Sunday, July 22, 2012

Thank You TNT.....,

Not that I watch a lot of network TV anyway,
but because most everything is Summer reruns,
I find myself watching more and more Cable.
By far my two favorites are Tuesday's Rizzoli and Isles,
and Dallas on Wednesday.
Due to the expert reading tip from the beautiful Serena Joy,
I've become a huge Tess Gerritson fan, and the TV series is
loosly based on characters that she created.
Dallas is absolutely KICK ASS!!!!!
Great drama...Great twists...Great scams...and JR Ewing!!!!!
Even with a borrowed Kidney and reaching 80, Larry Hagman
expertly plays THE most unscrupulous villain in TV history....
I Love It.....!!!
I rode my Hog to work on Saturday, my buttocks faired well and it felt
Sooooooo Goooooood!!!!!
Have a Kick Ass Week Peeps....G


gale bristlin said...

Every time I see a guy on a hog Ithink of you and wonder if you have tried yet ....Now I know! I used to watch Dallas But thought it might be a little over the top with them Old folks coming back...maybe I will check it out

lime said...

glad your ride went well. must have been very therapeutic! as for dallas, sue ellen sure doens't look like she has aged.

Akelamalu said...

I used to love Dallas, first time round, haven't got to see the new series yet.

izzy said...

Oh good you got out on the road!

Craig said...

I wanna say something like 'hooray for your buttocks!', but, uh. . . Awww, you know what I mean. . .

Brian Miller said...

have yet to check these mom used to watch dallas when i was a kid...

Alice Audrey said...

Yay on being able to get back on the hog!

I'm not much of one for TV. I did watch a couple of episodes of Dallas when it first aired, but I'd already missed most of a season. Everyone said I needed to see it from the beginning. Frankly, I'm more of a Buffy, Vampire Slayer type.

Melissa Bickel said...

Well it's a good thing your buttocks bore the burnt of the open road. Some streets around our fair Michigan remind me of Oklahoma.

On another note .... Timmies

Have a great week boyo

Mama Zen said...

Tess Gerritson is awesome!

So glad to hear that you're riding.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Dallas? Seriously? And you are the second blogger to mention this old show. I never actually saw it until I watched a few re-runs in Saudi Arabia. For some reason, it was popular there.

the walking man said...

The hog has left the Pen!

cloudia charters said...

Fun & escape! Thanks-

Sorry for the loud music on my post today!
Won't happen again ;-{

Aloha from Waikiki
Comfort Spiral

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