Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ask Me Anything........

I call this post.....Ask Mr. Knowitall Anything!

A Miss Jane Goodall from "Somewhere in Africa" asks;
Q>Can Animals See In Color?
A>Jane, You ignorant misguided Slut! Apes and some monkeys see the full spectrum of color, as do some fish and birds. But most Mammels see color only as shades of gray.

Carl Sagan from "Somewhere in Heaven" asks;
Q>Why are There 24 Hours in a Day?
A>Carl, nice to see you again, I thought you was dead! To the ancients, 12 was a mystical number, it could be evenly divided by 2,3,4, and 6..( Thats one of the reasons we still use dozens today). 24 Hours are made up of 2 twelves--12 hours before noon, and 12 hours after..

Phil Specter from " Jail Somewhere" asks;
Q>What Was the First Gold Record?
A>Hey Phil, Can't break out of that "Wall of Sound" eh?
Glenn Miller got it for "Chattanooga Choo-Choo"..The first certified million selling album was the soundtrack from "Oklahoma"..( I always loved "Poor Jud Is Dead")

George Kellogg from Battle Creek Michigan asks;
Q>Why Don't The Raisins in Raisin Bran Fall to the Bottom of the Box?
A>IDIOT!!! Raisins are added to boxes only after more than 1/2 of it has already been packed. The cereal thus has a chance to settle and condense. During average shipping conditions, boxes get jostled a the raisins actually sift and become evenly distributed throughout the box.

Milton Hershey from Lancaster PA. asks;
Q>Who Brought Chocolate From The New World to Europe?
A>Charles Lindburg....NOT!!!!! Who do you fucking think? Cortez the Killer!!!
When he wrote to Emperor Charles V, of Spain. He described a "divine drink" which builds resistence and fights fatigue...Cortez was speaking of Chocolate! A drink that the Aztecs brewed from the cacao bean. This bean was valued so highly, that it was actually used as currency..
He brought some home to Spain, and it was an instant success...

I grow weary of these easy questions, I think that I'm gonna go archive some of SnowWhites HNT pics....Yowzer!!!!....... Peace...... Mr. Knowitall!!!


Snow White said...

LOL!!!! You don't know how to archive! xoxox

G-Man said...

Really???....and BTW
#1 Eh?...Good Job!! xox

Top cat said...

thanks g-man, now I'm gonna have the chattanooga choo choo going through my head all day.
Kellogg was a FREAK!!!

MONA said...

Galen? Thank God I never asked anyhing!! otherwise you would have called me anything ranging from slut to freaking stupid etc. etc. !!!!

So.. Hi Galen! I just called to say I love you...

Serena Joy said...

I bow to your expertise in rooting out arcane stuff I never knew. I HOPE I don't have the Choo-Choo tune in my head all day.:-)

Charles said...

I'm not afraid to be berated, so I'll take the opportunity to ask questions.
#1. How are Fourier Transforms used in the image creation in an MRI?

#2. If nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, how can there be superluminal light?

#3. What is the question to the answer 42?

#4. Why hasn't anyone come up with a working Grand Unified Theory?

#5. Why hasn't anyone detected gravity waves yet?

G-Man said...

Pardon me boy,
Are you the cat that chewed my new shoes???

Why Mona, I love you too!

Good Morning Serena Joy!!
Yes, the arcane
The mundane
The novocaine..

Can't you just be a nice boy....Read the post...
Comment graciously...and help me out with your expertise?
Don't put an old man on the spot like this, thats not nice!!....OK
1.)The Fourier Transforms decomposes a function into a continuous spectrum of it's frequency components. And the inverse transform synthesizes a function from it's spectrum of frequency components..

2.)Many things can travel faster than the speed of light Charles.
a.Free Doughnuts at the coffee pot at work!
b.Strumpets Viberator
c.Superman, AND The Flash, can circle the earth 7 times in a second...

3.)How old is the underwear that you have on right Now?

4.)Because no one has ever asked that question before..(at least in Non-Geek circles)

5.)Charles...Someone has!
His name is Hymen Lipshitz of Teaneck New Jersey. He has written the definitive treatise on this phenomenae..And it has been published many times, the last time being in the August 1987 issue of Penthouse.
(Back then the chicks still had some pubes)
My Work Here Is Done!!!

Charles said...

GREAT answers. You're as dependable as the sun. I LOVE it!

Serena Joy said...

LMAO at Charles & Galen.:-)

Um, chicks no longer have pubes? Has the design changed and nobody told me?

MONA said...


& how do you say it..xoxoxoxo

Flash said...

damn...Carl took my question....

You should do it professionally. You'd whoop "ask Abby's" ass! (Plus, your more fun to read)

snowelf said...

Charles--actually, the answer to all of those is 42. ;)

Hi Galen!! I'm sending you some love Mr. Knowitall!


MyUtopia said...

Thank Mr. Know it all.... I feel so much more educated now.

Strumpet said...

Dear Mr. Knowitall,

Where does a Strumpet FIND a vibrator that vibes faster than the speed of light?


My Lawn Is Not Bare

Charles said...

Dude. "I love collecting old radios" I had no idea. I have a friend in Ohio, who used to collect them too. He used to restore them, don't know if he still does.
I used to like working on them, when I was in high school. Show us some pics, man. Tell us some stories.

Top cat said...

g-man..lmao at cat that chewed my new shoes.

gab said...

Who cares who brought Chocolate here as long as its here and I can eat it is all I care about :)

evalinn said...

MrKnowitall, u are so wise, I´m starting to think u know it all? Then can u explain to me, when I really really want to catch up on your blog, why am I sometimes too tired too :-( and have to wait til later?

G-Man said...

Hi everybody!!
I'm glad that you all are having fun with knowledge..
If It's Wednesday...
It must be BIKE NITE at Scooters Bar and Grill!!
Thats where I'll be holding court far a while.
Cheap Booze, Cheap Food,
Skanky Biker Babes!!!
Yeah Baby!!!
I'll be back later to answer all comments, and play some more, since I already have my HNT loaded (well Jenn does anyway hehehe)..So Carry On, and see ya Later!!!

snowelf said...

Alright, G-man, we'll see you tomorrow! ;)


G-Man said...

Charles...Thanks for the segue' Hahahaha..

You still do?


You can still circle the Earth 7 times in a second?

Snowelf just sent some Wisconsin Sugar..xoxox

As you should!!!
Thanks for stopping by AGAIN.....Galen

I think I have one, but I may have to supervise the activity for a few minutes..xox

Charles, I have a shitload of them, Maybe some day I'll get a little more High-Tech

Thanks for getting the joke Bro.....

I feel the same way sweetie..xoxox

I'm so sorry, I'll make the next 2 real easy OK?

Good Night Snow,
Thanks for sayin Hi twice to the G-Man..xox

lime said...

mr knowitall, can you please tell us why corn flakes were invented?

lime said...

ahem, clears throat to make an announcement...

i would like it noted, for the record that i still have pubes...not that i plan on offereing any kind of visual evidence....i'm just sayin

jillie said...

I just had to come over to mark my spot...well, what little is!!!!!

lime said...

where the heck is you HNT dude?

evalinn said...

No no, keep them just as they are. I like your blog the way it is :-) I just wish I had more time to blog...