Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eight Dolla...No Holla......

I know many of you have heard this story before, so please
bear with me. I'm tying it into something....
About 30 years ago I was at a yard sale and spotted a box with
some dishes in it. The box was marked $1.00 !! I picked up one
saucer and on the bottom it said Meakin England. I about SHIT!
The person in charge said that it was a Buck for the whole box!
I gave her the Dollar, and brought the box home. And promptly
forgot about it in my basement for maybe...20 YEARS!
While watching the Antiques Road Show, I suddenly remembered the
box in the basement. Since I didn't have Google 30 years ago, I
really had no idea of their worth. Well thanks to the marks at the
bottom of Each Dish, it was easy to look up. This is a COMPLETE
6 piece setting of Dinner Plates, Salad Plate, Cup/Saucer, Soup Bowl,
Sugar Dish/Creamer, and a Platter. The replacement value direct
from Meakin, is about $1200.00...HA! All for a BUCK!

Zoom to 3 Weeks ago....
While at a Antique Flea Market, I saw this brightly colored
platter, on the back it said Alfred Meakin England, and it was
marked at EIGHT BUCKS!! I've tried and tried to identify the pattern,
but I have not found the exact one yet. Can anyone out there in
Blogland help a Brother out? Regardless of the value, I Love It, It's
very Easter and Springlike, and I'm happy with the price.
Did I pay too much? Did I get a good deal? Please help the G-Man
with his mystery. Thank You .....Galen


Margaret said...

Wow! I am so impressed! I can't help you out, but I will be back to see what you find out. Beautiful dishes! And you can cook, too!

lime said...

i've got no information for you but it sounds like quite a find. most importantly, valuable or not, it makes you happy.

Brian Miller said...

it is a lovely pattern...and um did you sell the others...yikes, nice maybe i can go yard saling with you sometime

Yvonne Osborne said...

Those are beautiful dishes and the platter is worth a lot more than $8.00. I know that much.

I have a set of china with the pattern name Osborne. I thought that was pretty cool, but I can't help you with the Meakin name.

I'm glad to hear you have a taste for the finer things in life!

Evalinn said...

I have no idea, but it´s lovely! :-)

the walking man said...

By my count the original dollar purchase averages out to 37.50 per piece, I counted cups and saucers each as individual pieces for a total count of 33.

So what ever it's worth I am fairly certain it would be a find at $8.

Considering that Alfred was a smaller producer of china than his two brothers (J &G) depending on exactly how big the platter is it could be worth more than $37.50

Akelamalu said...

What a great find!

hope said...

What's the name of the pattern? I used this website while trying to I.D. china my aunt had left to us. This is their link to Alfred M.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't know why, but its surprises me you would even know what the name on the bottom of the plate meant. I sure wouldn't - I know nothing of china and crystal and the like.

Mama Zen said...

Those dishes are gorgeous, G-Man! What a score!