Sunday, July 15, 2012

After Three Months It's...BTW!!!

This week-end Reese and I visited My nephew Kurt in
the northeren Michigan town of Oscoda. It's the location
of the former Wurtzsmith USAFB. The base is mostly rented
to a wealthy businessman named Konnie Kalitta who owns an
'international air cargo transportation company called Kalitta Air.
For the most part Konnie buys up used 747's from around the world,
he then refurbishes them into air cargo transports. The huge facility
is also a place where privately owned jets can get emergency repairs.
My nephew works as a sheet metal repairman there and on Saturday
he got me and Reese admitted.
The huge DC-10 that they are standing in front of, recently has been
in Colorado, where it has been fighting the wild forrest fires. The tank
on the bottom of the huge jet holds 12,000 gallons of water and a chemical
fire retardent additive. The disassembled 747 in the one shot has been
scavenged so that other jets may continue flying....
The big white 757 is owned by a religious group. It has 2 stories, three
baths, a full kitchen, and a dining room.....No Comment!!
I haven't worked since April due to my...."Condition"
Tomorrow, I'm Back To Work...Galen Haynes:Biker Businessman!!!
BTW...Friday Flash 55 was a Glorious success.
Thank you all for your support and participation......Later .


Brian Miller said...

glad to have the 55s back man...i hope your first day is not too tough on you tomorrow...

PattiKen said...

Owned by a religious group??? Good grief.

lime said...

wow, just wow.

and here's hoping tomorrow is a great day for you. i am so glad for you!

Rabbits' Guy said...

CAme here from D.Moll and her 55. BTW - the Big White is actually a 747!

Eva said...

Hope u´ll have a great first day at work today G-man!

izzy said...

Happiness is! ( 55's of course) And hopefully your return to work-
Have a great week.

Perchpike said...

Conrad (Connie) Kalitta = NHRA's The Bounty Hunter , 10 time national event winner and NHRA Hall of Fame driver

the walking man said...

BIG Big money in religion eh? A little searching turned up some interesting information like why is the jet registered in ARUBA? One of those notorious in the news lately tax shelters. why would a preacher man need A TAX HAVEN?

Yeah take it easy at work but try not to sit around too much, OK?

Eric (Bubba) Alder said...

You know you've been through the wringer when you look forward to going back to work. Glad to hear it, G-Man!

Akelamalu said...

I'm so glad you're fit for work again G, though in a few months time you will be ready for a vacation methinks. :)

Mama Zen said...

Hope you're not working too hard, G-Man!

Tony Crimi said...

Wow!!! religion really is a cash cow ;)

Margaret said...

Yes, Flash 55 was fun! I'd love to know what religious group! I bet everyone at work will be so happy to have you back!

Nara Malone said...

Hope the day at work went well. I bet they were glad to have you back.

hope said...

Ah you know you're "back" in the real world when work rears it's head and beckons. :)

But go slow...tell 'em it's your Blogger pals' orders.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Cool place.

Good luck on your first day back!

gale bristlin said...

Wow those planes are big. You know Ive been to an airport and Ive been to the windows and seen the planes heck Ive been on a plane but when you look at these its like I was never even close to a real plane. I hope you continue to get better and stronger each day and I hope when you finally get back to work that you dont over do it! We want Mr Knowitall around for alittle while longer please. HUGS

Craig said...

Cool! I grew up about 45 minutes further up the road from Oscoda. We used to go on field trips to Wurtsmith back when they still had B-52s there.

And wow, you're going back to work! Woo-hoo! (at least, I presume 'woo-hoo'; I mean, we're talkin' about work here, right?)

Onward and upward!