Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I Gotta Crow.....

Hi Everybody....
It seems that NBC was so pleased with it's live version of The Sound of Music, that
they are going to a live version of Peter Pan. I'd be willing to guess that at least 2/3rds
of those reading this do not even remember the original, but back then Peter Pan was
WAY COOL!!!! Mary Martin played Peter, yeah it was weird but it worked.
Captain Hook was played by a marvelous actor named Cyril Ritchard, and it was a
fantastic stage production. I remember always looking for the wires flying Peter across the
stage, and to this day when I hear a clock tick, I think that a huge Crocodile is following
me. And last but not least, I remember clapping as loud as I could so that Tinkerbelle
would recover from the poison that she drank that was meant for Peter.
So......How many of you even know what I'm rambling about?


Mary said...

I do not remember the stage play of Peter Pan..but wasn't there a movie version also where Mary Martin played Peter? I can see her as Peter as clearly as a bell, but know it wasn't from seeing the stage play. Really nice that a whole new generation of people will be able to enjoy Peter Pan on live TV!!

Fireblossom said...

Nod. Smile. Nod. Smile.

hedgewitch said...

I remember completely, G. One of my very favorite shows when I was a kid(I saw it on tv) I saw the Disney cartoon at the movies, which I also loved--but I liked the one with real people better.

One A Day Tech said...

I don't remember the original!

TALON said...

I remember that version. One of the best. Peter Pan is a great tale. I did not like this remake of the Sound of Music, but when did Hollywood ever leave anything alone? It's like they've got no original ideas anymore. Do I sound old and cranky? :)

the walking man said...

I remember watching it in B&W on TV, what was that early 60's?

I missed the whole Sound of Music thing but it didn't get through that it was a TV production. I thought is was remade for the movie theater.

I am so in touch with reality. Occasionally.

Margaret said...

Oh… I always look for the the second star to the right.. My older son (drama major) wrote a one act play just this past December called "Straight on 'till Morning" and directed it. It got a standing ovation and I still tear up with pride. It was about the last two boys in Neverland with Tinkerbell, Mr. Smee and the crocodile … and about growing up. (sigh) Oh and here is a link to a poem I wrote about Wendy and a photo of my son playing Peter Pan so long… ago… (sigh) again. http://margaretbednar365.blogspot.com/2013/07/igwrts-beautiful-mother-wendy.html

Thanks for the trip down memory lane…

I own the VHS of Mary Martin playing Peter Pan. I did watch the Sound of Music… I was not upset by the theatre version (as it did come first and I've already seen it in the theatre countless times. Carrie Underwood has a fantastic voice… but she needs acting lessons. Now - Audra McDonald knocked Mother Abbess out of the ballpark!!

Ha - looks like you struck a chord with me tonight :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was wonderful. I also did not see the stage play but the movie, but you are right. Mary Martin was weird but it worked. She was quite a bit older by the time the movie was made, so she would have been even better in the play.

The crocodile and Captain Hook were completely terrifying.

I don't think I saw the cartoon version Hedge talks of.

I saw a stage play with my daughter of The Sound of Music when there was a revival on Broadway years ago, which was also terrific. Thanks for bringing up the memories. k.

GAB said...

I was pretty little back then but I do remember seeing it. I was in awe and thought now if only I could fly. I remember getting on top of the garage and about ready to jump when my mom came screaming outta the house. all most scared me enough that I fell off LOL