Monday, April 16, 2007

Lets Hash This One Over.......

In my previous post I made reference to the fact that gasoline in my lifetime, was as low as 17.9 cents a gallon. Look at it now! But sometimes that works in reverse.........

Flashback to 1975. There was no cable TV. There was no such thing as a stereo TV. All watches were either wind up, or self wind. There were no electronic watches......were there?
My buddy Ned, worked at a Chevrolet Plant. His room-mate Scott, worked at his fathers jewelry store. Both of these guys were fraternity brothers of mine from college. They shared a 2 bedroom apt. in a very upscale complex. Every Friday evening, me and about 4-5 other frat brothers, would all meet at Ned and Scotts place for Pizza, beer, cards, and a place to burn a few.
Back in the days before people really learned how to grow their own green, the early 70's was a veritable smorgasboard of world weed delight!
Ya had yer Columbian
Ya had yer Jamaican
Ya had yer Mexican
Ya had yer Oaxachan
Ya had yer African
Ya had yer Vietnamese
Ya had yer Kona
Ya had yer Maui Wowee
Ya had yer Thai Stick
Ya had yer Red Lebanese Hash
Ya had yer Black Afgannie Hash
Ya had yer Nepalese Finger Hash
Ya had yer Honey Oil
Jeez, did I leave anything out?
Anyway, we used to go over to Ned and Scotts place because they also had a 25 inch color TV, and a kick ass stereo system......Every Friday night they used to have on ABC TV, a show called
" In Concert". This was also simulcast in stereo on one of the local FM stations..
Kids of today really don't know how lucky they have it technology wise, So for us this was cutting edge!! We would turn the lights down very low, put a rolled up rug along the bottom of the hallway door so "fumes" wouldn't escape, and pass around a joint made up of Thai stick, crumbled up Red Leb, and the rolling paper was laden with Hash Honey Oil...Listen, after 2 hits apiece, you were looking around at whose hand the roach was in...
So one night after we all were buzzed like a bitch, Scott the jewelers son said, " Hey you wanna see somethin awesome"?...He then turned off the TV, turned off the lights, and dialed TIME..
' at the tone, the time will be...11, 59, and 50 seconds...beeeep. Just then he rolls up his sleeve and he had on the coolest looking watch that I had ever seen, it was called a PULSAR, he said that his dad had just gotten a shipment of these in and that it sold for 299 1975 Money!
The face was all black and blank, and just as the operator said..' at the tone, the time will be, 12, O Clock, Exactly..... when it said Beeeep, he pressed a button on the watch and it lit up... 12:00!!
HOLY SHIT!! Was that ever cool!..The Pulsar was the 1st L.E.D. Watch, and it cost 300 Bucks.
Neds TV was a 25 inch color RCA, and he paid about 600 dollars for it....
Today I was in Wall-Mart, and I saw that they had 27 inch stereo TV's for $189.00,
right next to the TV's, they had a bin of clearance Watches...All Digital LCD watches for $1.99.

Modern Technology...Ya gotta love it!!!..... Peace...... Galen.

OOPs, I forgot Monkey Paw...


barman said...

I'm first, no way...

barman said...

Isn't it amazing. I thought we may have had cable in 1975 but then I do not remember.

I was one of those people that had a fairly early digital watch. One of the red led watches. It was cool but nothing like watches of today. The watch I have now is an "Atomic Watch" . That is something I do remember. The watches I had kept really terrible time.

It sure is amazing where we have been. I remember buying a "cell phone" back in 1981. It was a huge bag phone. It was expensive and I never used it. Now a days I have a little flip phone that I keep in my pocket almost all the time.

Computers, although they existed, really were kind of a hobbyist only thing back then. It was not until the IBM PC and the early Macintosh computers showed up in the 80s that that changed.

Wow, my head hurts. I am going back to my heated bed (used to be water bed) and try and forget about it.

cathy said...

bronze, AGAIN!

cathy said...

I'm not sure That I want to revisit that particular part of history. I have a horrible feeling that I was labouring uder the misconception that the "Bay City Rollers" were a good band and bugging my mother for tartan trousers. (hangs head in shame)

G-Man said...

Barman, 3:42AM? WTF?
I love watching early episodes of Seinfeld, the size of his cordless phone looks like a WWII walkie talkie...

Cathy, If you were a Teeny-Bopper growing up in England in 1975, they were your world.
I understand completely!
Thanks sweetie, keep trying.......Galen xox

lime said...

oh my i have a story about a pulsar doesn't involve weed though.

SignGurl said...

Cathy, I loved the Bay City Rollers! I was convinced that even with their brogue that they were from Bay City, Michigan.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't been so active in "Just Say No".

G-Man said...

Limey? The Pulsar story please?

Jenn, you are a true blonde!!!
Thats why you are so Hot!

MONA said...

So this time it is economics class
All about Demand & Supply I guess
The graph has dipped to an all time low...
It might turn again to to form a U
Mind You!
Economy, directly proportional to consumerism?
Capitalism, inversely porportinal to Inflation?
Recession? mind is fairly screwed up as far as economics go, when both my parents were great Economists!! [ hangs[sic] my head in shame, cathy you are not alone].
shall I blame it on my infrastructure here?
Galen You smoked Grass??????????
How did it taste?
Just curious.

MONA said...

sign gurl. How are you feeling now?
I hope & pray that you are well & hale & hearty!

MONA said...

Galen..We have Pulsar motorbikes in India, which all the lower middle class bridegrooms are demanding as dowry these days, from the girl's parents.

MONA said...

PPS. hey Galen. I am missing Tops terribly!..Can I have a smoke Phulease!?

Yeah, I was in Greece...I go whereever the wind takes me...
Am I at the mercy of the winds?

I go whereever the world wide web takes me
Modern technology, You gotta love it!
Signed and sealed by Monkey's paw!

G-Man said...

Yes Mona, I have smoked Grass before..
How does it taste?
It varies with the quality..
I miss TC also Mona..
I'm sure he'll come back!

They still give dowry's in India?
Have a great day Mona..
Galen xoxox

S said...

Why I remember way back, we hadta crank up th' victrola ifn we wanted some music. Otherwise, we made it ourselves outa washboards, tin pots and pans and wooden spoons.

Ennertainmint? Whatcha talking about? I got me some chores for you ta do, so fergit ennertainmint.

First, there's them pigs need a swappin. Then the horses need waterin...and then the chickens fed..then ya gotta scrub my yurts....they get dirty ya know....

and then....when all that is done, I got me some floors for you to scrub and some hay ta pitch, so quit going on about modern technoigie when we got work ta do.

S said...

Pigs need a swappin? i meant swabbin! LOL but what does that mean really? I have no idea, just do it.

Leigh said...

Ahhh the good ole days, before cell phones and internet. My kids often asked how I managed as a teenager with out these modern day needs.

jillie said...

Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and don't forget Midnight Special!

Yeah, I remember those days...

Ha...yeah barman...the red led glow. They were SOOOOOO cool. Also you were really cool if you had a "pocket" calculator.

The bag phone...OMG...I was watching tv about a month ago and there was an old movie on from the early 80's and they had a guy walking around on the beach with one of those. I am sure at that time is was the shit.

S E E Quine said...

` A weed-related thought; there's a product called 'Chronic Pops' - the same great taste without the cops!

` No cable in 1975? That must mean that people who lived in West Virginia couldn't get any TV stations back then (it's very hilly) unless they had satellite dishes. It explains why some older WV homes have gigundous satellite dishes in the yard... but when did THOSE come out?

` BTW, I responded to your comment on my post. I hope you like.

Manny said...

I use to weigh alot less when I had to get up to change channels.

I remember when cable first came out. Woot! They put a box on top of the tv, but we still had to get up to change channels.

$5.00 would fill up my 67 Mustang and I would drive all over for 2 1/2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember all those names for but I do remember that show and turning the stereo on, we were in heaven. There was Uriah Heep and David Bowie on back then. Great stuff.

You need to stay out of WalMart

jillie said...

YO...PEDRO!!! Yu gat de schtuff?


G-Man said...

Susie, isn't it sloppin the hogs?
I'll ask Signgurl, she grew up on a Hog farm!!
I still have a crank-up Victrola in my living room..

Hi sweetie..
Are you old enough to remember the Old Days?
You need a few coveniances where you live!....Galen xox

Jillie Bean,
I'm sorry I haven't been around today baby...
I was sellin cars!!
Yeah remember how expensive those Texas Instrument calculaters were?

Is that you?
God I've missed the Proffessor!!
I've never heard of Chronic Pops...
But maybe I'd like to try some...
And I'll be right over!

Manny, another lost sheep returns to the flock!
Great to see you baby!!
Galen loves his Candy Cane..xoxox

Top Cat!!
This day started out very crappy...
And it just got perfect!
Great to see you TC...
You don't know how great!
And now that you mention it, I do remember those groups on there!!
Stealin, when I should have been buyin!
Wall-Mart? Tell me about it!...The worlds worst check-out!

Anonymous said...

Ok.. I'll be the trouble one... Now that we look at all we had that was sooo, but sooo amazing... and have a good look at what we are... leaving them with... what is there to think about???
We were a spoiled generation... no war (ar least in canada), no big worries about money... (my dad could always find a third job to satisfy my mom's need of a third tv... ) Pollution wan't an issue... and global warming didn't show as it is now...
Well.. looking at that... I say we werea spoiled generation... and we keep spoiling the world...
Was it so good? Was it so neat?
Oh well... maybe I'm only tired and giving into the trendy thing about feeling sorry for the time we had so much fun... but yes.. I do feel sorry for those coming next... and wish we should have the ability to return to mechanic watch and more easily replaced form of surviving...
I only think about a electricity shut down lasting for a moth and wonder how we will find ourselves after that...
Ah!... going to sleep... tomorrow will be a mor optimistic day... ;))

G-Man said...

That was an amazing critique of modern society. Thank you for being so profound and insightful...xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

I try to avoid Walmart because of their business and labor practices.