Tuesday, January 15, 2013


OK, I think we can safely say this about Reality Shows...
Who Gives a Shit??
Also starting today, is my new weekly feature when I don't have much to say called..
Who Gives a Shit?
Here's how it works. I provide a list of 5 things that no one gives a shit about.
And YOU, by virtue of clicking my name and ending up at my Blog, can play along
and give me a tiresome topic. Are we ready? Here we go.....
1.) ANYTHING concerning a Kardashian...Who Gives a Shit?
2.) Jessica Simpson's weight gain, weight loss, and pregnancy...Who Gives a Shit?
3.) Kate Middleton puking every morning...Who Gives a Shit?
4.) Jodie Foster preferring Cooter to Cock...Who Gives a Shit?
5.) Lance Armstrong's Mea Culpa... Who Gives a Shit?

C'Mon....Give me something boring, overused, and redundant that you are
tired of hearing about or that really bothers you. No  you may NOT use The G-Man!


Helen said...

The fiscal cliff .. fall over it already .. who gives a shit?

Susan said...

Before I do your meme, I want you to know that I'm posting my 55 word story today. I'd love to know what you think.

1. Les Miserables--who gives a shit?

2. The rise in the payroll tax means you can't get a latte at Starbucks--who gives a shit?

3. Tweets from celebrities-who gives a shit?

You got a lot of mine already, but I have to add:

4. Lance Armstrong period--who gives a shit? I never did. But I did hear a preacher preach about him as a godly man, so I bet he gives a shit.

hedgewitch said...

Ooo, oooo, can I do a political one?

(too bad, I'm going to.)

1. The President doesn't socialize enough--who gives a shit?
2. Presidential cabinet appointment wars--who gives a shit?
3. Paul Ryan's workout pictures--who gives a shit?
4. General Petraeus' steamy affair--who gives a shit?
5. Grover Norquist, period--who gives a shit?

I am so totally with you on the Kate Middleton one, btw. I can't imagine anything on this planet I give less of a shit about than the Royals.

Thanks for letting me vent, G

hope said...

Let's see...
you got the Kardashians. Since politics is done, I'll take on Entertainers. So add:
Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen and "Actors' shocked reactions to the Oscar nominations." Really? Earth shattering, is it?

Thanks for letting me vent on the day which I was born. ;)

g-man said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Nessa said...

The weather report - who gives a shit? Look out the fuckin' window and you'll learn all you need to know.

brandi said...

I always have who gives a shits and I can't think of one now...so...ditto to everyone's who gives a shits.
Galen, your blog is a bright light in my bloggosphere world!

G-Man said...

Helen...You Rock!
Susan...You RockII !
Joy...There's a job over at CNN waiting 4U!
Vanessa Kilmer...Fuckin-A!!
BrandiBunny...Much Obliged...:-)

Susan said...

I actually did give a shit when I saw Tommy Lee Jones unamused expression. I didn't see the Golden Globes so I had to read about them the next day, but I love to see a celebrity with a big fat brain, attitude and talent put the simpering Hollywood types back into their hole in the ground.

Tommy Lee Jones--he doesn't give a shit either!

Mama Zen said...

I was going to say Lance Armstrong . . .

lime said...

the democrats and republicans talking about anything. we all know they have no intention of working together.

Akelamalu said...

Who won a Golden Globe, Oscar or any other award - who gives a shit?

Mimi Foxmorton said...

Wow.....you come late to the party and there's not many shits left....... lol

Mine would have been Kate-
People get pregnant...they puke......who gives a shit?

I wonder if they would tell us if she couldn't *take* a shit.....?


Yvonne Osborne said...

I agree with you and everyone else.

Especially ditto The fiscal cliff...I would've loved going over it and let Wall Street shit their pants.

Anything to do with the personal lives of people I don't personally know. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT! The people who read celeb mags and People magazine are the most utterly boring people on earth!

Love the new weekly feature.

Other Mary said...

1. Honey Boo Boo - Who gives a shit?
2. Who's the last 'Survivor' - who gives a shit?
3. What Fox News says about ANYTHING - who gives a shit?
4. Which fork do I use with the salad - who gives a shit?
5. All the ones that you said - who gives a shit?

See on Friday - I sure give a shit about that! :o)

GAB said...

The Natatlie Woods and Robert Wagner saga...Who cares any more shes dead some one killed her ok drop it already! Who gives a shit