Monday, December 26, 2011

TMI...Whatever Happened to...?

Hi Everybody, Mr. Knowitall here.....
I bet you've asked yourself many times;
"Whatever happened to Eddie Munster"?

Born Butch Patrick in Pearisberg Virginia circa 1952,
Butch began his television career as a Marionette in the old
childrens TV series Howdy Doody. He was a Summer replacement
as Flub-A-Dub in 1959. He then landed a starring role as Eddie
Munster in the TV series...The Munsters.
After that show was cancelled in the 60's, he knocked around
Hollywood for a while but wasn't having any luck until he
decided to change his name to...Steven Seagal!!
The job offers started pouring in! He usually played tough cops
that knew Karate, had an arsenal of secret weapons, and always
ran like a girl while chasing perps..
Because he closely paid attention to his craft, he later became
a real Lawman, and had his own reality show...Steven Seagal Lawman!
He later played a cook in a couple of movies, and that led to a
very successful career as a celebrity chef. He was such a good
cook, that he gained about 90# in a year! After the chef gig didn't
pan out too well, He tried becoming a Rock Star, but his excessive
food demands for each concert became too much of a hassle for
Promoters (A bowl of M&M's with ONLY the brown ones left in, 1969
Dom Perignon, KFC Extra-Crispy, NO meat, just the skin!).
Steven/Butch is currently staring as Jabba the Hut, in the Musical Revival
of Star Wars Boogie Woogie, now in it's 89th straight week at the
Holiday Inn Express in Oxnard California.
Mr. Knowitall grows weary....Peace!


Brian Miller said...

star wars boogie woogie....i am slightly scared...did i see the other day he has a cop show again?

G-Man said...

Yes Brian, a Cop Show!

Serena said...

Now we know. And you have the pictures to prove it.:)

TALON said...

lol - KFC skin only - lol! Sorry, I'm cracking up over here! Oh, the visuals I'm getting on a Star Wars Boogie Woogie Musical Revival on a Holiday Inn Express stage...or is stage too grand a word? :P

Margaret said...

...ran like a girl ... ha! I have always pointed that out!

He has another series? He has more "lives" than a cat!

Akelamalu said...

Steven Segal was Eddie Munster???? I didn't know that!

Evalinn said... there anything you DON´T know? ;-)

the walking man said...

Yes sir! That was one question that troubled me incessantly. Thank you so much for taking the Segall myth back to the comedy it started out as.

hope said...

Sadly, he was cuter as a child. ;)

So Steve will only go away when he explodes? I fear the residue left behind.

lime said...

wait a minute. if he is steven segal doesn't that mean he's also the re-incarnation of some tibeten lama?

izzy said...

Well not bad for a knock-around!
I wasn't curious until you mentioned
"Whatever happened..."