Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Whatever It Takes.....

(They call him.....The Cameleon!)

"Oi vey, do I look Mushugenah?"

"Yo Dawg...Wassup"?

"Fair Lady...The Sparkle in your eyes, makes the Stars jealous".

"Bon Jour ma petite Pomme de Terre, comme ce va"?

"Ahahahahaha...That reminds me of the 2006 Perseid Meteor Shower".

"Wango de Tango...."

"Your from West Virginia? Whats your favorite, Anthracite or Bituminus?"

"Land a Goshen Hezikiah, this truck is perfect for that barn raising"!!

"No....I think that was Bananarama".

"Well, the Vortec 4.8 L V-8 delivers 305 pounds of Torque at 4600 rpm's,
whereas the 5.3 L delivers 335 at 4000".

( To be successful , the ability to assimilate to different buying styles is essential)


Mama Zen said...

G-Man, I bet you could sell condoms to nuns!

G-Man said...

And you Sister Kelly Frances...
Could I interest you in these Trojan Water Balloons? They are ribbed for a stronger grip so that you can toss them farther!!!!!!

Brian Miller said...

hahaha.....yeah you got to be able to be who the people need you to be in that moment....

lime said...

LOL, i was wondering what all that was leading up to. NOW i know. i can blend but i am a lousy salesperson. you can blend AND sell!

Terminally Ill said...

Followed 4sure!
Check out my blog for my band Terminally Ill!!!!