Monday, July 2, 2007

Buick Open Update.....

Well the Buick Open was great. Unfortunately Tiger Woods was not in attendance, because of the birth of his daughter just 2 weeks ago. That gave an opportunity for the rest of the PGA to stand a chance. A young man named Bateman won the Open, and it was his first tour victory!
Because of Tiger's absence, the crowd was not as huge and suffocating as it usually is....
The place where the Open was played is called Warwick Hills. It is a very pretigious golf course, and the homes on it are awesome. I parked at my friend and mentors place Pete Samaras's house, which is on the 16th fairway, we walked down to My friend Shannon's place which is on the 15th tee box, she was quite gracious to us and we partied for a while then moved on...
For those of you that don't follow golf, there is a very popular golfer named John Daly..
John Daly is like the "bad boy" of golf...He drinks, he smokes, he has publicly admitted to gambling away at least 9 million dollors at the casino's, but he is a great golfer and has won 2 Majors, The PGA, and The British Open....Well he has a huge following as it is, but today it was off the chart because of another reason...He was being followed by another "bad boy" in his own right......Kid Rock!! Kid goes to every major sporting event in Michigan, whether it be Piston Basketball, Red Wing Hockey, NASCAR Racing at MIS, and you can always see him at Comerica Park watching the Tigers ....He was awesome, he shook everybody's hand that was stook out, he signed golf balls, hats, programs, titties, shirts, you name it, he signed it..What was really neat was that the Marshalls on the course, realized what a problem this was becoming, so as a special exception, they got a golf cart for him to ride around in. But this was not any cart, it was a bright red golf cart that was customized to look like a Buick Enclave. Kid looked fantastic riding around in his special red cart, with his Tigers Hat and Tigers shirt on...What a great day to be alive in Michigan!!!..I really don't have much else to say about it except.....
Country Club Chicks, whether they are teeny boppers, preppies, MILF's, old dried up bleach blondes, glamorized "trophy wives", or just decent human beings..........
All have really pretty feet!!!..Perfectly pedied, perfectly polished, no bunions, no corns, no crusty heels, ..they were just all sparkly with cute little toe rings and all.. Much like Susie's or Signgurl's ..AAHHHHHHHH!..A Great Day to be alive in Michigan!!!.... Peace


S said...

Ooh my toes got mentioned! Yay! Galen, you havent seen the permanently broken one yet, Im gonna have to find that pic....

:P I am first

MONA said...

Galen! that was great! I wish I cud be in Michigan to ride a mile away!

You michiganians are sure helpful with each other. See? barman & signgrul are such great buddies!

& my father told me that while in Michigan, there was girl who took him to the basement & gave him a haircut, which left ' ridges & furrows' on his head. That was so sweet!

yes... they have to give way to the new players! That is the rule of life isnt it?
Queen of England! are you listening??

MONA said...

Galen? you have a foot fetish???

dickiebo said...

Galen; please ask Mona to leave our Queen alone. We like her!

Serena Joy said...

All that and ... feet, too. It was a stellar day for the G-man.:-)

G-Man said...


Your ears must have been burning eh?..xox

I'm not so sure your Dad's haircut was very helpful...
And Dickiebo is quite right, please leave the Queen out of this!!

Is that cool?

I do not have a foot fetish, but I do enjoy lovely feet!!
BTW, have I ever seen a pic of your bare feet?
Check that out for me will you?.xox

G-Man said...

Oh my,
And talk about very pretty feet....
Hi Serena!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great day g-man, the weather was beautiful too.
Did you get to shake Kid's hand?

SignGurl said...

I sure hope you got pictures of Kid Rock. He is seriously hot! I like John Daly too.

The only pro golf event I've been to is a LPGA tournament at Walnut Hills. It was very fun despite the rain and having to be quiet.

I can make your feet all cute and sparkly ;)

MONA said...

Galen I returned the queen to dickiebo & he thanked me for doing that already!

J Morgetron said...

A little foot-gazing, eh? Sounds like you were in a foot fetish fairyland.

S said...

Hi Galen, LOL....i meant, you havent seen my permanently broken toe
Um yes, I have crusty heels, I am from California, I never wear shoes, they are california feet for sure.

Eww gross

Strumpet said...

Oh, no. Absolutely not.

Galen SO does not have a foot fetish.

That IS what you said up there, right?

None at all.

As for Kid Rock...I've always had such a thing for him. Seriously.

I love that he's so dedicated to his kid, I love that his roots are in classic rock and my favourite song by him is...

...Only God Knows Why...

...cos really he's the only one that does.

And I just gotta have faith that He does it for a reason.

Even if I never know what that reason is...

God, to have a golf ball signed by the Bullgod...

'Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy.'

'And this is for the questions that don't have any answers.'

'Now get in the pit and try to love someone.'

'Wild Mustangs and porno flicks'

With words like that, he can sign my titties anyday.

He is more wise than he portrays himself to be because he mixes wisdom in the form of simple lyrics in a catchy pop tune with a hard rock riff...

'You can look for answers but that ain't fun.'

Most days I SERIOUSLY need to take a tip from the Kid and just chill.

I used to seriously be addicted to that disc. I thought I was some sort of a wicked MC shootin' out those rhymes all day long. But, it was his words, his long hair, and the way he can hold the stage with Steven Tyler and oh, so many things...

that Kid is wicked hot.

And now I'm off to get a mani-pedi, Galen.

I think I'm doin' Opera Red again.

See ya!

lime said...

kid rock does absolutely nothing for me, but i can respect a guy who does nto forget where he came from. that counts for somethign. i've also been told he has some philanthropic tendencies too so that is great.

well, i gotta say, i ain't no country club chick...i got yucked up feet in desperate need of a that will hapen any time soon, lol

Charles said...

Its not a fetish, its an obsession! Sorry had to say that. Its nothing to be ashamed of, we like what we like, that just can't be helped.
Hope you have a wonderful week, G.

jillie said... awesome for Kid Rock to be there and to not forget where he came from. I have never been a real big fan of his but knowing he's out there on his own and not expecting any "pay" for his support make me see him in a whole different way.

Sounds like you had a great time there g-man...feet and all. Mine would have been the only ones that WEREN'T polished....hahaha


javajazz said...

yes, Galen has a foot fetish.
an appreciation,
an aesthetic love for anything
below the female ankle...
he puts beautiful colourful toed feet
up on a loving pedestal....
sounds good to me.
whatever gets you through the day, i say.
i feel bad though...
i too, have California feet...
clean, well used, but au naturel...
never had a pedicure in my life,
maybe just one or 2 manicures
when i was a kid.

oh, and Galen?
i love how you have placed
MILFs and decent human beings
in 2 separate categories....ha!

glad you had a great fun day!
sounded like a great time.

dickiebo said...

G-Man; Yea, real cool man.
(I think that means "Yes. Thank-you very much, sir"!!)

snowelf said...

Hello Foot Obsessed One,

Can't you all see G-man out there with binoculars and instead of following golf balls, he's tracking hot feet!

I knew you would have a fabulous time. :)


javajazz said...

naw, i just think he enjoys the feet
that happen to cross his path,
as it were...

but its always nice
to speculate
in G-man's absence,
aint it?

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, great say to be alive.... every day IS a bonus!!!

SignGurl said...

My pedicure offer still stands.

G-Man said...

No but we nodded, He is very cool! A little like you TC!!

for you to do my feet, there is not enough Cuervo!! But thanks.xox

Thank You Mona!!!
Dickiebo will be quite pleased!!

There is no pumice in California?

Uh, I've been around today and you have been in a typing frenzy!!
WOW..Fingers of Fire in action today!!
I know you love Kid Rock,I'll get you something signed by him OK?.Galenloveshisstrumpet

Serena Joy said...

Hi, yourself, Galen. It was toe pampering night around here. Two words for you: L'Oreal #230.:-)

G-Man said...

Thats OK we can't love everyone...(Rufus W)...
Limey, you deserve a treat, just go get a pedi,or better yet...I'll do it..xoxox

You are absolutely right.

I know about your feet Baby..Ticky Ticky Ticky..

Jeez, you don't miss a thing do you?
Thats because you are also quite intuitive!!
You sense these things..
I'm glad you are here, where you belong!!!!!!!!


I was up close and personal Baby!!!
I'm glad you finally came home also..xoxox

Speculate away baby!! xox

Hi Cazzie,
As a nurse, you know thats right!! xox


jillie said...

Jenn...I would fly to MI for you to do my!!!

Sorry g-man...neener neener neener

javajazz said...

wow, you're gonna do Lime's pedicure?
but just keep the brush
out of your mouth, okay?