Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Set Him Free.......

Did everyone survive the Holiday?....Good!

I see Dr. Jack Kevorkian, aka Dr. Death, is getting released from prison this week after spending over 9 years behind bars.....9 years for mercifully assisting a few tortured souls to find peace!!
That reminds me of when we were in college, a guy by the name of John Sinclair, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the possession of two joints.. He was the Mgr. of a very controversial rock band of the times called The MC-5. You may recall their mega party hit tune..."Kick Out The Jams..Mother Fuckers"!!...Yeah, I thought that would bring back a few memories..Ha Ha Ha!..Anyway, on my birthday Dec. 10, in 1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono performed a "Free John Sinclair" rally in Ann Arbor in front of about 20,000 people, and I was one of them!!
John Lennon sang a song called 'John Sinclair' and he incouraged the audience to sing along...
"Let him be... Set him free... Let him be like you and me"!!...3 days after the concert, the Michigan Supreme Court overturned his conviction, and he was released from prison..


Two weeks ago in a pub in down-town Flint, John Sinclair gave a poetry reading to a small but enthusiastic crowd.....I did not find out about it until the next day and I was NON-PLUSSED to say the least!!

.......So! Do you think Lindsay Lohan will serve any jail time? See you tomorrow for HNT!!


Serena Joy said...

Cases like Kevorkian and Sinclair really make you wonder, don't they? Sometimes the law just makes no sense.

Nope, I doubt Lindsay goes to jail. They'll smack her on her little hand and put her back out on the road. Then again, I didn't think Paris Hilton would go to jail, either. IF she ever goes.

Strumpet said...

I really don't know what to do with Lindsay Lohan.

And I really don't care.

She's a beautiful girl and could be talented if she'd stop singing silly pop songs.

And if she'd stop snorting coke all the time.

And if she'd stop living her life in the limelight.

Maybe get some new friends.

Maybe stop dating every fucking hot, young thing under the sun and figure out what she wants on her own for a good long while.

Maybe like...go away to school. She can afford it.

Come back to acting in a few years clean and sober having been away from everything for awhile.

Maybe then she'd be okay.

But, at the rate she's going, I don't think she would make such normal decisions. And her parents certainly aren't any help.

I feel sorry for her.

Perhaps she should go to jail.

Give her some time to think.

If I was the judge...she'd go to jail.

It's not like it wouldn't be like living in a college dorm for a few months.

But, she'd be FORCED to think about what really matters to her...and maybe then she'd make some good decisions.

As for Paris Hilton...I think she's just a lost cause. Girl hasn't got a single brain cell that would cause her to EVER do the right thing.

But, Lindsay...I think she has it in her to fix herself, if she wants.

She's just lost her way. She needs a good strong mentor. Someone who has been through it, to come along and sort of help her out. She needs a good friend. She needs guidance. She needs some good role models.

Okay, I'm done talking about Lindsay Lohan. I never fucking talk about Lindsay Lohan. Well, except for when she was dating Jared Leto. How the Hell did I just leave an epic comment about Lindsay Fucking Lohan?

Oh yeah, Galen...you asked.


cathy said...

It's a good job I'm not famous, they'd have locked me up and thrown away the key.

Not for driving under the influence though, does walking through the strees barefoot count?

Just call me Godiva toes.

evalinn said...

Sometimes u wonder if those judges have any contact at all with the Real World, don´t u?

MONA said...

At least you get to the bottom of it all before you convict out there.
Here many undergo thirty years before they are proved innocent!For NOTHING!

Littlewing said...

Nice blog, I like! I shall return!

lime said...

sinclair was railroaded. kevorkian i kind of have mixed feelings on. paris hilton needs to be locked up. here's a gal who must have any number of drivers at her disposal, she's not some working stiff who had a few beers on the way home form work (not that it's an excuse). she's just a pampered heiress who thinks common laws don't apply to her and she could have too easily killed someone. teach that girl a lesson. lohan, i dunno what happened. i been living under a rock this weekend.

G-Man said...

Good Morning Serena Joy.
I think you are right about LL. I doubt if she will serve 1 day..

Strumpet, thats a good idea about going away to school, Jody Foster did it, and so did Natalie Portman! They both have taken control of their own lives and careers..
Of course you can't tell a coke-head anything...
Paris Hilton?...I'd like to bang her Mom!!
And while I'm at it, I'd lay the pipe to Lindsays Mom also, that chick is smokin hot!..Thanks for your input Strumpet. xox

Cathy, One thing that this blogger loves discussing is toes! I really think that you should give us a little sample of the Godiva Toes of which you speak!

Evalinn, How is the Judicial System in your country? Are you satisfied with it?

Good Morning Mona Dear..
I love waking up to your smiling face..xoxox

Littlewing, come back anytime. I'm not usually this political though!

Limey, To me, the rich spoiled Hollywood elite, are not worth discussing or reading about!!
Living under a rock is much more interesting...
Thanks sweetie. xoxoxox

barman said...

If Jack Kevorkian had not been so in your face with what he was doing he probably would not have ended up in prison, or at least it would not have been so sever. He is as much to blame as anyone.

They should have looked at and addressed what he was doing however. People wanted to die because of terminal conditions (for the most part) and he was providing the means.

Anyway, I had to brush up on Lohan. My guess is no jail time this time. Look she went to rehab. Aw she is reformed. But she will go to jail soon enough is she does not kill herself first. She really should be going to jail. I mean drunk driving, fleeing the scene, possession of drugs. Please, any one of those would land us in jail. They are doing her a disservice by not locking her up.

So when is it Britney's turn again?

G-Man said...

Barman, what LL did is a felony! You bet it would land us in jail...
And while I'm at it it, Lime brought up a great point, these kids are Multi Millionaires....
Thanks for your input...

Anonymous said...

I remember John Sinclair getting busted, clearly politically motivated.
I've seen clips from the concert in Ann Arbor, John was awesome.
Hey maybe I saw you on the film and didn't realize it.lol

Lindsay Lohan..I don't care anymore, these people get special treatment which sucks.

Although he served time, Dr Kevorkian opened dialog about assisted death and now several states I believe allow it.(Oregon or Washington)??????

Anonymous said...

Kevorkian gets locked up for helping people who are suffering and choose to end their pain yet Bush is finishing his second term... makes you wonder don't it?

I went through something similar to Lindsay when I was a teenager. She'll come out of it but she needs to figure it out herself, no amount of pep talking can force her to "behave" she just wants to "have fun" and there is no way in hell anyone will convince her how dangerous her fun is until she either hits rock bottom of gets the holy hell beat out of her by some angry dealer...

Great post! Happy Wednesday!

Jodes said...

heads up dude!!! got a new one. No she will not spend time in jail, celebs get off almost everytime.

evalinn said...

Sometimes. But not when it comes to rape cases. Do u have the same problem over there? I guess most judges don´t get much sex unless they pay for it or use force, that´s why they have such a hard time convicting rapists.

snowelf said...

Good afternoon sweet G-man,

I would never, ever, ever want to be famous. Not in a million years. Not for a million dollars.

Though I think I would drive those poor misguided girls around for a million dollars... now there's a thought.


*Strumpet, your comment cracked me up laughing! :)

G-Man said...

Hi everybody, vacations over!! Me and Reese are on our way to Detroit Metro to pick up Mrs.G who has been in Europe for 2 weeks....

.."Uh, sure honey, this house has looked this good ever since you've been gone"!

I'll reply to my loyal readers when I return.xox

Anonymous said...

Wush you are having a good trip and welcome back to your wife and daughter!

SignGurl said...

I hope Kevorkian can live for many more years just in case I ever need him.

Lohan needs to be locked up before she kills someone. What a waste!

G-Man said...

TC,I was waving at you.
...I don't care about the poor little rich kids anymore either..

Jeanniegirl, don't even get me started on Bush...
But thank you so much for visiting my blog, and you are always welcome back!!...Galen

Jodi Honey, thanks a bunch but I was at work!
I love you for trying to help out the G-Man..xoxox

Evalinn, I believe you are right about that....
I don't have any solutions to that problem though...
Thanks for the input!!

Too late Snowelf, you are already famous!!
You are just NOT rich!!
Always glad to see you baby...xoxox

Hi Jo...I made it back from the Airport safely tonight with my wife..
I go back Friday, to get my daughter...G-Man sends his love to you.xox

javajazz said...

hey G
was just gonna ask when T was home.
hope she had a great holiday.
you must be so excited that Mandy
is coming home on Friday.
have a great reunion!
i bet you'll cook your buns off
as it were...
man, you're such a metrosexual.
a cooking male...
that just blows my saucepan,
it really does...

hey, bri's right near Strumpie tonight.
except neither one knows what the
other one looks like...i wish they could meet.
Strumpie would love Bri, cuz hes funny
and hes a teddy bear, and bri would love
strumpie cuz shes hot!

G-Man said...


Lisa...? WTF?

Some people Really Really Miss you...xoxoxox

Strumpet said...

Ms. Snowelf,

I had to go back and read my comment after you said that.


It cracked me up too.

I'm SUCH a weirdo!


YOU blow MY saucepan!

If you ever find out what BAR your kid's at one night...maybe I can try to meet up with him.

Do you text?

Does he?

You said he's 20, right? Just how is he getting into these bars anyway?

I'm off tomorrow night, I'll be hangin' with my mom all day, but will be back in the city eventually.

I work Friday and Saturday night.

Sunday I am REALLY hoping to see my dude.

Tomorrow night would probably work best for me.

E-mail me if you want.

And I know what he looks like because you posted a bazillion pictures of Poopy, remember?

I'm not that hard to spot out in a crowd. I have crazy hair and lots of tattoos and wear glasses (either purple or red depending on my mood) and I usually wear combat boots and rock t-shirts.

Oh yeah...and I have red fucking nails.


Hi, Galen! You're hot.

javajazz said...

sheesh, i didnt even see this until tonight,
and only because Galen the yenta told me
you wrote me back...i kept looking for stuff
in all the wrong places and left you notes on
your blog that prob make no sense cuz i didnt
read this till now...
plus i found a whole bunch of other stuff i hadnt
read either...man, i was out of it the past few
days, plus my computer and location of computer
changed rather severely, and its messing me up cuz i'm used to things being in one place..anyway,
yes, i learned to text when sarah went away cuz i had to, and i could probably remember how to again....and of course brian is a text wiz, as all kids are...Brian's free nights were last night and tonight...i have no idea where he is, but i'll email him and maybe try to text him to see if he knows whats happening tomorrow night after their concert at this symphony hall or whatever the hell its called...i dont know if they'll hang with Dave and his sweet wife cuz they're in their mid 80's and might want to get some rest and stuff but i bet they'll do a great hang after the gig tomorrow night...and again what i think and what 5 20 yr olds think are prob two different kinds of thinks...
i just think it'd be the coolest thing if they could meet you...theyll be looking for jazz clubs more than just bars...even a place they can jam perhaps...maybe Dave has the scoop on wheres a good hang...not sure if the dean of their university came up on this trip or not seeing as its the last time that configuration of boys will be playing together..anyway, to be continued....xo