Saturday, April 7, 2007


Shhhhhh! If I post this silly little reading fodder this late, we will see who lives in California, India, or is an insomniac!!
Just simple stuff tonight...We've all heard of the overused Oxymorans such as, Miltary Intelligence, or Jumbo Shrimp, but here are a few that may have slipped your mind...

Light Heavyweight............. Death Benefits
Painless Dentistry.............. Upside Down
Drag Race............................ Original Copy
Friendly Fire....................... Random Order
Criminal Justice.................. Irrational Logic
Permanent Temporary..... Business Ethics
Amtrack Schedule.............. Slightly Pregnant
Mandatory Option.............. Holy Wars
Protective Custody............. Half Dead
Limited Nuclear War.......... Supreme Court
Dear Occupant..................... Even Odds
Standard Deviation............. Baby Grand
Freezer Burn....................... .Inside Out
Pretty Ugly.......................... .Fresh Frozen
Industrial Park..................... Moral Majority
Loyal Opposition.................. Truth in Advertising
Eternal Life........................... Friendly Takeover
Natural Additives................. Good Grief
Student Teacher................... United Nations
Educational Television......... Baked Alaska
Nonworking Mother............. Plastic Glasses
Active Reserves.................... Peacekeeping Missles
Full-Price Discount............... Somewhat Addictive
Limited Immunity................ Science Fiction
Open Secret........................... Unofficial Record

And the most obvious one, especially around this time of year is....Tax Return!
You have a great Week-End now, Holla if ya hear me!
And please feel free to add any that The G-Man may have missed


jillie said...

I guess that would be


I'm first...woooohoooo!

jillie said...'s one...

A "little" pregnant...ok, you either are or you aren't...duh!

G-Man said...

I get it!...You are impersonating a fellow blogger that never reads the Posts......

Cause er Jillie? I had slighly pregnant, is that the "same difference"? Hahahahaha
And yet another one from The G-Man...Thanks for being #1.....G

javajazz said...

ha! cool stuff...
love oxys
almost as much as outtakes...
nightowl here!
night all!

javajazz said...

i've heard of bloggers
who never read the comments...!

cathy said...

I read the comments javajazz but I haven't read the post yet,LOL.

cathy said...

You forgot happily married (woman)

MONA said...

Ah g man!, I know what this is all about


Galen hurriedly posted this late night post becuse he does not want anyone to read the comments on his last post.

Do you know that G man went to circus last night?

MONA said...

G man : [Gritting his teeth] wait till I lay my hands on you... you super- choder teacher, you oxymoron, you hot from the oven piece of pakhana! I'm going to wring your neck till you turn blue in the face..

HELP!!! Strumpet! TOPS! SUSIE! Cathy! Jillie! Lime! Barman!

I Am Dying!!!

My dying wish: chod me for three days after I die before burying least that will make me at par with Queen Cleopatra!

MONA said...

ps. that is IF all of you dont arrive on time to save me from those elephantine hands closing around my neck...

cathy said...

we'll save you mona but you could play dead anyway. then you still get 3 days of choding:o

lime said...

i just woke up and as you know morning is not my best time...

some how all i can think of is 'free gift' which i know is not an oxymoron but why mut we qualify a gift as being free? who pays for a gift? oh, btw, here's $20 would you go get me a nice gift for my birthday? i think not.

and then there is more perfect and more unique. these things have no degrees. you're either perfect and unique or not.

ok, time for some cocoa puffs.

Anonymous said...

good morning g-man, 20 frickin degrees, WTF!!!
These are great oxymorons. I'm not awake yet but I'll try to think of one you haven't already covered here.

G-Man said...

JJ, there are bloggers that don't do either...
Happy Saturday to you baby..

Mona? Thats quite a violent scenario..
Do you have dreams of me choking you?
And I don't think anyone has ever brought up the subject of necrophilia before..
Although I know of a few chicks that act like they're dead in bed...
I believe that choding should be enjoyed with much enthusiasm...Don't you?

Cathy...OK It's now 8:24 am..What time is it now in Greece?

Good Morning my little
Pennsylvania Petunia..
Thanks for contributing.
I'm also, Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs..xoxoxox

G-Man said...

Take your time TC, I'll be leaving for work shortly, it's hard tellin what subject matter is going to be tossed around here today.
So Far?
1.Non-post reading bloggers
2.Fantasy choking
3.Fantasy choding
4.Necro choders
5.Cocoa Puffs
6.The weather

All this before 9:00am

BTW, Jillie, I'm not talking about you either!
Even I have missed things before...xoxoxox

javajazz said...

necrophilia means
never having to say
you're sorry...

(apologies, i just rarely
get an opportunity to
use that line...)

Crabby said...

When I can think again. I'll come up with some. But I warn could be years. LOL!

javajazz said...

i LOVE Cocoa Puffs, Lime!!

javajazz said...

Cathy, i havent read the post yet,
(too many morons to absorb at once)
and i'm trying not to read some of the comments...

javajazz said...

Sweet Galen,
do you really have to work today?
well, perhaps you'll sell
7 cars, at least...i'm placing bets today...everyone wants cars from Galen because he is smart and charming and tres diplomatique....!
AND he cooks a mean dinner!
and he understands his customers
and takes good care of them...
just like here in the Blog Zoo.
have a beautiful day, mr G!
xoxo LC

G-Man said...

JJ? Hahahaha
I liked that one.
Of course I'm stealing it!

Mornin Crabby, we must have had this ESP thing going on. I was on your post, while you was on mine...Your Funny! xoxox

Lisa.....Serenity Now.

javajazz said...

f--- serenity.

(i thought you'd love that one...
i wont tell you when i used it
earlier this week...its so rare
you get to use that more than
once in a week....)

perhaps you can bring it up
before you sell one of your
beautiful cars today!
i'm sure that'll clinch the deal!

have a good one!
xoxo your fan,

MONA said...

Arey G-man, you egg stealer, I was saying that you would strangle me for sending the crowd to your last post. & no no no, I do not enjoy dead choding. That was only to come at par & be Queen Cleopatra.

Dont you know, that after her death by the kiss of the snake, Cleopatra's body was a free for all choding dummy, left to be choden for three days by anybody & everybody who wished to.It was only after that she was cremated.It is a historical fact.

MONA said...

& no g-man, I dont get dreams of you choking me, but I do get dreams of murdering my father & burying his dead body in my bedroom. I also get dreams of being bombarded by war planes&also, of running naked in my university campus, hiding behind pillars & posts. Also of reaching school before dawn & not returning home till midnight.Also of elephants carrying me over hills & valleys wraped in their trunks. Also of locking the dorrs at night & finding them ajar when I turn back to look, also of being buried alive by my mother in her bedroom.
Now whatdaya say to that???

Snowelf said...

Good Morning Galen,

How I WISH I was in California! Jillie, send us some warm weather!

Have a great weekend!!


((Thanks for coming to visit me too. :) ))

barman said...

Did we forget military intelligence?

Mornin' G-man. Hope your day is going well. Might I say most impressive Jillie, first and all the way from over on the west coast. You animal you.

Strumpet said...


Not only is Ms. Mona a spanker...

Not only does Ms. Mona portray all that embodies the phrase, 'hot for teacher...'

But, she's down with a little Regal Roleplay Necro action too?

Now, THAT is fucking hot.

Personally, I've always wanted someone who would dress-up as King Tut for me.

And Mona...I think a good three-day choding while you lie there and play possum should REALLY help something fierce in getting rid of all those pesky nightmares. Try it!

Galen, I want to play with your Easter Eggs. I promise to be enthusiastic about it. Can we paint them fun colours?

Manny said...

You're getting fresh.

lime said...

LMAO @ jj's definition of necrophilia. classic!

and actually if we are talking junkfood cereal here's what i love most

a mixing bowl of count chocula and frankenberry mixed together, drowned in milk until it's on the verge of soggy.

gross i know, but hey...i eat bran flakes blueberies skim milk and oj almost every morning.

MONA said...

strumpet strumpet..just one day away from the lessons & you are making careless mistakes
Its not fucking hot, its choding hot

& really strumpet? will all that necro choding get rid of my nightmares...

It must be quite a meditative therapy..TANTRA

But do you know, that necro choding can actually be enlighting? When btwn choding you stay putt & just gaze in each other's eyes...& then the ground beneath your feet has moved,& you start melting & merging

tkkerouac said...

I didn't get those ones!

cathy said...

I can't think of anything worse than melting and merging with my husband, I might get to be boring and bad tempered,UGH

cathy said...


cathy said...


MONA said...

I did not say HUSBAND cathy :)

cathy said...

NOW, THEN about these OXYMORONS well g-man would probably appreciate the incongruence of expressions such as HELL’S ANGEL and INEXPENSIVE CAR. What do you say OLD BOY can you tell me where the TRUTH LIES in this mess of BONELESS RIBS. All this thinking is giving me a TERRIFIC HEADACHE maybe I should consider a FAMILY VACATION where I could just ACT NATURALLY and get away from the MISERABLE ABUNDANCE of RELIGIOUS EDUCATION on the television, not however a WORKING HOLIDAY that would not be AWFULLY NICE!

jillie said...

So I guess that I'm the oxymoron then...duh!

Hey it was late ok??

I feel like a dufus now that I read it again. Were you reading my mind?

Manny said...

Wallpaper-Day from hell.

Manny said...

Am I too late to save Mona?

Manny said...

I only want to play! No work, just play!!!!!!

G-Man said...

Mona, Of all those choded up choding nightmares that you are blessed with, I believe that I like the one where you are running naked through Campus....
And Strumpet?
Wiser advice was never given! Bless you Dear..xox

Snowelf!! Two days in a row..Thank you again.
And have a very Happy Easter....Galen

Psssst. Barman, it was my first one.
But thats ok! Anyway Bryan my man, I hope you are having a great Easter with some Family.

Michelle...I love your serial cereal updates..
And as far as mixing the Chocula with Frankenberry?
Ewwww Thats not Right!!
xoxoxox G

Manny? Finally!.* wink *

Necro Choding!!!
( I could use a little enlightenment )

Tracy, really, your not alone! Have a Happy Easter.....G

( Superman II )

"I thought I was the Bally table king, But I just handed my pinball crown to her"!

Indeed I do appreciate the incongruence of expressions, Miss Cathy!
And you have proven to be a quality player of the Highest Regard...
Thank You so much for finding our little 'Zoo'!
Thanks for giving me the time of day.....Galen

G-Man said...

Jillie? You Lucky dog!!
Going to a baseball game..
I love going to the stadium...Rock On Jildo xox

barman said...

OK so how about smart Barman as those two certainly do not go together as demonstrated by my comment above.

I became one with the road as I had to head back home and get the choding medicine I left at home. Not fun but at least it is over. I know, not exactly the proper use of chode but... and no I am not talking about Viagra.

G-Man said...

Barman, I think that all chode is good chode...
That was a very nice thing that you did for TC.
Knowing you, I can't believe you didn't have your camera ready...
Maybe you did. Did you?
Have a Happy Easter!!

Wait a minute here....
Did Strumpet say that she wanted to play with my eggs?
Then color them?
Well if nothing else,they are very hard boiled!!
Thanks to you...xoxoxox

cathy said...

you asked me to give you the time of day, which left me no other choice, I couldn't have people saying that I wouldn't give you the time of day,could I?

cathy said...

God damn it I'm going to bed it's 3.30am here.
shit, I'm turning into a choding talking clock already!

cathy said...

Hell's bells awake again at stupid o'clock in the morning!


wmy said...

I swear, you must be spying in my windows or something! My kid was working on an english thing...due when he gets back from spring break...and I was trying to help him come up with oxymorons for the project! Kinda spooky huh? hahaha

G-Man said...

Cathy, Thank You...

Wendy, you can always rip off the G-Man whenever you want..
Have a very Happy Easter!
Galen xo

MONA said...

That Necro choding is about Yin & Yang Galen, when the dynamic & the receptive energies are locked together via choding. It is so powerful that it can make the earth itself shudder.It is one of those rare cases where female too has an ejaculation.Really, I am not joking.
Do you know, that in Yoga, we have an asan where they test the power if lund khara by balancing a glass full of wter on an erection.& some ppl can do it for an hour!
It is absolutely true, no joking here.

DarkAngel said...

Vacuum packed ... vacuuming is sucking, packing is putting in.

Early retirement -- if it was early, why would you retire?

Nite Galen *hugs ya*

G-Man said...

Oooooh Mona, I know all about female ejaculations. If you ever get bored, you should Google this chick named Cytheria...
She can arc a stream of ejaculate about 5 feet..
And with force!!
So I do believe you!
The Yin and Yang angle though makes it less Naughty...Thanks again for the Tantric Lessons.

Dark Angel...
Playin on the G-Mans blog. And with some new ones...Thanks Baby, I love your visits, as you well know...xoxoxoxox

Strumpet said...


Wait just a mother-choding minute here...

In all this time that I have been trying to become a squirter, you mean to tell me that Dead Girls Squirt? Or are you saying that if I fuck a dead dude...I'll achieve the tsuanmi I seek so badly?

Please, Professor Mona, fill me in on the Squirter/Dead Guy phenomenon you speak of.

And can I just say that Barman and Cathy using 'choding' has just made my day.

Galen, I'm very glad you decided to mention my playing with your Easter Eggs. I was beginning to think that you weren't going to allow me the pleasure.


G-Man said...

You aspire to be a squirter? Now this raises quite a delemma with The G-man..
There is no way that I thought that you could possibly be any Hotter!!
But a squirter?
I stand corrected, The Hot Factor of Strumpet has just become Nuclear!
My Eggs? Take anything..
It's all yours....xoxoxox

MONA said...

STRUMPET! you just made a second mistake in one day.
It is not mother choding
It is Maather choding.
Now one more mistake & you shall be detained after school.

& It will be the dead guy necro phenomenon that is going to achieve the tsunami.

A dead guy, gone stiff that is...

MONA said...

yeah strumpet! choding is catching up, like wild fire, & making waves like tsunami


Strumpet said...


C'mon, babe...let's scramble those suckers up...

But, I think I'm going to colour them with chocolate polka-dots first.

And yes, I've been trying to achieve Squirterdom for almost a year now! By myself...with a partner, (back when Sir J was around anyhow,) and I have yet to achieve my desired goal. I have done much research on the subject and I can't figure out what I'm doing incorrectly. But one day...the deluge will cum. I'm sure of it.


To get to stay after school with you, babe...I might just have to start making errors on purpose! I know how you like to use physical punishment for reprimanding... And, well, you know...Strumpets like that sort of thing.

However, before I make another mistake on the subject of the torrential downpour of my dreams...

I REALLY want to make sure I'm getting this right here...

You are saying that if I have sex with a dead male and his stiffy...that this is the magic formula I need to bring on the squirt? I can't believe this is a well-known Hindi/Tantra thing?! I think I need to travel to India for this one cos I think fuckin' a dead dude here in Chi is illegal. But, I am definitely willing to try it. Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that Ghoulie Guys turn me on. I'm usually more about Zombies and Skulls and shit...but I can be down with the Necro AND have a good time doin' it. Is there a number I can call once I'm there to assist me with finding a willing participant? Are there men who donate their bodies there for female pleasure? I mean...once they're dead and all...

However, I have a question, because I am totally serious about this. Once I have sex with a dead dude and become an Official Squirter...will I be able to recall the sensations and stimulations necessary when I have sex with the living again in order to continue with my streaming love nectar action? Cos I want to be able to squirt with a live dude along with me for the ride, ya know?

And yes, Mona...


This is our school slogan.

We need to make t-shirts and shit.

Happy Easter to one and all. May you all chod in one form or another on this glorious day and enjoy your friends, family, food, candy and the Easter Bunny.

And Galen...

You choding rock. Thank you for making my holiday so special this year. KJ says, 'what up?'

G-Man said...

First of all, in all of the 100's of bits of correspondence that we have ever exchanged, I usually don't openly discuss sexual matters. Not that I'm not a perv of sorts, but I just don't do it often...
But this squirting thing?
Strumpet, that is about the hottest thing that you have ever said in public...Much hotter than Strap-On Buggery by the way!!! I'm not certain that you can develop that talent..
I think that it may be some sort of glandular anomolie that some chicks are blessed with..
But I'm certainly no expert on that subject matter,,,,just a huge fan!
But once you finally do expell your little
'Arc of Triumph', for God's sakes please share that with us...Cause Web People want to know!!

You are the best!!

MONA said...

O no Strumpet..This galen has confused me by using necrochoding & enlightenment togethrr in a sentence.
That does not happen I am sorry.
In Tantra sex, you Both have to be alive, for the Yin [ receptive] & yang[ dynamic] energies to flow & form a complete circle in union of flesh. There are three things when transformstion happens, during sleep, during sex & during meditation. These are the three stages where a person is ego less & lets himself go completely.
If you can make it a more conscious experience than a 'lost' one, where you are completely aware & alert & can harness the sexual energy, you have the greatest experience of your life. It is a simultaneous one male-female orgasm, when you completely sqeeze out all the juices of living from you in one shuddering moment.

G-Man said...

Mona? Have you experianced these dynamics? You are like the Masters and Johnson of India...I'm really impressed......galen

Strumpet said...


You have to teach me Tantric Enlightenment as Strumpet must become a squirter.

Fuck glands.

EBEZP said...

I know I'm late but I was working yesterday Sunday while you were all talking necrophilia along with your easter eggs!!
I wouldn't want to start a war or anything but Military Intelligence is often changed over here to American Intelligence. Ooops!

How about for slobs like me, Fun Run!

The funniest one has always been for me though and I'm not a blogger that doesn't read the post but I don't read all 61 comments....Lady Boy!!