. I have a question.
Why do men like to sit at tables when the booth is clearly more preferable and 10 times more comfy?

Charles said...

Since the G is likely busy, I'm going to step out on this dead limb and ask the question, Crabby:

Rebicmel said...

Okay my question is

Can you juggle chain saws while whistling Dixie?


G-Man said...

There is not enough money in the world, to insure your ass!!

His name is Charles!!
Hop on it!!

Not asking for sympathy,
Just a little slack!!

I'm so glad you had a great start to your day!
So did I..xoxoxox

You are soo smart..xoxox

You heard wrong!!
Although you may be right about the inhabitants of Chi Town.
Only a Foxy few qualify!

Hi Jadey,
(((BIG HUG)))
Thats for you little Harley-Girl!!!
Thanks xoxox

Serena Joy,
Nothing but the best for you Dear!!
I'm thinkin 20 bucks a night..xoxoxbgxoxox

I gotta come and see you, SignGurl said you had a very touching post.
Thanks sweetie..xox

Is there a book that you haven't read?
I doubt it!

Now how would you know?

Because of their belly's for one reason. Secondly we don't like to be cramped in a corner!!

Crabby is not talking about you son..Don't fret!

Yes I can, Thank You for asking!!

Charles said...

Unfortunately, I have no morphing software, Big Guy.
Hey! Just because I don't steal pink open toed pumps, doesn't mean I'm not a man. :D I like to sit in booths, though, so I didn't understand her question. I can only think of one reason I'd rather sit in a chair over a booth, that would be when the other side is being jostled by someone.

On another note, with Snow Elf thinking about buying a new car after graduation, you think you can give her all your wisdom to prevent her from being taken advantage of?

Little Wing said...

Gman gets my motor runnin'.

G-Man said...

Charles....You know I read that on SnowElfs post. And I DO happen to have 20 years in the car Biz...BUT, Everyone knows what I do for a living, and Paul Champagne already offered up his services..
(he has only 10 years experiance)
And I didn't want to sound like an Ambulance Chaser!!
So I said nothing...
Thanks for thinking of me Charles.

Lets go riding now!!
In fact...I'm going on one right now!!!

MONA said...

Galen? You back in form?


Serena Joy said...

Wow, G, a $20 room? That's what I call putting on the Ritz. :-)

G-Man said...

I'm in Fine form Thank You!!

..."Feeling like a million dollor trooper..
Trying hard to be like Gary Cooper..Super Duper"!

evalinn said...

It´s amazing how u´ve got all the answares for the questions that I forgot to ask, but needed to know! :-)