Monday, April 16, 2007

Where Were You, in 72..........?

Susie says this is Musical Monday. Well tonight Galen is very tired, so I'm getting this one in just under the wire...These are very easy questions..I usually place no stipulations on my posts, but for this one I ask that you only answer one question....Now you can blab, and expound, and joke all that you want to. I'll post more later this week, and they will get harder.....
Name That Tune.........These snippets of song are all from the 70's

1. "One less egg to fry"

2. "I'f I find you've been creeping 'round my back stairs"

3. "Your a fine girl, what a good wife you would be"

4. "Our love is like a ship on the ocean"

5. "Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon"

6. "Suzanne, the plans they made put an end to you"

7. "You had me several years ago"

8. " Freedoms just another word, for nothing left to lose"

9. " They haven't had that spirit here since 1969"

10. "Sedaka is back"

Now remember, answer only one question! If you would like an alternate topic though, do this for me...Give me your most favorite Movie line from the 70's......Example:
" I'm walkin Heya"
" I know what your thinkin...... Did I fire 5 shots, or did I fire 6 ?
" I got one!"..........."Don't get cocky kid"!
OK?....That should keep you kids out of trouble for awhile...Peace. ......... Galen


cathy said...


cathy said...

9. Hotel California.
Only one not fair, I'm going to have a tantrum.

cathy said...

"How art thou, thou globby bottle of cheap, stinking chip oil? Come and get one in the yarbles, if you have any yarbles, you eunich jelly thou."

G-Man said...

Thats the spirit Cathy!
A little self restraint is good. My daughter has the complete Kubrick Collection....

1 Down, 9 to go!

MilkMaid said...


I've seen fire and Ive seen rain. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end. I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend. But I always thought that I'd see you again.

James Taylor...about this time, started my love affair with his words and music.


1972, I was 12 going on 19, living the summers at the beach with my Mema and learning about life, love and Shlitz beer. ;)

12, holy shit, I'd kill my kids for half the stuff I'd done by then YIKES.

Another fun trip on memory lane G. Have a good Tuesday!

G-Man said...

Good job Milky..
I saw Sweet Baby James in 1979 at a great outdoor concert venue near Detroit called Pine Knob.
When he sang this song, Everyone in the place held up a lighter or a lit match for the entire song...It was awesome!!
Thanks for sharing....G

2 Down, 8 to go!

Anonymous said...

Hold your head up by Argent.
It's one of those songs if you hear it today it still rocks.

MONA said...

I can only answer the title question...
In my mommas tummy!

G-Man said...

That 1 hit wonder is still classic....Thanks TC.
Brother, am I ever glad to see you!....Galen

You were born in 72?
You are soooo young, and smart, and beautiful..

MONA said...

Galen..actually next year..on January 11th. :)

SignGurl said...

5. Cat's In The Cradle

Do you have any idea how hard it is to answer only one of these?

jillie said...

Me and Bobby McGee...Janice the Pearl herself...

I know a lot of those songs. But to have to remember a line from a movie? Hell, I can see a movie a 1000 times and can't remember shit except for "go ahead, make my day" but you always do g-man ;o)

'72 was a year that holds a lot of memories and with each of those songs and I can pick out place from the past where I can remember what I was doing when listening to those songs. GREAT JOB MY DEAREST G-MAN xo

Anonymous said...

Stevie Wonder..Superstition.

I love the Clint Eastwood line.

MONA said...

Galen, my Boring post is finally up there.
Don't say I didnt warn you!

Tina said...

"Loneliness has followed me my whole life, everywhere. In bars, in cars, sidewalks, stores, everywhere. There's no escape. I'm God's lonely man."- Travis Bickle

Tina said...

3. Looking Glass - Brandy(You're a fine Girl)...

cathy said...

Here's looking at you kid.LOL!

jillie said...

Rock the boat...don't rock the boat baby!

LOL...yeah I know, we're only suppose to do one but now I have all of these songs in my head. I guess it's better than the voices in my head....LMAO!


S E E Quine said...

` If I were here first I would have had the same response as Signgirl.

` And then added... soo... I'm assuming you're in the process of reading all that stuff right now. :D It's a lot, isn't it?

Breazy said...

In 1972 I was still a twinkle in my daddy's eyes!

Alright let me roll up my sleeves and see what I can do here....

2. I can see here lying back in her satin dress
In a room where you do what you don't confess
Sundown you better take care
If I find you've been creeping 'round my back stairs
Name of the song Sundown and if I am not mistaken the artists has Lightfoot or Light something in the last name?

5. Cat's in the Cradle?
I can't remember who done that one

9. On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair, warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air...skip ........skip.....
Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place, such a lovely face, plenty of room at the Hotel California, anytime of year, you can find it here...Her mind is Tiffany twisted she got...
Hmmmm.. excuse me I got carried away with that one! LOL!

10. Don't remember the song but I think it was sung by Neil Sedaka?

"I know what you're thinking..did I fire 5 shots or did I fire 6" that is Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry

I know for a fact that number 2 & 9 are right and I know the quote is right for sure but the others are just a good guess.

How the heck are you G-man? I am doing good. Darned near runned ragged is all..heehee! I am tired but I will live.

I am back so get ready!

I missed you while I was away!

Breazy said...

I'm back already G-Man. On that first line there I misspelled her as here. I wasn't born until April 29, 1975. That is right, I have a birthday coming up in one week and five days! I will save you some countin', I will be 32...heehee.

Thanks for the fun!

jillie said...

Breazy...SHOW OFF...LMAO...just kidding sweetie! You too cute...xo

Crabby said...

Only one????

OK. 8. Me and Bobby McGee....good ole Janis. Loved that girl!

Favorite line from the 70s. My first love. The Duke.
(hope I get it right)
I won't be wronged.
I won't be insulted.
I won't be laid a hand on.
I don't do these things to others
and I expect the same of them.

(from The Shootist) I've watched it several times. Ever since I saw The Quiet Man, I was in love with that man.

jillie said...

The Quiet Man is one of my favorite movies and ever since I saw that I've always wanted to go to Ireland. Good call Crabby ;o)

G-Man said...

Yes I do Jenn..
hahaha Thats the idea!
Good job though!
Harry Chapin..

3 Down, 7 to go!

Yes, Oh Blonde One!
You got that right..
Jillie Bean!!

4 Down, 6 to go!

Do you feel lucky TC?
Well do you TC?

Ok Mona, I'll see how boring it is Myself!
But I doubt that it is boring!!

Tina!!...The Real Tina?
Not Cathy as Tina?
I loved Taxi Driver...
"Are you looking at me?
You must be looking at me, your the only one standing there"!!
Yes, Brandy is right!
Thanks for visiting and playing!

5 Down, 5 to go...

That would be a great line Cathy, if I was doing the 40's....
Nice Avatar!....G xox

Jillie!! Can't you follow directions?

Sequin, yes I read the whole long thing!!
But blogger would not let me comment!!
I'll try again...Thanks

Hi sweetie..
I think that you have been hanging around Jodi way too much...
But you have been gone so long that I forgive you...
You got Sundown Right but the others were already guessed...
Welcome back..xoxo

6 Down, 4 to go!

Crabby, I think that The Shootist was the Dukes Last film!
I loved him too...
As I do you!!

Jillie? It's getting late so I'll give you "Rock the Boat"..

7 Down, 3 to go!!

jillie said...

I'm known for NOT following you should know that by now!!


lime said...

nevermind 1972, where the hell was i when this was posted????

Strumpet said...

My favourite line from my favourite 70's flick...

I can see your dirty pillows!

Tina said...

Hi G!!! Come play "Name that Famous Line"...:)

G-Man said...


Don't know that one!

Where were you?
You almost had your string broke...

Tina, thanks for the heads up!

jillie said...

I know that line Strumpet! Carrie

G-Man said...

You win NOTHING!
This is a past post...
Why do you people insist upon commenting on past posts?

S said...

Ok i know em all but Im late for my allergy shots.. I do know em I swear it, cuz I am almost as old as you are! :P

Strumpet said...

Because, Galen.

It's fun.

It's a little more risque.

It's a little like you gotta search for it...

Plus, it's much easier to continue a conversation thread where the thread began.

It's like crab legs, Galen...sometimes you gotta really work to get to the good stuff.


G-Man said...

Susie, your fuckin feet are driving me nuts...
You know I love em!!!

You are just too cool for words, except for maybe...

Crab Legs.....

Next you'll be tellin me that the Hokey-Pokey is really what it is all about!!!

tsduff said...

Man alive - that is too much... went down the list and i know every one. I LOVE those songs. I just had a great night reliving each song. Thanks Galen :-D Good songs too.