Monday, March 26, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday....

What are you afraid of?....Failure?.....Bancruptcy?....Premature Ejaculation?....Clowns?...We all are afraid of something! I have a fear of offending people, even though I can be quite abrasive at times, I know in my heart that I don't mean things the way they come out . But my big mouth has gotten me my share of pissed off people in my day. Some people don't like to fly...
Aerophobia! Some people don't like to be confined...Claustrophobia! Those that know me at all know that I also suffer from ...Emetophobia, the fear of vomiting..I have not puked since I was 12 years old, I hate pukers, and all talk of puke ( except Jenn of course )! But we all are afraid of something, and I'd like to know what that fear is...We are not alone you know, famous people past and present have well publicized fears. For example....

Napoleon, Hitler, and Mussolini. All suffered from Aliurophobia...Fear of Cats.
Writer Harriett Martineau, and Novelist Wilkie Collins suffered from Taphophobia...Fear of premature burial
Brad Pitt suffers from Ichthyphobia... Fear of Sharks...Even on dry land!
Howie Mandel suffers from Baccillophobia...Fear of Germs! He refuses to shake hands!
Alfred Hitchcock had Ovophobia...Fear of Eggs.
Natalie Wood suffered from Hydrophobia... Fear of water, Sadly enough she fell off of a yacht and drowned!
George Bernard Shaw had Coitophobia...Fear of sex...I know one person.....Never mind!
Composer Robert Schumann suffered from Metallophobia...Fear of metal! Especially Keys!
But apparantly not the Key of E-Flat Major, in which he wrote his Symphony No. 3!!!
Queen Christina of Sweden had Entomophobia...Fear of Insects...She hated fleas so much that she had a itty bitty Cannon built so that she could shoot at them all day long!

Anyway here are a small list of other phobias that may be of interest to you...

Acrophobia...Fear of Heights
Carcinophobia...Fear of cancer
Brontophobia...Fear of Thunder
Necrophobia...Fear of the dead
Apotemnophobia...Fear of Amputees
Bolshephobia...Fear of Bolsheviks
Bromidrosiphobia..Fear of body odor
Defacaloesiophobia...Fear of Painful bowel movement
Discadecaphobia...Fear of Friday the 13th
Geniophobia...Fear of chins
Medomalacuphobia...Fear of losing an erection
Papaphobia...Fear of the Pope
Peladophobia...Fear of Bald people
Taeniophobia...Fear of Tapeworms
Venustraphobia...Fear of Beautiful women
Eurotophobia...Fear of Female genitalia
And Maybe the most prevalent phobia of all, Zemmiphobia...Fear of the Great Mole Rat!!

I think out of all that I've named here ...You can find one that suits you! Or maybe you have a stranger one that you'd like to share with the G-Man....Maybe?.....Peace


barefoot_mistress said...

I'm definitely with Brad on the ichthyphobia thing...even on land.

You forgot

javajazz said...

i was JUST e-chatting with my son, apologizing like crazy for not being able to visit him this time in california due to my fear of flying...i feel like an idiot.
also, dentists, june bugs, centipedes, and lately driving on the highway...oh, and choking...and drowning....and amusement park rides...i dont mind heights, i dont mind spiders, i dont mind having sex in the park in the dark on the ground...did i leave anything out?

MONA said...

I have a fear of premature burial now I know it is Taphophobia. Thanks for providing me the name..Now I will make a small doll called tapophobia & throw pebbles at her every day.
My son is saying ask Gman uncle what my fear is called[ he has fear of ugly women]

MilkMaid said...

Common, but..snakes scare the hell out of me. You know, you see those folks on the tube that get all white, pale, melty at the sight of whatever scares them??? That's me and snakes.

MilkMaid said...

DENTISTS...*pass the valium*

G-Man said...

Mistress, Thanks for sharing your innermost secrets with us all. And that fear is the reason that choosy mothers choose Jif!

No JJ, I think that about covers it all!! Thanks ....

Mona, your son has a common fear. In this Country we call it Rosieodonnellphobia!
Your son calls me Uncle?
Awwww, thanks sweetie.

MilkMaid, Good Morning!
Many people suffer from Ophidiophobia, you are not alone. But I think that most Dental fears stem from the fear of pain..Agliophobia.

barman said...

I have Assaphobia- fear of making an ass of myself. Seriuosly I do have Acrophobia- fear of heights.

Then again maybe I have Anuptaphobia- Fear of staying single. Anyone care to help me out with that?

Maybe Dementophobia- Fear of insanity. Oops, to late.

Who doesn't have Ephebiphobia- Fear of teenagers.

Politicophobia- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians. Um, no comment.

G-Man said...

Good Morning Bryan, you should be more afraid of being Married!!

Manny said...

I fear choosing the wrong man...again. As bad as I want to be married again, I fear going through another divorce.

I don't like june bugs or centipedes either. I'll kill them dead, but I don't like them. That might not be a fear though.

I fear going behind my curtain and changing my blog template.

I fear the new administration. They seem determined to undo the wrong the last guy did and I hope they don't jack us up even worse by trying to be better. I also fear they will get rid of "Dress Down Fridays" We pay $1.00 to wear jeans and it brings in alot of money. The old would also let us dress down to raise money for our charitable campaignes. I guess my fear is really more...I fear I will not be permitted to wear my blue jeans.

I fear my boss will get another job before I'm ready to take his over.

I fear staff meetings. There are 2 people in my unit that insist on keeping themselves on the radar. I sit in the meeting sticking up for them out of loyalty, but once the big meeting is over, I have my own little meeting.

I fear coming home from work and finding that g has not visited my blog.

Manny said...

I also fear leaving comments that are way longer than the original post. LOL

SignGurl said...

I have a fear of staying fat. There's no phobia for it. I looked it up.

You seriously have a fear of vomiting? You really wouldn't want to be around my house. Someone's always hurling around here.

G-Man said...

Manny!! Don't be such a scaredy cat.....
And another thing, G will never leave you!
I will admit, that was an epic comment for you.
I'm glad you feel so comfy around here. My blog is your blog..
Manny?.....never ever!

OK thats it till about 6:30 kids...G-Man has to earn a living today...But please feel free to E-Mail me OK?

G-Man said...

OK theres only one person that I make exceptions for ....My
The ever shrinking, and always beautiful Jenn!!

Hi Sweetie!!

javajazz said...

i have a fear that everytime i go visit TC's blog, i'm gonna have to keep seeing that picture of Pee Wee Herman...

i also really have an extreme aversion to barfing, sisters kids were always hurling 24/7 and so consequently, i never really got to know them when they were younger and i would never want to be around them...ever! and god punished me, because the one time i did babysit for one of the boys, he just yakked all over the floor...i almost left..."clean it up yourself, kid!" i swear he saved it up just for me...k, no more barfy stories...

javajazz said...

i also have a fear of people who think people are ugly...

but snakes are neat! i never knew they were all dry...they feel gorgeous! such a magnificent texture! does that mean i have penis envy? i hope so!!

Top cat said...

wow what a list, I didn't know there were so many fears.
I like the one about the queen shooting fleas with a small

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

I hope you don't suffered from Venustraphobia... :)

What if I tell you I have "Arrhenphobia" - Fear of men.

lime said...

luposlipophobia....fear of tripping while being chased by a wolf around the kitchen table on linoleum and yo uare only wearing socks....thank you gray larsen.

me? i'm a bit phobic about hair dressers.

javajazz said...

and i dont have a fear of losing an erection, so much as a fear of losing someone else's erection...

javajazz said...

and Pee Wee-aphobia

gab said...

I fear so much that I fear myself! lol.
I guess Heights as well as failure,death,spiders,snakes. Im sure there is more but I cant think of any more right now.

Crabby said...

Personally, I'm afraid of g-man's mouth. You never know what he's gonna say. Freaks the hell outa me, yanno?
wait...who's blog was this again?
Ooooooooh. never mind.

um.....I'm afraid of heights. Only cause of possible death by extreme smashing, you understand.

cathy said...

Υια σου και καλα σου ολη την ημερα μιλαω ελληνικα .
Τωρα πρεπει vα το κανω βραδιατικα.Δεν νομιζω αγορι μου.

I come on here to speak a bit of english, man have you no mercy!

Firstly I am definitely afraid of premature ejeculation or should I say that I have
pro-oro ekbalisiphobia
but not peosphobia
I also have:-
yelotopiophobia (clowns)
anoitophobia (idiots)
thermidoPhobia (calories)
Morostofophobia (know it alls)
lol just realised my translating tool is called G-WORD.

Ameratis said...

I have a slight fear of water but I still swim and such. I have claustrophobia and I also have the fear of not being able to have children.

Kristen said...

I'm afraid of failing

I'm afraid of helplessness

I'm afraid of pretty much all insects and creepy crawly things

and heights.

No joke, I cried and had an anxiety attack on a roller coaster once.

Horribly afraid of heights and what a time to figure it out........on top of the ride.

barefoot_mistress said...

OK I have a new one for you smarty pants!

fear of getting sick while in India from something you ate.
(My apologies, Mona)

fear of being maimed or worse by an wildly careening auro

Taj Khemaphobia
if you read my blog while in India...fear of staying at the Taj Kema, a govt run hotel, while in Agra visiting Mona...oh, I mean the Taj Mahal


barefoot_mistress said...

I wanna be called Susie Auntiji too Mona!

jillie said...

I HATE CLOWNS! I even cut all the heads off of a bag of them that we bought in the office. We had a prize box for the kids they could get stuff from and one of the other nurses thought it would be cute to have clown eraser tops. So I cut all the heads off of them and we threw them out. They freak me out. I don't particularly like bridges either but as long as I don't have to look down, like on the Coronado bridge, I am ok.

So there you have it g-man ;o)

cathy said...

MANNY - Don't get married. That way it's easier to get rid of the wrong man. Providing a stable enviroment in which to raise kids is the only good reason for marriage, and that's not working anymore either.
Just in case your wondering I'm married with children.

jillie said...

Manny...I agree with Cathy....don't do it!!!!!

It's way easier to just live with someone. Yeah, marriage was nice for a while but no no no no no no no for me!!

Like she said, you can get out of a wrong relationship a lot easier!

G-Man said...

Hi Everybody I was very busy...Thats a good thing.
Lets get down to business.
JJ, I'm glad I'm Not the only anti-barfing freak around here.; And as far as Penis envy goes? I doubt it, but I hate snakes...

TC, that Queen happened to be a whack job to boot.But I guess it's good to be the Queen!!

Pink Ginger...I hope you don't suffer from...

Limey? Hair dressers?
Who'd a thunk it?

Gale? You have Gabophobia?

Crabby, I'd have thought you would have Pineapplephobia..Remember

Morostofophobia huh? So you are trying to exorcise those Demons here?..On Mr. Knowitall's blog?....Have at it Baby!!

Hi Miss Melodie!!
Good to have you back into the swing of things.
I gotta couple of kids you can have..Hahahaha

Hi KJ!!
Thanks for paying ole G-Man a visit, I really missed you..
" you never know how good a kiss can feel, Till your stopped at the top of a ferris wheel"...
No Palisades Park for you I guess...xoxoxox

Thanks for informing Me as usual...Susie Auntiji.

Jillie...Hi sweetie.
Fear of Clowns...and you still come to see me!!
Thats loyalty! xoxoxox

Cathy...Is your real name Peg Bundy?

Jillie...Calm down.

jillie said...

Whew! I'm mo betta now...havin some vino my dear ;o)

G-Man said...

Jillie!!! You ain't drinkin that Margaux are you? You were saving that for me and Strumpet!!

barman said...

Pass that mighty fine box-o-wine would you? Or if you want we could go for an upgrade... how about some dashboard wine or Bones Farm? Yep, Strawberry Hill. Just hold the MD 20/20.

G-Man said...

Barman, are you a Mad Dog Man?

cathy said...

My real name sounds like something sweet and sticky that melts in your mouth.

G-Man said...

Well OK? I didn't know we were playing a name game...But WTF, I'm up to it....
4.Life Saver
6.Poon Tang
8.Milky Way
9.Now and Later

Now don't forget, you commented on a past post!
You Gotta Let Me Know!

cathy said...

Can't believe there's no chocolate in that list and by the way hersheys kisses suck if you've had the real thing

cathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Strumpet said...

Agateophobia-fear of insanity...but, I fear it's already too late.

Also...Apiphobia- Fear of bees. I run kicking and screaming and waving my hands even though I know that's exactly what you're not supposed to do.

Decidophobia- Fear of making decisions...I suffer severely from this.

Dermatophobia- Fear of skin disease. Melanoma runs in my family.

Iatrophobia- Fear of going to the doctor or of doctors. I HATE going to the doctor. HATE.

Patroiophobia- Fear of heredity. I fear some of the things I, or my brothers, my have inherited from our father.

Rhytiphobia- Fear of getting wrinkles. Since I quit smoking, I am no longer being carded on a daily basis by a cashier who thinks I may be under the age of 18. I think that is the main reason I smoked for so long. So, someone cold tell me that I don't even look 18. Now that I quit... I suffer from this phobia.

Suriphobia- Fear of mice. I, unfortunately, recently realized just HOW much I was scared of these little fellas.

Trypanophobia- Fear of injections. I'm fine with tattoo needles...but a shot or blood test...there better be Kleenex handy...I cry like a baby. I mean, I BAWL. Snot, tears...everything. I can't handle it. Funny thing is...when I was a kid, I was fine! It's just due to a traumatic hospital stay when I was twelve after being hit by a car. I think shots and blood tests just drudge up bad memories.

I went down the list...and who knew there were actually words for all these things I suffer from!

SeaRabbit said...

I'm affraid of the heights... what didn't stop me to climb up the Chichen Itza pyramid because my friend who dreamed about it couldn't do it... I did it for her... the climbing went ok... but once I turned back and saw how fucking high I was, I could have lay there and wait for rescue... but I came down... backward... holding to the chain that is in the middle to help cowards like me... It took quite a while... but I'm glad I did it... Right now, I can't stand on a third floor balcony without feeling anxious... This is so ridiculous... but it is... ;-((

G-Man said...

Cathy, Your name is Chocolate?
I didn't guess that because I did not think it was sticky!
Coco? Cacao? Carob?


Strumpet, these quirks in your makeup, are all part of the complex enigma, that makes you so special!!
Thank You for teaching me to read past posts!!
Galen xoxox

cathy said...

non stick chocolate, an interesting concept. maybe you should patent that and sell it to hersheys.

G-Man said...

It's not nice to tease old people....

So your gonna leave me hangin eh?

cathy said...

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

G-Man said...

Your name is.......
Chocolate Shakespeare??