Monday, April 23, 2007

............That's Amore'

OK, my bad...I left my post up one day too long, and a mini controversay has popped up...
So without further adieu, here is a little slice of history from Mr. Knowitall.
The History Of Pizza....
The ancient Greeks invented pizza. The most accomplished bakers in the ancient world, they made a variety of breads topped with spices, herbs, and vegetables. Their first pizza was designed as kind of an "edible plate", with the thick crust around the edge serving as a handle.
How did pizza become Italian? The Greeks occupied parts of Italy for 6 centuries; one of their legacies was the popularity of pizza there.

Early pizzas featured cheese, herbs, veggies, and fish or meat---But no tomatoes!
Why you ask? Because tomatoes was a New World Food! They didn't even reach Italy until the mid-1500's. And people did not eat them until the mid-19th century, because folks thought they were poisonous!
In 1889 pizza maker Raffaelle Esposito added tomatoes to pizza for the 1st time. The reason?
He wanted to make a pizza for Queen Margherita in the colors of the Italian flag-red, white, and green. So he made it with Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and green Basil.

The first American pizzeria opened in New York City in 1905. By the 1920's pizza places started opening up all over the the Northeast...But it was still considered an exotic food.
American G.I.'s returning from Italy after WWII, made pizza popular throughout the US. But it wasn't until the 1960's that it became a fad.....and a certain movie may have been responsible..
In the 1961 film 'Splendor in the Grass', ( quite a racy film for the time ), Warren Beatty asks a waitress,"Hey whats pizza"? The waitress took him to the "back room" and showed him her pizza....and a bit more!
Today Americans eat more than 30 million pieces of pizza..PER DAY! Or 350 slices per second!
Pepperoni is the most popular topping nationwide; anchovies are the least favorite.

Myself, I have a couple of little tricks when I order pizza at work.
1. The local Dominoes knows that I like my pizza very well done, so I order a small cheese pizza, and they run it though the oven twice. Yeah baby, it's almost black, and people don't steal it on me if I get a customer during lunch.
2. And I happen to LOVE anchovies, so I'll order a small cheese and anchovie pizza. Hahahaha
NO ONE asks me for a piece.
There you have it....No more arguments please....Peace... Galen.


javajazz said...

okay, you are getting stranger and stranger every do you ever find this information, mr pizza knowitall? xo yenta

lime said...

well now yo uhad to know the greeks did somethign great again......democracy and pizza!

ok, my favorite? green peppers and onions, then i sprinkle it with garlic powder, crushed red pepper and oregano...mmmmmm.....wanna kiss now?

javajazz said...

my sister likes hot dogs burnt to a crisp...just in case they arent carcinogenic enough before that process...

G-Man said...

Limey? Don't you ever ask me that...
Yes! The Frencher, the better!

G-Man said...

JJ, It's common knowledge!

...I love burn't dogs!
I always ask for them!!

They are the best!!

barman said...

Mine would be pepperoni and mushroom but I must admit the pizza Lime mentioned does sound interesting.

Who doesn't like a burnt hot dog? Well not incinerated but a nice burn on the outside. Kind of like burnt cheese. Opa!

Strumpet said...

Pizza wasn't invented until Chicago Deep Dish came along, baby.

And I won't even get INto hot dogs.

G-Man said...

Barman, all pizza is good Pizza...Some is better than others, but none is bad!!
Saganaki....I love it!!

Strumpet? You don't like weiners?
Those lucious little cylindrical tubes of Meat-like Wonder?
Flint has a local company called Koegels.
Their Vienna is world famous for having much higher standards than the law requires...
They have a real 'snap' when you bite into one.
Uno's makes a decent deep-dish....Thanks Strumpet for your objective critique...xoxox

G-Man said...

....although NOT an actual critique. Your true feelings were well noted!

God, a Chicago dog is world famous..mustard, tomato, pickle, celery salt, French Fries...

Love ya sweetie.....G

javajazz said...

hey, i remember those "snappy" little dogs! we used to go to this hip cafe down in yorkville run by these very eccentric europeans, possibly Polish, or German....but they used to serve these amazing snappy hot dogs...what was the name?? debreziners or something? menopause brain escapes me...with very tender potato salad, even. yum.
funny about the burnt hot dog obsessions! jeez, between burnt dogs and burnt cheese, perhaps one might visit their medical doctors and obtain an MRI or somethin'...and dont tell me, you like to wash it down with kosher dill pickle juice...blechh!

Strumpet said...

I LOVE hot dogs.

All kinds.

I just meant that Chicago invented those too.

And you've so beautifully pointed out as to why.

Last year for my birthday...we all went out for hot dogs.

And then to a tiki bar.

Jazzy, I LOVE pickles!


snowelf said...

I love pineapple on my pizza. I'm a freak over it. :)


Cazzie!!! said...

Here Down under Dominoes is like a swear word, their pizzas totally suck. We have Pizza Hut but we call that chain of pizza restaurants Pizza FuKt!!!
The best place we ever go to is an Italian Pizza place close to home, called Sottile's. It is run by a wonderful family, mumma, pappa, and their kids. They cook an amazing homemade traditional lasagna. Their pizza dough is to die for, and their secret sauce is lovely too.
Because they put so much topping on top of the base, we ask for extra cheese on top to keep the toppings stuck together!!!
We usually get a Hawiian Pizza, lots of pineapples on it. I get a Seafood pizza, it has a yummy base with tomato sauce, herbs, salmon, scallops, mussels and some fish. Lovely :)

Anonymous said...

good morning g-man..You've just given a history of my favorite food, PIZZA. I LOVE PIZZA.
Very interesting facts.
Now when someone says "sounds greek to me", I will know they are talking about pizza.
It's funny how far frozen pizza has come, pizza's like DiGiorno and Freschetta with their self rising crusts are pretty damn good.

*I didn'tknow there was a time limit leaving posts up...I'm in trouble! LOL

G-Man said...

I didn't find too many snappy dogs in Canada..
But then again, I never spent too much time in Yorkville...Thanks JJ.

Whew! Strumpet, I thought you were getting all healthy on me for a minute.

Snowelf, Pineapple on pizza hardly makes you a freak.
Now some things do though....
Maybe another post...
4 in a row?..( Big Smile )

G'Day Sweetie, I prefer non-chains myself. But sometimes you are somewhere when you need something fast and delivered..
To me, the dough and crust is 75% of the pizza, the rest is the sauce...Have a great day!

G-Man said...

Morning TC, Like I said, all pizza is good. BOTH of the frozen ones that you mentioned are great.

Of course there is no time limit on posts, It's just that I lose my train of thought after a while...senility ya know!

MONA said...

Galen...If there is one dish I intensely dislike, it is pizza.
Dominoes or Pizza Huts..I've tried them all..but I have never developed a taste for pizzas or sphagetti, or rather any italian dish. I do not know why.

wmy said...

I shall forgive you for the anchovie thing...just because you are a sweetie!

Tina said...

Hey G!!! well, there you have DO know it all!!!! Never knew that Greeks invented pizza, and I live in Greece! I'll never again refer to the Italians as being the inventors...promise xoxo

G-Man said...

Mona, Thats OK, some people hate Curry!
Some people like grasshoppers. Ya never know. But I love Tandori Chicken...xoxoxox

Wendy, you don't like salty hairy little things?
Salty hairy big things?
Just teasing....G xoxox

Tina, glad that you were enlightened today!!
I have done my job!!!

SignGurl said...

I missed the debate. I must say I'm disappointed that this post isn't about sex.

Remind me not to steal your pizza.

SignGurl said...

Ohhhhhhhhh........G said Koegels!!!! I love a good weiner and they are the best. I'm coming to Flint to get a weiner. Oops, they sell them here bu I'm still coming to Flint.

I'm taking hungry ass to work now. Have a great day everyone!

SignGurl said...

Haaaaaa......the mere mention of a weiner and I lose all my typing ablilites!

EBEZP said...

Hey that's really good info about the humble pizza - one of the only recognisable truly international foods. No language barrier or anything and easy to describe in our pidgeon english whenever we are somewhere where English is not spoken!

javajazz said...

a good weiner...
ah, now there's something
that's hard to come by...

javajazz said...

yes, Sign, i have a feeling
you'll find some of the best
in Flint...

pizza! comfort food! yumm!
Mona, i too, have lost my taste
for pasta, where i used to love
it in my younger years, it seems
my metabolism requires something
more digestable, like protein,
perhaps...oh, and coffee...!
(all the food groups)
and chocolate.

javajazz said...

oh, and this urgency
to barf out posts in such
a rapid manner?
time limits are all in our minds.
there is nothing ever imposed here, except perhaps by the self...
blogging should be pleasurable,
somewhat sensuous, if you will...
take your time, relax, breathe, enjoy the words people take the time to place their hearts and souls into, let it soak in, like a
luxurious warm bath, savour each
morsel, every word, like a sweet
soulful kiss...

after all,
it aint just blogging....

Cazzie!!! said...

For sure,m the dough and the crust are almost everything :) (winks)

G-Man said...

I'm off to work now till 8....Carry On!!!

S said...

a pepperoni kind of you thought I was gonna choose veggie though.

PS thanks for the idea for my next chop! LOL

Leigh said...

You made pizza actually sound yucky!! I understand how no one would steal a piece.

Have a good day.

Strumpet said...

Anchovies turn me on.

I've written about this on my blog, actually.

I can eat them straight outta the jar.

And that isn't hair...those are bones!

If it is the 'hair' that is getting to you...if it is a texture can always look for a higher quality anchovy that is filleted better.

Some people like the flavour anchovies can add to a dish and they don't even know it.

If you like Caeser at least like them a little bit.

Anchovy paste is a predominant ingredient in Caesar dressing.

Of course...any GOOD Caesar will use REAL anchovies in the dressing...



As for pizza...I gotta represent Chi and shit...but I'm Italian. I'm more of a paper-thin crust kind of a girl. I also like weird shit...I worked for California Pizza Kitchen for five and a half years. They have that Thai Chicken pizza that is soooooooo fucking good and you can get it on wheat crust.

And even though you got the Chi-town dog down to a tee,'s not really my thing.

I like my dogs on a poppy-seed bun with ketchup only and most true Chicagoans will scowl at you for pourin' on ketchup.

About once a year I'll hit up a Portillo's for a hot dog and a chocolate malt. God, they're good.

But seein' as I ain't too big on bread nowadays...I just like that protein...the last dog I had was grilled with a little American cheese on top with no bun. I had the guys at work make me one last week.

I cut it into little tiny pieces and felt like a little kid.

They don't have hot dogs at the place I'm going I had to get my fix before I go.

It's the only thing I've eaten off the menu since I gave notice.

And it's not really on the was totally Strumpified.

But they SHOULD offer it like that as an option on the kids menu.

It's good.

As for our Caesar we use anchovy paste.

As for CPK's Caesar they use BOTH anchovy paste and real anchovies. I really miss their Caesar salad.

Hmmmm...I think I'm gettin' a Caesar for dinner tonight.

With chicken.

I haven't eaten breakfast I'm hungry and going on and on about food.

Breazy said...

I get busy for a couple of days and fights start breaking out? Whadda you gonna do with 'em?

LOL! How is your day going? Mine is absolutely wonderful! I have a cable modem now and I have pics of my new house posted just as I promised.

Have a good day!

jillie said...

You like your pizza's just like mine!!! I didn't get your msg until this morning when I got back from the dentist...booohooo but cavities ;o)

I want pizza and I want it now...only WITHOUT the anchovies please??


jillie said...

I just ate my pizza and it was

DEEEEEEEELISH!!! Just like my g-man


Cazzie!!! said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, anchovies, I love them and capers too!!!

MONA said...

G are so right...Guess me & pizza have to co-exist...

& be interdependent too sometime...

Hey Galen (((HUGS)))

jillie said...

Strumpet...yuck! You like anchovies too? BUT...did you know that in a "true" ceseare salad they don't use anchovie paste OR anchovies?

SignGurl said...

Are we still talking about weiners here?

tkkerouac said...

Pinapples,ham,olives,mushrooms, thats a pizza.

jillie said...'re HAWT! You're always talking about wieners girl...lmao

SignGurl said...

Jillie, we can talk about weiners here all night. G won't care. I rather think he enjoys a little weiner talk.

Hehehe, I said little weiner!!

Jodes said...

sometimes we just do not have it in us to post everyday.

G-Man said...

Holy Shit, "Spring" brings out the best in you baby....xoxox

JJ? ..HARD to come by?

Cazzie...(winks back)!

Susie, Nothing you ever say surprises me OK?
I've learned my lesson...Many times!

Leigh? Don't like anchovies I take it?
I'm sorry, I'll order it with them on only half OK?

Strumpet,(whispers softly) anchovies......

The ketchup thing does not bother me a bit. I put it on most everything!

And I never knew you worked at a pizza place for over 5 years!

What an educational day for me! Thanks Baby!!

Jillie, you make my head spin..(in a good way)

Cazzie, You are my kind of girl..I love Aussi's.

Mona?..Co-existing with pizza? Thats almost zen-like!
Your education is endless Mona. I learn something new every day!

OK, for you we are talkin weiners...

Tracy..Thats a Hawaiin Pizza!


G-Man said...

Little weiner?

Jodi, you are up real late!!

cathy said...

Did you mention that pizza is the same in every language, like banana, I knew a couple who got divorced over bananas. Now there was a man who liked to play with his food!!!!!!!!!!!
Over to you strumpet. LOL

G-Man said...

Cathy....It's about time you showed up!
I really missed you...
Even though your too late!

G-Man said...

Sorry I missed you brother...Please forgive me....
Great observation...

cathy said...

sorry I was late g mum in laws 3rd cancer attack confirmed yesterday.
not a good day.

S E E Quine said...

` Very informative, G-man!

` Personally, I like artichokes, roasted red peppers, onions and pepperocinis on my pizza. Luckily, my boyfriend isn't likely to steal a piece from me!! ;)

` As for hot dogs... well... he prefers turkey hot dogs and I prefer the one in... err... never mind.