Sunday, May 27, 2007

Week-End Diary.......

Saturday was my day off, but there has been some action this week because of some Memorial Day Bonus Cash now being offered on select vehicles. Because of this, I was round-a-boutly asked if I would come in and take care of any overflow customers...
I suggested that the company provide lunch for everyone, and that I would go to the Mkt and purchase all items necessary, soda, ice, chips,, onions, buns, brats, and Koegels Viennas!
...And of course, I cooked everything on the gas grill!
When the brats and the Viennas were cooked to perfection, ( I had a huge pot of beer ((Yeungling))onions and bell peppers, simmering in the kitchen ), they were dumped in the pot, and people could then eat when they were free of customers.
This worked out great, and I even ended up selling an Impala!! So it was worth going in on my day off I guess...
Last night I was bored , so I called on old friend of ours up and asked what she was up to......
Now lets get something straight here, My friend Pat is a single woman of Hispanic descent, we have known each other since college, and she is also my son's God-Mother, and my wifes friend and running partner, and she is like my sister, so it was not anything naughty because my wife is still in Europe,,,,,Are we clear on that?..... So I called her up and she said," come on over, me and my friend Lisa are drinking margarita's"! I said that I would be right over... 10 seconds later the phone rings and it's Pat again, " Gaaaaaalen Honey, me and Lisa and too buzzed to drive, could you stop and get some Tequila and lemons, and Triple-sec?"..What do You think?
Of course I stopped, and I did not buy anything cheap either, I bought this Cuervo Gold 1800!
So I finally arrived and the blender was anxiously awaiting me!!...Man they were great!!
Now Pat is from a family with 8 siblings, and I've known all of them for 35 years or more also.
I've gone to all of their family functions; Open Houses..Weddings..Funerals..Anniversaries.. Birthdays..Christmas Parties..New Years Parties... Tamale Making Parties..I'm an honorarie Gringo Family Member!!..So one by one, siblings dropped in last night at Pat's Place also..
By 10:30 her house was abuzz with fun and laughter!! Certain guests are blessed with having some very very good smoking material, and the blender never stopped running, so by Midnight everyone was pretty much mellow, low-key, and groovin to some great jazz...Pats brother Dan , who is a very good friend of mine also, asked me what I was doing on Sunday, I had no plans.
He asked if I could help him out from about 2-5 , because he was having a Christening Party at their church for his grand-daughter, and would I help in the kitchen because he had huge amounts of smoked meat that needed to be carved sliced and plattered...Of course I said yes!
I gotta tell you, these people can put on the Feed-Bag!! ..This was what they served 85 people..
Green Beans
Home-Made Scalloped Potatoes
Fresh Fruit Salad
Southern Fried Chicken
Slow Smoked Beef Sirloin Tip Roasts
Slow Smoked Hams
And Slow Smoked Pork Butts that was to die for!!
Cakes...Cookies...Brownies...Blah Blah Blah!!!
So.....after spending the better part of two days cooking and serving and cleaning up shit in the kitchen, me and Reese are going to enjoy the rest of our Holiday Bachelor Weekend, eating off of the huge food platter of left-overs that Danny sent home with me...Sorry this was so long and rambling....But who else has posted anything new since Friday?...Hahahahaha.... Peace!

Oh BTW, If you feel like rambling...Tell me what you did so far..... I'm Listening...


Cazzie!!! said...

Holly smoke...that's alotta smokin' goin' on...what a great time you had...listening to Sweet Home Alabama right now on the radio..kicking back reading all things good :)

S said...

Dammit Im so bloody hungry. I have to start hanging out with you Gman, you always seem to have stuff to eat.
In my house, if Mr Ratburn gets to the food first, I am outa luck..and that happens alot. It's true, you see Im just a scrawny little thing...
Erm, so whatcha got leftvoer that I can eat?

G-Man said...

Cazzie, thanks for stopping by..
Glad you are kickin back...
I love the Aussi's..xoxox

Susie...sounds like you got the munchies. hehehehe..
Baby, you know I'll share whatever I have with you...xoxoxox

Serena Joy said...

Oh, man -- brats, Cuervo Gold, chicken, beef, ham, brownies, and ... good smoking material. I am drooling here. Sounds like you've had yourself a wonderful weekend!

lime said...

sounds liek you've been having a great weekend! nothing liek being an honorary family member somewhere!

ok, my weekend so far....

friday night late baseball game for the boy. sleepover for limelette #2
saturday morning preparation for the prom for the oldest limelette. my mom came up for that. then picture taking before depature.
after departure go work the snack stand at son's 2nd baseball game.
sunday church then a birthday party for mr lime's coworker and daughter then a group presentation for limelette #1 who is going to narlins for katrinia recovery work next month.

tomorrow is a parade and the 3rd baseball game (when the heck do these kds get to rest>?) and then a picnic.

tuesday i plan to collapse.

G-Man said...

Serena, I'd love to party with you some time..Besides I love Women that are...
Very Smart
Very Witty
Very Pretty
Very Red-Heady
Have a great Holiday xoxox

Limey, you need a vacation!!
Plus you got a picnic...
And Lady Di's going to my favorite town?...I'm jealous!!!
Love you sweetie..xoxoxox

Serena Joy said...

It's a date, g-man. Hope the rest of your holiday is as much fun as it's been so far.:)

G-Man said...

Serena Joy, You are one awesome talent!! Thanks....xoxox

evalinn said...

G-man, sounds like u´ve had a great weekend. U seem like quite a host, wether at your place or elsewhere. The party goes wherever u go? Though I wouldn´t know about the smoking, not a big thing over here.

Where´s your wife at?

Lady Roxanne said...

I spent all day yesterday in bed with a migrane...

whats the point of the fucking medication if it dosent work?

doctor told me to be patient.. as the dosage increases ( every week) I will stop having them.

and today I went to cathys house and made lasagna and went to go see pirates.. oh yeah.. and we made home made sangria..

Fuck yeah I'm from 45 minutes north of mexico.. I make bad ass sangria..

its fermenting in an old wing jug in her house right now.

to bad with my meds I can only have small sips.. for flavor..


Lady Roxanne said...

my bad,

wine jug

MONA said...

somebody asked me "Who loves you?" & PAT came the reply GALEN!!!

What are Koegels Viennas Galen?

I like beans & corn..& tall glasses of water!

Hey Galen, what will you serve me if I come to Michigan?

S said...

I dont discuss religion or polytiks on my blog, but Rufus is always welcome.

Strumpet said...

I am sooooooo hungry right now.

I didn't eat dinner AND I went out drinking AND there's absolutely NO food whatsoever in my apartment.


I just wish I could devour your entire post right now.

Hopefully I will fall asleep soon and forget about being hungry.

I should have ate at work, but I just had some chicken noodle soup when I first got there.


What I wouldn't do for some food right now!


If there was something open by me...I'd go...but nothing is.

G-Man said...

Evalinn, my wife is in Belgium right now, with her friend and my daughter.
My daughter is a student and she will be comming home on Friday, after 10 months in Prague..
Yeah, I'm a real Party Guy...Haha!

Roxy..Is Sangria good for Migraines?
And I might like to try some....
I can be there in 55 minutes!!
Say the word..xoxoxox

Mona, Koegel Viennas are a local frankfurter, that is the best Hot-Dog that you could possibly ever have..They are a very special thing in Michigan. And if you ever came here, I would feed you wonderful food that you can NOT get in India...Yes the correct answer is Galen Loves You!!

Strumpet...You work at a Rib Joint!
How can you possibly be hungry?
Don't they feed you there?
Sweetie, I would love to be your Food Bitch...Add it to the list!!

Susie...I was just kidding...I know you will post him just because you know that it irritates me!!! I love you for that..xoxox

Anonymous said...

That's a very busy week end!!! I'd like to find myself so busy when I'm having a down and feel bored... I'm somehow too much of an ermit the rest of the time, so at times of boredom, I have nobody to ring... Too bad for me...

G-Man said...

Galen sure has missed you.
Glad to have you back safely..

MONA said...

I ate a pomegranate today!!! It was the sweetest ever fruit & I was wondering & marveling at Nature's beauty, in the glassy red hue of its beads that were so juicy & sweet! & I enjoyed eating it so much and Thanked God as I ate!!

evalinn said...

I bet Prague must be a great place to be a student. So there will be more cooking and celebrating this weekend, huh?

snowelf said...

Hey Galen,

Looks like you had a fabulous weekend after all! And you found a creative way to "put up with" work as well. :D


Strumpet said...


I really need a Food Bitch right now too.

As I exist on a diet of Starbucks and Subway.

I know I work at a Rib Joint. I am sick of the food there. I just had chicken noodle soup. It was good, but I wouldn't consider it to be a very fulfilling meal. (Especially in comparison to your luscious list that you posted!--not that I could eat all that, but still!!) Just a snack to munch on. I did bring a banana and a Vitaminwater and had that before I went out drinking.

Still not very fulfilling.

EBEZP said...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, it's just an ordinary bank holiday over here we don't have specific things celebrated or not like you guys. Wish we did!

G-Man said...

Mona, I love pommegranites as well!
Although they are hard to peel and are quite seedy, they have a wonderful flavor..

Evalinn, she loves it there. The cost of living is quite reasonable, and she speakes enough Russian and Czech to get by..
But I miss her, and I'll be glad when she is home..

Snowelf, The weather is perfect, everybody is still out of town, so I smell a Motorcycle ride in the air...Enjoy the rest of the day!!

Strumpet, heres breakfast...
Toasted 7-grain bread
Fried thick ham steak
Eggs over easy..
I'm outta potatoes...BUMMER!!
You are more than welcome...xoxox

Good day Simon....
But you guys have Boxing Day!
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

wow galen you've sure had a busy weekend.
I enjoyed reading all about your adventures this weekend.
Hope you can relax today.
Take care bud

G-Man said...

Happy Memorial Day Rick..
God Bless all the Vets!!!!!

Strumpet said...

I love multi-grain.

It's good shit.


G-Man said...

It's all I had in the house...

I didn't do squat today!!!

Enjoyed the entire day off!!!

I'll be busy at work all week..

Strumpet said...

You should enjoy having the day off!

Mine has been quite relaxing as well.

I just wish more stuff was open.

I mean, most things are, but the two things I wanted to be open weren't and I had to improvise.

I got a lot of walking accomplished though.

Hopefully, my work week will be as busy as yours.

I need it.

For more reasons than one.

barman said...

My weekend had a lot of little things around the house. I did manage to cut the grass but it was so long that I will be going back over it tomorrow and mulching it all up. Not to bad I suppose.

I wanted to get some corn on the cob and cook it up but somehow never did make it to the grocery store.

Multi-grain is wonderful. I typically get my parents 9 grain bread and cheese garlic bread. They love both of them, so do I. They enjoy the bread chain up by me (The Great Harvest) which is why I stop and get them bread most of the time I visit.

Have a good week G and glad you had a relaxing memorial day.

Strumpet said...


Are you talking about mowing the lawn again?

G-Man said...

Strumpet, I'm sure you will start to get very busy come Summer time in Chi-Town...Make money while the Sun shines Baby!!
Thanks sweetie..xoxox

Barman, we have one of those stres by us also...
You are so lucky to still have your parents, I'm sure they appreciate you..Yes it was very relaxing, I did nothing..Thanks

NOT the type of lawn maintenance you are referring to...xoxox

MONA said...

Galen. Good morning! :)

G-Man said...

Good Morning Dr. Mona,
It's always great to see your beautiful smiling face. xoxox

barman said...

Yes Strumpet. I think lawn mowing has turned into an infatuation for me or something. And yes G, I had similar thoughts.

SignGurl said...

I just wet myself reading this post. You mentioned my two favorite things in this world, Koegel's and Cuervo!! You need to help this friend out. I've got a craving now.

Strumpet said...

Every time I see 'koegel,' I think 'kegel.'

javajazz said...

you cooked all that stuff at work?
i bet they just love you there mr gman.
and then you also helped out at the
christening (not to mention being King
of Blender Drinks at zee partay!)
pretty nice stuff G...!
giving is selfless and quite evolved....
you shine....

Anonymous said...

good morning g-man..back to the work grind huh?

G-Man said...

Thanks Jenn for that wonderful image...And also for giving Strumpet an opportunity to make reference to her Snapper's athleticism....You both Rock!!

JJ, hows my Newly Modernized Yenta doing?..Missed you xoxox

TC, yep...Back to the grind!!

Queenie said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Also a real good friend to have, so glad I met you.

Crabby said...

Smoked butts? You had a lot more fun than I did. LOL!

Dude, you soooo don't wanna know what I did this weekend. I don't even wanna know but I was there.

evalinn said...

How come she came up with the idea of learning Russian and Czech?

javajazz said...

i'm not good with changes or new things
so its like an alien computer
that i dont want to play on...
arent i supposed to be
super excited about all this?
or do i just like the comforts
of the familiar?
been running around with the kid
today, to get him some new suits,
before he goes out into the big world again...
i practically had to force him,
but now hes thrilled to have some
cool lookin stuff for the road...
mister G....!

G-Man said...

Hi Queenie..
The G-Man sure has missed you. I'm so happy to see you..xoxoxox

Good to have you back Pam!
No!!..You can't do this, I gotta know now!!
What did you do?

Evalinn, her grandmother was Russian. Plus she hated French.
And she had to learn some Czech to get by in Prague. Thanks for asking! xox

Hey Lisa, No wonder you've not been around!
I start getting Jiggy when I don't hear from you. Even though he is Mr. Worldly...he is still your teen-aged son.
Hahaha...I bet he don;t think like that, but we sure do eh?..Love ya lots sweetie....Galen xo

evalinn said...

Sounds like she´s clever. Good for her.

Pauline said...

Over here, if you cook a brat on any kind of stove you're likely to do serious jail time !

javajazz said...

sheesh, i missed that comment to...
man, was i ever out of it....
sorry, mr Jiggy....
(you get JIGGY???)