Tuesday, July 24, 2007

TMI Tuesday........

Cowboys wanted to die with their boots on. Vikings wanted to die with a sword in their hand.
If you saw something so outrageously funny that you "died laughing", should you feel sad?
This is a true story, in 1983 my Uncle Pete died at the age of 65, not a real old age, but he was a hard hard drinker and smoker. He also sired 8 children. As I was standing at his casket lost in all the memories, my Aunt Darlene come up along side me and just started saying....." You know I
could never deny your Uncle Pete anything, we just got through making love and as he sat on the edge of the bed, he just keeled over"!! I just smiled and gave my Aunt a big hug.......
For some reason, that made it OK. It was quick, there was no suffering, and he just got laid!!!
We all should be so lucky.......In fact, some were, and some weren't..............

In 1979, former Vice-President and Multi-Millionaire Nelson A. Rockefeller, was doing some
"Late Night Research" when his heart blew out while banging his 27 year old research assistant.
The unlucky assistant was pinned under his hefty body for several minutes until she could call paramedics to the scene...His press secretary gave this statement.."Mr. Rockefeller died the way he lived, with an enthusiasm for life in all it's public and private passions"!!

Overwhelmed by an unscripted coughing fit, the French Playwright and Actor Moliere, collapses during a performance of La Malade Imaginaire as is carried to his home in Paris where he later dies..The play is about a hypochondriac!

Italian Poet , and satirist Pietro Aretino, laughs so hard during a scene in a play, that involved one of his sisters, that he falls off of his chair fatally striking his head on the floor...

George Bernard Shaw falls out of an apple tree he was pruning in 1950

In 1983, Tennessee Williams chokes to death on a bottle cap that accidentally dropped into his mouth while he was using a nasal spray..

Charles Beaudelaire dies insane, paralyzed, and speechless at the age of 46, from the combined effects of syphilis and addiction to alcohol, hashish, and opium in 1867..

The reputed author of some of Wm. Shakespeare's plays..Francis Bacon, dies while inventing frozen food. While traveling in a coach on a Winters day, he suddenly realizes that food might be preserved by freezing it; While stuffing a chicken with snow during a bad storm, he catches a chill and dies in 1616..

The "Father of Greek Tragedies" Aeschylus, died in 500B.C. According to legend, an eagle was trying to crack open a tortoise by dropping it on some rocks. The eagle mistook his bald head for a rock, and dropped the large tortoise with a direct hit on top of his shiny pate...

Or as we all know, you could always die trying to pinch one..... just like the King!!!!
Have a great Tuesday everyone, and watch out for tortoises!!!!


MONA said...

GALEN !(((((HUGS)))))

S said...

Im going to die quickly at age 95, with all my wits about me.
And, yes, I will die from having sex....

MONA said...

Susie, when you have lived your life fully,when you have squeezed all the juice out of life, Death comes as the ultimate orgasm! LOL

Well not LOL...on second thoughts... I am damn serious about that!

MONA said...

Galen.. I have just seen daeth upclose last evening...& I come & read this post!!! coincidence...

& you are right... one does'nt know how to feel there! Even if it is hilarious it is sad enough...

Hey! they must have taken Viagra. I read that it kills just like that! Is that trur mr knowitall?

dickiebo said...

Great, informative article, Mr. G.
Sure tort-us a thing or two! (Grrooooaan!) Sorry.

Little Wing said...

I will probably choke to death on a piece of chocolate......

Good post Galen!

Serena Joy said...

I figure that if I stay out of apple trees, avoid bottles with caps, never stuff another chicken during snow storms, and stay out of the path of birds chasing turtles, I could live to be 107. Question is, will I be able to find a fellow centenarian still alive to send me off with a bang.:-)

G-Man said...

Death is the Ultimate orgasm?

Viagra has been known to kill, if you are also taking any other heart Meds...

I think you will live to be 100, and yes I do believe you'll still be cranking and wanking
Have a safe trip Mistress....Galen xox

Groaners are always welcome at The G-Mans joint!!
No need to excuse yourself, after all, this is not exactly a critical "Think Tank"!

There isn't a chocolate made that could remain in solid form after it hits your hot bod!!!
You Rock Baby!!!

I believe that you'll still be very "do-able" at age 107!!
And I can't think of any better way to exit this Divine Comedy, then to be chasing you around the Geritol Bottle...
Thanks sweetie for that glimmer of hope and inspiration!

Snow White said...

Interesting post, G-Man! I wonder, though... has anyone ever died from lack of sex? Just curious. *grin* xoxox

Charles said...

You left out John Belushi and Chris Farley, who were so stupid to die from drug abuse.

MONA said...

Mr knowitall? Galen!!!
I just noticed that viagra sounds like via agra !!!!!!


barman said...

In 1983, Tennessee Williams chokes to death on a bottle cap that accidentally dropped into his mouth while he was using a nasal spray

Now I must say that sounds a little suspicous. I think it was a cover up for a mistress!

You always come up with the most interesting things. I am kind of with Snow on this one. I just might be in trouble...

G-Man said...

As a matter of fact yes!
From lack of sex, a man's private parts has been known to shrivel, dry-out, and fall off..
The build up of bodily fluids then backs up and finally "BURSTS" from within. Thus killing the unfulfilled gentleman...
That is why so many elderly men walk all hunched over and gingerly, it has nothing to do with his back..
Thanks for asking..xox

Charles my Man,
Thats why YOU are here!
I can't do all the thinking.....Thanks

Do the men in your city appear to walk "erect"?

Never you mind what I wrote her.....Galen

Breazy said...

I hope I die after having sex, I just hope it years and years down the road! LOL!

How are you G-Man? I missed ya while I was at the beach.


snowelf said...

Hi Galen!

Gives a whole new outlook to Ninja Turtles, doesn't it? ;)

love ya!

Serena Joy said...

Ah, another secret of the universe revealed -- the meaning of life is a good supply of Geritol.:-)

MyUtopia said...

What a way to die!

gab said...

Yeah my mom got her wish...She died with a cigrette in her hand. Not lit but in her hand.
I do not want to die babysitting though. I would like to be either in the bahama's or hawaii.

SignGurl said...

Death is the ultimate orgasm?

Manny said...


Cazzie!!! said...

Make it quick, and if it is while I am going at it hammer and tong, let it be... dying laughing would be best!

M said...

I got to your site by way of Lime...Um...dude, don't die anytime soon I just started reading your blog.

lime said...

of all those folks i think your aunt and uncle had it best. waves at m, so nice to see you making the rounds!

G-Man said...

Hi Breazy ,
I missed you ,
Are you well tanned and rested?

Hi Snow,
I always liked Donatello!
Love ya back Snowy..xoxox

Serena Joy,
Yeah Baby,
The Geritol set!!
I can hardly wait..xobgxobgxo

Which ones?
Hahaha..Thanks G-Man

You got a long way to go yet so forget about it!!

Yes Jenn,
The French call an orgasm, "Le Petit Mort"..
The Little Death!!

Don't kiss and run!!!

Thats what I'm thinkin..
Die Laughing...Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Any friend of the Lovely Lime, is a friend of mine!
Welcome to the Jungle!!
Please come back, I'm going nowhere...Galen

Hi Baby...
Yeah, I'd love to go out with a bang!!!

Breazy said...

I am well rested and I have an okay tan, I am use to two weeks at the beach so this tan seems wimpy to me but hey, it's better than nothing!

G-Man said...

That would make a great HNT!!!!
Thanks xoxox

Strumpet said...

A whole post about death!

I love it!

Morbidly cool, Galen...