Monday, July 9, 2007

Musical Monday...One Hitter...........

Just came across this little Tid-Bit, and I thought it would make an interesting Musical Monday post! Whats the 2nd most sung song at any athletic event?......You know it!!!
"Na na na na na na na ....Hey hey hey.....GOOD-BYE"!!!!!

In 1969, a singer named Gary DeCarlo recorded his first single for Mercury Records. He then went back to the studio to record a "throwaway" flip side, something so very bad that no self respecting DJ would EVER play it instead of the "A" side...A few of his friends were at the studio that night; they suggested a tune they once performed in a band in 1961 called "Kiss Him Good-Bye", it was perfect for the "B" side.....Except it had no chorus. No problem-they made up one on the spot, with the "Na na's instead of lyrics...Hahaha...They described it as an embarrassing record....An insult!
But to everyones horror, Mercury LOVED it and decided to release it as a single. No one wanted to take credit for the atrocity, so it was released under the name "STEAM".
"Na NA" sold more than a million copies, but DeCarlo wouldn't make another "STEAM" record.
Mercury got a different group to do the follow-ups, but the best that they could come up with was "I've Gotta Make You Love Me," which reached #46 on the charts in 1970..
Hmmmmmm, this was kinda fun! Maybe a little history of the "One Hit Wonder" could become a regular Monday Post...Stay Tuned..... Peace..... Galen


Serena Joy said...

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I can hum that one-hit-wonder in its entirety. LOL. I had no idea how it was created. Interesting! As always, G.

G-Man said...

I'm your purveyor of information Serena Joy!!!
And oh BTW.....
On being #1 again..

Jodes said...


G-Man said...

Gotcha Jodie-Girl!!

Charles said...

No doubt if you make it a regular there's no shortage of material. There's even the historical post-history for some of the one-hit-wonder songs, the covers of them by bands that make them famous once again. I liked a lot of the one-hit-wonders. I guess that's what you get from an industry that uses and tosses talent like tissue. Now they want you to pay them for downloading, because they have so much money invested the infrastructure. Yeah. Riiight. Maybe if they'd have helped build the net, but they didn't. Maybe if they helped pay for connectivity or server space, but they don't. Bring on the one-hit-wonders. They deserve more than they got.

G-Man said...

Right On Charles,
I agree!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lucky company!!
I'm having a song for those same years today... but I'm scared it didn't it any chart... I can't find any... but maybe you will know that too... ;-)

MONA said...

I know so many one hit wonders including books. But this nanana sounds great! It must have struck as something unusual & so it stood out. Then the herd followed as usual.
some of the very bad, but unusual sounding voices have been super hits.

But I like one these days, & that is Nelly Furtuado!

Snow White said...

Great post, G-Man... and great song, too! xox

barman said...

Boy that brings to mind "Popcord" by Hot Butter. They hit 4th over all in 1972 and number 1 in Germany in the same year. They had a few others songs but I do not think it was any where near as big. What a strange little catchy song too.

I think you have a wonderful idea there g-ster.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I love your musical facts.

Charles said...

You can hear it here.

jillie said...

I guess I learned something new today! I've always loved that song long before they started playing it at the stadiums.

Hope you're enjoying the last of your "vacation"


Charles said...

So what's the first? "We Are The Champions?"

J Morgetron said...

My family sings this when someone loses at cards, usually SPOONS. I come from a long line of heartless game-players.

lime said...

well whoda thunk it? i also heard that BTOs 'you ain't seen nuthin yet' was the group making fun of their mananger, who had a bad stutter, when he was trying to ask a girl out.

G-Man said...

You have a song?
Lets hear it!!

You like Nelly Furtado?
So do I...As a matter of fact, you look a little like her!!

Thanks Di,
I love seeing you visit!!

Thank you very much!!!

Top cat,
I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Your catching on very fast thanks...I really appreciate all the tech-help I can get!!!

Thanks Jillie,
But unfortunately Vacations over!!!

The Star Bangled Banner! !

Everyone uses that song, for all occasions..

Nice tid-bit of info there..Have a safe day trip! xox

Breazy said...

I didn't realize that song was a one hit wonder...of course I never paid attention to the artist either.

How are you G? All is well here in my neck of the woods, just preparing to leave for the beach on Saturday, thank goodness! I am so ready for a vacation.

I will be busy this week but I will be back to visit before I leave.
You take care..

G-Man said...

Hi Breazy,
How ya doin baby?
You gotta go a long way for a beach in TN.?
Have fun xox

Charles said...

DOH. Now I feel like a bozo.

Strumpet said...

Will you be taking requests?

How about 'I Came On Eileen?'

That's the name of that one, right?