Thursday, March 29, 2007

My First 55.........

It ended when you said goodbye
Oh baby thats what I like
Feed your head. Feed your head
Meaner than a junk yard dog!
I sold my soul to the company store
In the jingle jangle morning I'll come following you!
And when he died, all he left us was alone
Musical Famous Last Words!


javajazz said...

your first 55 what....
years on the planet?
(i actually do think i know
some of these tunes, even tho
i was a hard core jazzer...!)

G-Man said...

JJ, some of our fellow bloggers do certain things on certain days!
Some on Friday do a post in 55 words exactly, thats called the 55..

Now some others do a thing called Da Count!
My good friend Limey told me that you should list the things that "do" count, rather than anything negative..
Being the spiritual person that you are Lisa, you've got to find that very cool!!

Any One can feel free to..
Name That Tune!!!

javajazz said...

wow, G!
you are getting Ultra Hip now,
do you realize that????
i never even heard about 55
before! thats so neat, almost
like some demented version of
Bloggers Haiku or somethin'...
how do you do it...
write a bunch of crap, and then
pare it down to 55 words?
kind of like how you did?

being the spiritual person that i am (ha!! you make me laff, G-person) i find Limey very cool!
so Da Count is for Da Tings Dat Count? is that on any particular day?

anyway, congrats on your first 55. i'd write one, but i'm terrible
with math, plus, you know, i cant get in under 200 by a long stretch...

javajazz said...

Bad Bad Leroy Brown...
(hey its amazing i know even one!)
(i actually had to google it
cuz i could sing it in my head
but couldnt for the life of me
remember the name of that tune!)

G-Man said...

JJ, none of this stuff is my doing...I think the 55 is the Barefoot Mistresses doing..
And as for lime, she is very hip!
She is a very positive, kind, and loving person.
But one should stay on her good side, she has a strong sense of decorum!

Kudos on the song, baby!

jillie said...

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man....

Serena Joy said...

It ended when you said goodbye

That's a Skeeter Davis tune. I know the lyrics and the melody but I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it. Something like "The End of the World."

My favorite musical famous last words:

I don't wanna see you go but darlin', you better go now.

jillie said...

Papa was a rolling stone....wooohooo I'm on a roll now

cathy said...

My browser is playing up I can only see half of your post but I think chantilly lace is in there.
this is a boring comment but I've only just woken up.

tsduff said...

I know the first two.. but damn it I cant think of it with the tv I won't get 100% boo hoo

Jefferson Airplane
Jim Croce RIP
Tennessee Ernie Ford (LOVE that song - sing it all the time)
The Birds - Hey Mr Tamborine Man
Temptations - Pappa was a Rollin Stone

Love all these songs - have to say I love your sense of nostalgia. What a Memory!!!

jillie said...

You know I was trying to sing "the junk yard dog" and it was playing in my head but just could think of it...Big Bad Leroy Brown...

Yes, isn't g-man the bomb? Well so is TC and barman ;o)

Good night g-man...xoxo

MONA said...

sing, just sing a song/ make it simple to last you all life long/ dont worry if it isnot good enough/ for anyone else to hear/ just sing, sing a song...
Leroy who??
& everybody..G- man is not 55 he is 57
That is special g- man wikipedia giving you the NEWS
Now mona as herself SMACK...WHACK...[ do you increase the font size on this]
0k...20,0000 decibles WHACK

jillie said...

Carpenters...Thanks Mona now I'm going to have that song in my head all day....or should I say

jillie said...

Did g-man go to bed and leave all of us women on his court to play? I think he's having wet

jillie said...

I going to coming g-man?

Cazzie!!! said...

Very crafty G-Man.

G-Man said...

Jillie, you know your oldies, you must listen to a lot of radio.

Good Morning Serena.
Good going on Skeeter.
Your favorite was a Moody Blues tune?

Good morning Cathy,
You can visit as groggy and hung over as you wish! Just glad to see you.....Galen

Terry, my dear...
This post was for you sweetie....Thanks, G

Mona, you are still smacking me?
I'd rather have a lip 'Smack'!!
Then I guess a WHACK! would soon follow..
You have the Carpenters in India?

The Avatar?

Good Morning Cazzie!
Whats the time down under Baby?

Jillie, now you got me thinking AC/DC.....
She asked me to come...
But I was already there!
You baby, Rock me All Night Long!

lime said...

1. i dunno
2. chantilly lace
3. something by jefferson airplane/starship/'s early and the title escapes me but i can hear grace slick
4. bad, bad leroy borwn
5. again, i can hear it but can't dredge up the title or artist
6. Mr. tambourine man
7. I dunno

while technically a 55 is supposed to have at least one discernable character and a plot, i think this is somethign susie will approve of without reservation. like i said, she is quite liberal.

this was a FUN first entry g-man...kudos!!!

oh and for those interested in learning about 'da count' that's a friday phenomenon as well, it was started by a fellow blogger named lecram. and yes, it's about counting all the blessings you've got instead of bemoaning the things you haven't got.

here is a link which provides the idea of it and a code for a button to add to your blog if you are interested.

G-Man said...

Thanks Michelle, you always play well...
And Thanks for that high-tech link.... xoxox

Top cat said...

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! everyone took my answers.):

"sitting naked my the phone, can you hear me?"

G-Man said...

Hey you!!
Pink Floyd Cat!!
I'm at work soon,
Cause some trouble OK?

Crabby said...

Geez, am I ever out o' the loop. I thought you were showin off your new watch.
I gotta get away from these paint fumes. They're rottin my brain for sure.

SignGurl said...

Funny story about Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown: When I was young, my dad would not allow us to sing the lyrics correctly. We had to say, "Baddest Man in the whole DANG town". As an adult, I yell out DAMN as loud as I can. My dad's no prude so I have no idea why this bothered him so much.

Have a great day everyone!

P.S. Jillie, that avatar is amazing!

jillie said...

Awww...g-man, I still have another biker photo that I'll save for

I grew up in the sixties and I have a sister 10 years older so yes, I did and still do listen to a lot of music. I loved the "hippie" music of the 60' and 70's! Traffic, Yardbirds, The Beach Boys, Stones, Beattles...I think you get my drift....

Yay it's Friday and I am going to try to take all the dogs to the beach. Should be


javajazz said...

Terry, you done good, girl!
ya, G is full of surprises aint he?
he's a brainy guy, he knows lots of stuff, has amazing amounts of info stored away in that head of his, and he is very well spoken, even with that Michigan accent....he calls Strumpet the Shit Knower, but he's no slouch in the Shit Knowing department himself! pretty impressive, i'd say!

javajazz said...

Lime, thank you for the info about Da Count...what a gorgeous idea! the 55 thing is too mathematical for moi. nice that G got in under the wire tho, regulation-wise! its his first time and all....i bet hes already working on upping his game for the next one, smart cookie that he is!

barefoot_mistress said...

Very well done, sir! I just love how everyone is embracing 55 now that I dont have time to do it!
Perhaps you ought to be the official host?

barefoot_mistress said... Lime said, just be glad I am QUITE LIBERAL!

cathy said...

hung over my bottom!
running round like a chuck with no head is closer to the mark.
not sure I would like "da count" I enjoy whinging too much. Misery is my muse according to my brother and sisrer.
I find for 55 it is better to write it down as it comes to you and then par it or approach it like a poem.

MONA said...

yes GFman..we have carpenters & barbers & ironsmiths & masons & electricians & doctors & grocers..all in our country..LOL
Jokes mama used to play beatles & carpenters & bee gees & abba etc. We have everything right from these going through boney -m and diana ross and cher & alains Morrisetti & scorpions, & sting & santana & meatloaf , miachel jackson , Prince, to mike jagger to aeorosmith to pink floyd, to ccr to dire straits to bob dylan to robbie williams, to led zeppelin, to linkin park to limp bizkit to Iron maiden to guns & roses to metallica to nirvana to Evanacence to celin dion to korn to red hot chilli peppers to black eyed peas, to beyonce to britney spears to maddona to enrique Iglesias, to fat boy slim to, eminem, to 50 cents, to christina aguleira

cathy said...

Damn. still not displaying properly
but I,m sure it would be lovely if I could see it.
stop being rude. I was talking about the post.

barman said...

Hey Mona, not sure if you can make things bigger but you can make it bold which will make it stick out adn accomplish the same thing. Try this (b)SMACK(/b) only you need to use the less then and greater than symbol (look above where you type in your message) instead of (b) and (/b).

I could not type it out here as it would not have let me post if I did. Anyway the end result would be SMACK

MONA said...

I did it I did it!!!

cathy said...

barman and mona, are you guys getting inti a little S&M there?

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody!!
Ole G-Man has to unwind a bit...and it's Friday..
So it's off to Borders I go!! I'll be back a little later and thank all of you properly....
G-Man loves you all!!!

Manny said...

I want to play 55.

I posted a pic...Hope you like it.

javajazz said...

Border G-man, you're so cute.
such a creature of habit...
have a nice unwind...
man, i wanted to go to this
restaurant tonight where
this bluesy folky band is playing...
i used to play with them a bit,
bunch of old hippies,
all 50-something, havent seen 'em
in a couple of years now,
but if you were in town,
i bet you'd be a sport
and go with me...
i just dont have the nerve
to drive far and to go alone...
i used to go places alone
now i'm too nervous.
i'm a wimpy non party animal...

G-Man said...

Crabby, thanks for taking a G-Man break from your busy and Fume-filled day...xoxox

SignGurl, I love family stories.. I bet you play it now on purpose...
You Rock Baby!!! xoxoxox

Jillie, you look Mahvelous Dahling!!

JJ, I think you would do an awesome job, on these little 'theme' days...
Try It...You'll like it!!

OMG Mistress, You are who I was hoping to see!!
Thanks for not bashing me too bad on this first attempt...You so sweet!!!
Now that Trini has filled me in a little better on the criteria, My next one will be better...I hope! G xox

Cathy, Don't kid anybody, you are as good as they come in the writing Dept.
I've seen your stuff, and you Rock!!
Thanks for visiting, you're almost a regular...I love it!!

Mona? You are a little Fiesty lately...
G-man really likes it..
I think that someone has spiked your Darjeeling...
You don't have Ted Nugent in India?
Wango..The Tango!!
I feel like driving a Masseratti all of a sudden!!

Mona? Barman? Are you guys through yet?
Thank You...
Too much symbolism...
And High-Tech Talk!!!

Manny? Your posts are about a 55 all the time.
And I Love that Pic!!!

JJ, Nothing would be neater than to be with you in a Jazz club!!!
I'd drive...

...And wear shades!!!


lime said...

javajazz, glad yo uliked that linkydink i provided. and thank for your kind words, much appreciated.

g-man, correction needed. i rather liked your twist onthe made it your own. that rocks. you rock

G-Man said...

Thanks Michelle...

javajazz said...

well well, that's quite a collection
of rocking humans, then,
aint it.

javajazz said...

G, it wasnt a jazz club,
it was a not jazz club.
you wouldnt like me
in a jazz club, anyway.
i actually go to listen
to the music.
its one of the few times
i dont like to talk...
you would be bored
and i would be boring.

i'm afraid of 55.
(not the age, the
literary exercise.)
i dont like counting words.
(i think all of that was
65 much plot
and character can one get
going in 55 words...? oh, right,
thats the challenge, i get it...

linkydink...Lime, is that
the "Limal" equivalent of
a hotlink? (just learned
what a hotlink is from Terry
today, and i think Mona got
a lesson in smacking men
loudly, that is, in bold
letters...i still dont know
how to execute either...

Strumpet said...

There are hot links on the menu where I work.

I don't eat them.

javajazz said...

perhaps with the right sauce....

G-Man said...

You know...There sure is a lot of after hours gnoshing going on around here!!!