Saturday, February 24, 2007

Don't Bug Me!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling well this week-end. Myself, I was a bit under the weather on Friday. I even called in sick which is a rarity for me to do. I think it was a 24 hr virus, since I feel much better today. Thanks to all that wished me well, and offered advice toward a speedy recovery. Of course I didn't barf, but I did expel much body matter.
Much body matter! Projectile expulsion of much body matter! And often!

Since even I don't want to hear any more about that subject, that doe's give me the segue' into my educational post of the week. Wonderous facts about the Human Condition............

The average adult stool weighs about 4 ounces. About 1/2 of that bulk comprises of the dead bodies of bacteria that live in your intestines.

Your mouth produces about one quart of saliva a day.

You have approximately 4000 wax glands in each ear.

The average male foot exudes about a 1/2 pint of sweat a day.

The average person will pass about 11,000 gallons of urine in their lifetime.

If it weren't for the slimy mucous that clings to and lines the walls of your gut, your stomach would readily digest itself.

A complete human skeleton is worth about 5000-7500 dollars to a medical student. The skull alone is worth only 450 bucks.

"Demodex Folliculorum" has 8 stumpy legs and a tail, is about 1/3 of a millimeter long, and lives in the oily reserves of hair folliculs. Mostly on the head, but also on your eyelashes and nipples.
Most adult humans have this mite.

And all in all the human body comprises enough fat to make 7 bars of soap. Enough iron to make a medium nail. Enough potassium to explode a toy cannon. Enough lime to white wash a small chicken coup. Enough sugar to fill a small jam jar. And enough sulfur to rid a dog of fleas.

And you thought you were just a hank of hair and a piece of bone, and was a walkin talkin, honey-comb!....G-Mans Educational post of the week. Peace!


MONA said...

thanks for the Education G-man. That was a really enlighteining post, something you wudnt ever find in a general knowlege book either!
Big ((((HUG)))) to you, for telling us all those nice things.
Now I will be looking out for that eight legged hairy animal that infests me.
who can bug you or anyone else...I feel we are ALL being bugged...By Almighty.They told me when I was small, we have an angel sitting on our shoulders who keeps recording all we say or do. Now THAT bugging bugs ME.

G-Man said...

How many Mona's are there? You look different time I see you.
But I sure am glad that you've enjoyed the extra credit. Thanks as always for your kind words..G

Top cat said...

good morning professor g-man.
I wonder if I could get an advance on donating my body.:)

We're getting some freezing rain right now, so far very light and intermittent.
I don't WANT anymore SNOW!!
I'll check back later, I'm gonna make some breakfast.:)

G-Man said...

I'm the only one up here so I can chill for a while.Then off to Tim Horton's and breakfast it is!

Manny said...

And medically speaking, hiccups are actually hiccoughs.

You mean I didn't have to waste my firecrackers blowing up my cousins little green army men and jeeps? Damn, I was ripped off.

G-Man said...

Doctor, whats wrong with her? We start off the conversation OK, then she starts babbling on different subjects....

"Is she from Ohio? Single? Beautiful? Works only 4 days a week? Drinks copious amounts of Starbucks?"


" Nothing wrong, thats just Manny!"

SignGurl said...

I just puked from reading this post and you weren't here to hold my head.

barman said...

I think it looks safe out there, I might just venture out for breakfasts myself. I think I will try not to think about this post if I do that as I might have a hard time keeping breakfast down otherwise.

Glad you are feeling better. I spent a fair amount of time in bed myself yesterday as something seemed to be trying to drag me down.

Top cat said...

that is one of the charming things about manny right?
no more puking!!!!!!
something bringing barman down?
stop thinking about the Lions.

G-Man said...

Jenn, quit teasing me. Your in the john, upchucking, gargling mouthwash, and back before anyone knows your gone!

Barman, Is there an IHOP by you?

TC, Please don't mention the Lions till next Fall OK?

SignGurl said...

I'm the silent puker. Stealth like even.

Top cat said...

I won't!

G-Man said...

My kind of yacker!

Thanks TC, I just ate!

Top cat said...

bye for the day g-man, manny, barman and signgurl.
I'm done for the day, have a great day I'll see ya all tomorrow.

tsduff said...

What a darn good life when you got a wife like Honeycomb.

That other stuff is just TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

G-Man said...

Bye TC!!

Terry, Jesus are you my twin? I swear we have the same flashbacks.
Your awesome....Galen

lime said...

i wonder if i could cover MORE than a single chicken coop...hhhmmmm???????

more grossology....

in 19th century london the first morning urine of young boys was highly prized, even paid for handsomely byt indigo dyers as it was the best source of the ammonia needed to set the dye....

how about that?

G-Man said...

Where were you when I was writing this post?
They weren't talking about you Lime. Lime in general. You know, Lime?

Strumpet said...

450 bucks, huh?

G-Man said...

Strumpet, thats a lot of money for a little head!

Strumpet said...


I think I'm going to start a Skull Fund.

G-Man said...


All proceeds are for obtaining Strumpet a little head!!!

Top cat said...

every time I read this post, I spray the room with Lysol.):

SignGurl said...

Ha! TC, that's hilarious! I'm off to make the new bra money. See you all later.

tkkerouac said...

I've learned something new today!

G-Man said...

SignGurl, makes us proud!
Later baby.....

Tk, I'm glad that you learned a thing or two, 'On The Road' today.
Please stop by anytime...Galen

DarkAngel said...

Ok, I'm about to go jump into a vat of sheep dip. I'm sure living around the mennonites and farmers, I can find one pretty handy.

I almost choked on my green tea reading this.

*shivers* heeby jeebies!!

Ameratis said...

Ol you say you don't want to talk about froping anymore but yet your subject just made me wanna frope! Ugh...I got the heebie jeebies! That is so why I didn't go into anything medical LOL

Jodes said...

I feel like I need a shower now and I just took one about two hours ago. YUCK!! So how is your Monday morning?

G-Man said...

Angel, I don't think they could get enough fat out of you for ONE bar of soap.So rest easy baby!
Angel? Niiiiiice tatt.....Galen

Imp, your the 2nd person to get the heebie jeebies today. Please be careful. Remember..Try the pizza!..Thanks Galen

Lady Jodes I presume?
I like that much better than..
Your Jodiness.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Sending you positive energy, hope you are feeling better. Perhaps you were unwell because pink ginger wasn't around for quite a while ;)

The skull is under valued.

G-Man said...

Pink Ginger,
You need to scroll down two posts previous. Your in for a surprise!
But I'm glad your back!...Galen

Meander said...

i just love these kinds of gross facts...more more!

Top cat said...

ohhhhhh meander, don't tell him that.

buddha_girl said...

Oh my God. So nasty. I think you passed your sickness on to me through the internet.

And the thought of my mucous membranes, bacterial bodies, and poopie weight is making me dry heave.

I think if I felt better, I'd be cackling at your nasty educational post!

Manny said...

I posted new. Hopefully, this will help you understand why I'm not always around.

Manny said...

Damn it g! You promised to hold our heads!

Yes, i blew up my cousins little green army men and jeep's up with firecrackers! And, I stole their match box cars! They are mine, all mine.

And I want to go storm chasing!

What? You gotta a problem with that?!!!!

Manny said...

Why didn't you hold sign's head?

I guess sign and I will just have to hold each other's head when I come to Michigan.

Manny said...

Sign, I gotch you gurl! g-Phlebt!

G-Man said...

Meander, gross is middle name!
Thanks for visiting, your always welcome.

Manny, I commented thanks sweetie.

BG, I'm not catchy. No pukin on my post.

TC, Don't ruin my program.

G-Man said...

Manny, are you having flash backs?

Sign pukes before I can react. She's the best ralpher in the world.

You can handle your booze.....xxGxx

Top cat said...

g-man..I'm off to the airport, have a great night.
Good night ladies.:)

Ameratis said...

*sets up tent, reclining camping chair and junk* well T.C. is out for the day so I moved camp to here.

Jodes said...

I think I like Lady Jodes, hmmmm Jodi Girl or Lady Jodes, so tuff a decision.

SignGurl said...

Thanks for caring Manny.

G-Man said...

Hi Jenn, the working girl today. Starting in already huh?

Jodi?...I like Jodi!
But Lady Jodes is so elegant..

Ameritis, the beautiful!
From sea to shining sea!
You can camp out here anytime Imp.....Galen

SignGurl said...

Yes, I missed your witty banter today.

Manny said...

G!!!!! You are very dear to me.

SeaRabbit said...

Wow... I'm ging bed with a little more knowledge right now... but... is it so useful???
Still to find out.. ;-)

G-Man said...

No wit from me today Jenn. I'm BORING!!!

Manny, you don't have to explain. Who's your Sunday morning coffee mate?

SeaRabbit!! Ma chere! Comme ca va?
Mon petit fleur, tu es tres gentile.Bon soir xx