Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thursday Portrait.....

After two 55 degree days, THIS is what I wake up to!!
I'm so disgusted I can hardly think straight.
My three seasons room is buckling from the snow on the roof.
I hope it hold out till Friday when it's supposed to be 40.
Hope to see you Thursday Night 8:00 PM EST


Fireblossom said...

Ugh! More snow!

lime said...

just don't send it our way, ok?

hedgewitch said...

I can't even imagine how sick of all this snow and cold you people must be up there. Everyday living just becomes a nightmare.I won't make you feel worse by telling you about our 80 degree day yesterday.

Oops...I just did. *runs*

Janna said...

I know, right?

More snow, more coldness, more below-zero stuff, just when we thought it was all done.

Count me among the shivering and disgruntled also.

Hang in there; spring HAS to happen eventually.

I hope.

Margaret said...

It will be a winter wonderland all through April I'm afraid! Yes, those two perfect weeks of Michigan summer will be very welcome ;P