Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ride Captain Ride..............

Today was by far, the most perfect day of the year so far......

I rode my Harley to work.
I delivered my 7th vehicle of a very busy week.
I sold 2 for this comming Monday.
I took my wife out for Coffee.
We actually got along very well together.
She didn't mention the word Blogging one time!
I rode My Harley a lot!
She didn't give me any flak at all when I told her that....
I was going on an organized charity ride tomorrow at noon!

And this was the topper......
I live less that 2 miles from the largest Mall in a Tri-County area. As in any Mall's Food Court,
they have that pizza place called Sbarro's. Well, I go there sometimes with about 15 minutes left before they close, and see what they have left. If they have any pizza left, you can make them any offer, and they usually take it!.Tonight I hit the Jackpot! They had this large uncut, stuffed crust, meat-lovers Pizza left. This bastard must have weighed 8 #! They normally sell the whole Pizza for 20 bucks...Trust me, it's worth every penny. And they had 3 large pieces of pepperoni pizza left, that they usually get 3 bucks apiece for. I said to the night Mgr. "how much for the 3 pieces?" He said " usually we get 3 bucks apiece, but tonight I'll give you all 3 for 6 bucks."
I said, " How much for the meat-lovers"? He said ,"20 bucks , but I'll sell it for 1/2 price"!
I said, " I'll give you ten bucks for the whole pizza, and you throw in the 3 pieces for free"!
He thought for about 10 seconds and said..."Sold"!
HA! 29 bucks worth of hot Pizza for 10 bucks.......BINGO!!!
Have a great Sunday...I am! ...Peace.... Galen


wmy said...

Yeahhhhhhhhhhh...first...It took me a while to get back on top...but, yesssssss...I am here!!

wmy said...

Ok, I had to hurry up and hit send just in case some other mofo was out there typing at the same time I was. I love Sbarro's pizza! I love those great big huge slices they give you...not like those dinky little 2 biters like some other pizza places...ahhhhhh...a huge slice of pepperoni and ham with extra cheese, and a big ol glass of mountain dew...yummy!
I am so going to the mall tommorrow! lol

Cazzie!!! said...

onya pizza loverrr, LOL.
Charity ride, in aide of what? Sounds great mate.

cathy said...

Your wife sounds very reasonable. My ball and chain has just threatened to cut off our internet connection if I don't delete my WORTHLESS blog. Hence Friday's 55.

Don't worry, he's still breathing..
....for now!!!!!

javajazz said...

now thats kinda sweet Galen.
i like that you took your
wife out for coffee...
isnt it funny how everything
else just followed suit and
went so well this week?
its just contagious,
when one good thing
seems to follow another
and another...
lets keep the wave moving!
i'm happy you had such an
awesome day yesterday...
you sure made my day!
ps, i loved how you used
your salesman skills
to nab that pizza
for an awesome price...!
you just couldnt resist,
could you??!!

Anonymous said...

good morning g-man..have a great day, enjoy this beautiful weather.
I'm out of here for the day, good luck on your charity ride.
lata bud

Strumpet said...

Ride, Captain, ride on your mystery ship.

Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip.

Ride, Captain, Ride on your mystery ship.

Be aware of a world others just might have missed.

Ahhhh....the Blood, Sweat and Tears of Blogland.

Have fun today, baby, and raise some Hell.

It's a gorgeous day for it, man.

Rock on.


G-Man said...

I love it when you are on top! Hehehehe
Good Job...xoxoxox

Hi Cazzie!
A sad thing really. Two teens were killed in a car crash 3 weeks ago, and they were not from very wealthy families.
The Biking community in my area is a very giving and careing bunch of old riders. It's fun, but also bittersweet.....
G'Day Mate...xoxox

As beautiful,
As smart,
As talented,
As attitudinall,
And as very sexy as you are?
You don't wear the pants in THAT family?
Surely you jest!!
I love your blog, it's not worthless at all!!
Set the Man straight will ya?...xoxox

Yeah JJ, It was one of those very rare days, when everything came together well!
It's almost as if someone lit a candle and burned some sage for my well-being.....
You are one very awesome lady Lisa...G loves you!

MONA said...

Galen...Your wife is so sweet!

We have a saying:" Kharbooze ko dek kar kharboozaa rang pakadtaa hai"

[ one one watermelon begins to ripe, others in proximity follow suit]

Your wife is sweet because you are so sweet.
And it could also be vice versa :))

Loads of love, have a fine sunday & a roaring ride :D

G-Man said...

Mornin TC,
God, whats better than Michigan in the Spring, Summer, and Fall?
Thanks Rick.

My loyal friend
My master player
My comic relief
My fantasy provider
My port in the storm...

Your Laundry Bitch
Your Bathroom Bitch
Your Flow-Bitch
....Loves you very much!

barman said...

Good luck on the fund raiser and have a wonderful ride Captain.

Man now I am hungry again. Perhaps a trip to the mall is in order.

G-Man said...

THAT, is the greatest proverb that I've ever heard!!
I love it!!

(yells to wife)..Hey Honey? Can I check your watermelons?

G-Man said...

Barman...It works every time.
Usually I go to that Chinese place, the Gourmet Wok?
But they were out of Orange Chicken..So Sbarro's was 2nd choice!
You have a great day brother!

javajazz said...

thank you GLH...
truth be known,
it is always just ourselves
who have the power
to shift and transform our lives
at any given moment.
remember Dorothy in the Wizard
Of Oz?
them thar ruby slippers
were symbolic of our own power,
the power we had all along
to change our lives
and get back "home"
whenever we decided
it was time...
Wizard of Oz was full of them
goodies...L. Frank Baum,
prophetic genius philosopher.
just kinda quiet about it.
but the messages were deep,
and quite brilliant...
have a beautiful ride today..
some of the loveliest men i know are old bikers, oddly enough...
what do they say?
looks can be deceiving....
may your hearts all join together
in that beautiful ride today...
i for one, lit a sage leaf this morning in your honour and placed
it in the flower pot on my front porch, so that sweet trail of scented smoke would swirl out into the air and join in with everything else in this world....eventually, it will make its way to Michigan, i'm certain of that! xoxo

Manny said...

Where's my pizza? I like pizza.

Just letting you know I still love my g-man.

Strumpet said...


Surrender Dorothy.

You should watch it with the Dark Side of the Moon!

Talk about deep.

My favourite will always be that hot pretty in pink redhead.

Only second to the striped tights...of which I own several pairs.

I'm still searching for my ruby slippers.

I do own quite a few pairs of red shoes...but none of them even come close.

Out of the men...scarecrow was my fave. He was just so damned nimble. The other two were way too wimpy. I've also always dug on the flying silver monkeys.

javajazz said...

my favourite philosopheress!
firstly, i just noticed this
morning that you have taken the
job at the new place!! i am SO
excited that you decided this!
i cant tell you how it helps all
of us who have trouble shifting
things in their lives...your
bravery is quantum and has inspired
me deeply....i dont visit blogs
so consistently so i didnt read
about it till today, but i was very thrilled and something just tells me its one of the coolest moves you have made in your life....and it has nothing to do with who you'll be working with or anything...its just going to bring you something special...i feel so positive about this change, even tho its so none of my business...cant explain other than to say, it just feels right! i meant to blather on about this over at your place, and after i get a bit of protein going here, and fire up a few brain cells,
i'm going to Strumpies to visit...

(the monkeys always scared the shit out of me, i could hardly stand watching that part...just them working for the wicked witch, it all seemed so bad...)

Strumpet said...

Awwwwwwwww.....Jazzy....thank you so much.

I have faith in your inner voice.

You're always so spot-on with so many different kinds of things, that you have me believing that this is definitely going to be a good thing. Positivity can breed nothing but more positivity, right? So, I'm going to try to look at it that way as much as possible.

And no worries! I don't get around to all the blogs that much either anymore. You come by when you feel like're always welcome anytime. I haven't even been posting as much lately anyhow, due to computer woes, so you haven't missed much!

And, yeah, I was gonna say that I really like the Wicked Witch too...but I thought that would make me seem too evil.


What a world. What a world.

The poppy field was also way kinds of cool.

jillie said...

And you didn't invite any of us?

SCORE!!!! want some for breakfast. LOVE PEPPERONI!!!!

You have go me drooling...or is that the pizza...maybe a g-man pizza lol

jillie said...

You know Strumpet...I've heard about watching that movie to the Dark Side Of The it the whole movie? Hmmmm....I'm going to have to check that one the dvd...put my headphones on....chill with a nice glass or two, maybe three and let the show begin....


lime said...

sounds like a perfect end to a pretty productive week. gotta love when the othe rhalf is agreeable and cheap but atsty pizza as a precursor to a harlye! sounds great. hope the ride went well.

Queenie said...

Isn't it great when you get a day like that, helps you manage all those crap one's...
Hope you shared your pizza!!

cathy said...

Nancy Reagan once said, "You don't need to be the head of the family if you can be the neck that turns it."
Remember "The Exorcist"?

Anonymous said...

I should go shop with you....

jillie said...

Ride captain ride....
Upon your mystery ship ;o)

G-Man said...

Manny...I remember you!!

Limey, I have to thank you for giving me tons of encouragement everyday.

Queenie, yes it makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for visiting again, I hope you make this a regular stop.....Galen

What does that mean?
Thats too allegorical for my small brain..

Jo...You can do anything with me at anytime...

I would love to go see a simulcast of the two together.
With you three!!!!!

javajazz said...

simulcast of what 2 together?
did i miss something?
menopause brain here...
wow, that'd be some fun
date knowitall
jillicious, strumpley,
and jazzy...we could do
experiments and stuff...
i could kick my religious
up from satanism to
god knows what after a
night with you kids...
thats right, satanism.
hey, i was more shocked
than i just
thought of myself as a
bohemian artistic soul...
that's why when Strumpy said
she was digging the wicked
witch of the West, i didnt
bat an eyelash...

Cazzie!!! said...

Galen, nope, it is a noble thing and I grew up a stones throw away from a house that had a family who were riders. The dad was kinda the leader of this motorcycle group. I don't like to term them as a gang because they truly did do good out there in the community.
I remember as a kid, we often had to leave our own house when they had their 2 week long parties, LOL.
They had live bands and if that didn't happen they blew up many a good and very large speaker set with their awesome music.
Riding bikes through the paddocks the lot. But, I know FACT, they did alot of good out there. Many were Vietnam Vets too. Gotta love em :)

Cazzie!!! said...

Oh,I just read the ride was spectacular, wonderful news, the families of those kids will be forever greatful :)

G-Man said...

Cazzie...Their goal was to raise 15,000 dollars.
There was a huge public dinner after the ride, for the Non-Riders!
I think they will make it. People in Flint, are quite generous and supportive...G

...dangerously cute and adorable... said...

See--you DID have a great weekend!



javajazz said...

are you really going to sleep this early???? wow!
nitey night, mr Beauty Rest!

Jodes said...

now that was a good deal, i love pizza. how are ou G? this is your heads up....

jillie said...

Jodi's announcing again!!!


Strumpet said...

Maybe he wasn't going to sleep...

Hope you had a great, ahem, ride, Galen.

And, Jazzy...maybe you missed my post on scoring a 96% Satanist. It's no wonder we get along so well. I was overall pretty pleased with my results.

Though, I was shocked as shit.

But, after I read what it had to say, I realized it was so fucking right. I really should look more into Satanism!

Satan rocks. And he's hot.

MONA said...

G-Man...watermelons are my absolutest favouritest too!What with this extreme heat of above 40 degrees celcius out here, we are having huge slices of chilled watermelon.
& soon we shall have mangoes,the king of all fruits, cartloads of them to dig into!
No pulp fiction that!

S E E Quine said...

` Mmm! Pizza! I love pizza! (I'm a vegetarian, so I prefer Veggie Lover's but all the same....) Now you have me drooling!
` ...HOLY CRAP there's a crazy person yelling, ohgod I think it's Rob... if he's all cracked-out... well if he knocks I won't answer.
` Such a lovely neighborhood I live in. Still. Grahhh!

` BTW, I have finally remembered to make that drawing while at the same time not having anything else to do! To my great surprise it took less than an hour to do a pencil sketch - penning over it is next.

MONA said...

CATHY! I love that quote!

Be the neck, be the neck...a 360 degree turn(on)able neck!

That will roast him I gaurantee you!

Tina said...

Hey G!!! I love Sbarro's... I miss real American pizza!!!Can you send some? I prefer the I've been living in Greece for 6 and a half years now and the pizza is awful!!! I can see you had an ideal weekend. I think the charity ride was a great gesture. I hope you were able to help the families.xoxo

G-Man said...

You were right my dear, it was great..Thanks

JJ, I was out at 10:30.
A rarity for sure, but much needed..xo

Jillie....stop it!

But the thought was nice.

Mona, I love Mangos as well. There is a store in town right now that has them for .49 cents apiece...
And you GOT Cathy's quote?

I thought you were moving to the country..
My Sketch!!
I can hardly wait!
Thank You so much for doing this for me, I know I'll love it...xox

There are no Dominoes or Little Caesars in Greece?
And you know whats weird?
I believe that the Greeks invented Pizza!

javajazz said...

ya, but i bet they have killer souvlaki there, among other yummys.
mmmm and mangos...! i love the all yellow ones, so sweet!

Strumpie!! Galen didnt "ride" at night, he slept! hey, how do you do those italics?? Autumn taught me once but i'm mentally and emotionally challenged and it never went in...

i was freaked out about being branded a Satanist...isnt it rather old fashioned to call a free original thinker a Satanist? arent we living in modern times? and here i thought i was as pristine as a buddhist or a sufi, but nooooooo, they had to go hook me up with Satan....well, you're right, he is hot...and so is hell. might as well call it what it is. i guess we're pretty hot too. though i wouldnt have had the brownie tray holder go without her shirt. i might still have the grocery carriers go without shorts, but thats more like heaven than anything....

ya Galen...first coffee, then
a Night Rider...summer in the city!
have a lovely day kids.
i think i woke up to hearing my daughters plane land...!

Tina said...

Ummm...wasn't that the Italians, G??? lol

Anonymous said...

good morning g-man, still diggin this shirt sleeve weather.
Ride Captain Ride.:)

G-Man said...

JJ, I love youvlaki!!

Tina, some say that it actually could have been the Persians...
But I'm sticking with the Greeks....
Coincidence?...I think not.....Look it up!
Thanks baby,,,G

Mornin TC,
I'm diggin it!!!

javajazz said...

you've never even seen
my vlaki...

cathy said...

AWFUL PIZZA! what can tina mean? she had pizza at my house the other night!

jillie said...

g-man yelled at me...I was just having a little fun LMAO!

Hope you're having a good Monday xo

Tina said...

Cathy - I was being polite, so I had to eat a slice...or two... lol
Really, that wasn't "real pizza".Have you ever had Sbarro's? If not try it and you'll see what I mean.

G-Man said...


OK ladies, you've forced me to Play the role of Mr. Knowitall....AGAIN!!

Now I gotta Post!!

G-Man said...

JJ, In my mind I have. xox