Sunday, October 7, 2012

Panfish Paradise.....

Hi Everybody...
This week-end, my son Reese and I went up tp my long time
friend and Fraternity Brother Jim Shephard's (AKA Perchpike)
fishing camp in Au Gres Michigan. He has a very nice place on a
canal that leads out to Saginaw Bay. When everyone else was riding
the choppy water trying to catch Walleye or Salmon, we were walking
along the canal catching panfish by the dozens (We kept 40). It was exciting, relaxing,
and tons of fun.The panfish come into the shallows in cold weather, and wait
for the Spring to spawn.
Reese is holding the basket of fish that we decided to keep, and as you can see
they fried up to a delicious golden brown. Along with some cheesy jalapeno
corn bread, and some ice cold Labatt Blue, we were in Fisherman's Heaven!
On the way home we stopped in a small town called Pinconning, that is WORLD
famous for their Awesome cheese!
Starting on the bottom right going up...
Extra Sharp 150 day old Cheddar
200 day old  Extra Sharp
3 YEAR old Extra Sharp
7 Year old Extra Sharp
10 Year old Extra Sharp
13 Year Old Extra Sharp
SIXTEEN Frickin Year Olde Extra Sharp!!
The top left bundle is Sharp Garlic Cheddar that we bought for 2.59 a pound!
Needless to say...Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sammies for Sunday Dinner!
I'll be constipated for a month...hehehehehe
Have a Kick Ass Week-Peeps!


lime said...

sounds like you ate very well this weekend! as for that cheese i'd love to have a tiny sliver of each just to taste the difference. glad you had such a fun getaway.

lime said...

oh yeah...YAHTZEE!!!

Margaret said...

...for a MONTH? Well, at least you had fun. The pan fish look almost too cute to eat. I just googled a you tube video how to fillet a panfish... You had to do 40 of them. I think I would have thrown them all back :)

You amaze me with what a great cook you are - the bread must have been a great compliment to the fish (and a few beers to chase it all down with, I imagine)

izzy said...

What great pictures and good fun!
they look like'pumpkin seeds'-great eating if you can get enough- and you guys did! Good cheeses too what a haul ! :)

Brian Miller said...

ha yeah that much cheese will back you up for a while...that is a mess of fish too...that will be good eats....glad you had a good time g...

Linc said...

Oh G-Man, those fish look delicious, and so does the cheese! I need to dedicate an hour or two and drive back up there; it's clearly been too long for a cheese lover like me to settle for what's available at Kroger. Cheers!

Teresa said...

Panfish Paradise???? If I were a panfish, I'd say that looked like hell!

Glad you had a great weekend! That cornbread sounds like it might help with the constipation.

Akelamalu said...

The fish look delicious and Oh My cheese heaven - I love cheese!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I have great memories of cooking fish like that over a campfire when I was a kid and lived in California.

hope said...

Sounds like a great weekend! My Hubby took one of his customers gator hunting...they got a 9 foot one, which is "respectable" if you like that kind of thing. :)

Me? I'd rather have the cheese! Hubby's parents are from the U.P. and the first time they handed me Cheese Curds, I tried to figure out what to do with them. Now I know..although I prefer the string cheese.

Have a good week.